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I couldn’t believe it was possible for a pack to hate a future Beta as much as this pack hated Eugene.

Joshua put him in the middle of the quadrangle and ordered two whips on his back before he asked his warrior to tie him up on the post. He told him he would remain there all night until he denounced the pack.

I knew Joshua could force his father to banish him, but I also knew Joshua wanted to put him there for the whole pack to see.

Before we departed, Joshua commanded his men to guard him and inform him once he denounced the pack. But he allowed everyone to throw a punch or two if they wanted.

In the beginning, no one was coming near Eugene. Until we were informed by one of the warriors that there were two females, clad in a big hoodie and long black skirt, who came and threw a punch at him. Those females didn’t want to be identified but surely wanted to do that.

Joshua told them to just let them and to never block anyone from approaching him. So, aside from these t
Cassandra M

Lovelies, the book is ending in the next few chapters, and I know you are wondering how I could end this when there are many hanging questions. This side story is for Alice and Joshua, with the main goal of having them acknowledge the bond and challenges around them. Other characters might not get closure, but they will come back when the time is right. It might take a while, but this universe we have now is bigger than the first generation, so it is harder to put all the stories together and close them in one book. So be patient, my lovely wolves, I can assure you, no one will be left behind. 💜

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Nikita Styles
I’m team Cyrus and River all the way.
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WOW!!! I’m loving this story
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i hope Cyrus find River soon ...

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