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Mera Shawn Is A Special Human And She Has To Bring Balance Between The Werewolves And The Vampires.Along The Line,She Face Lots Of Challenges And Has To Become Who She Doesn't Want To.

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14 Chapters
MERA SHAWN'S POV"What Kind Of Dumb Question Is That?Who In The Whole Wide World Will be comfortable in that so called dungeon?Do You Think At All?"I asked rhetorically"Sorry,just wanted you to know"he said"Scott,take me back to the dungeon please"I said irritatedly,he didn't move."Am I speaking Spanish?"I asked"Take her back"treyson said"Yes,Young Alpha"he answered then he dragged me up from his seat"Not again"I said upsetly.We finally got to the dungeon.he pushed me in.i sat down on the floor as usual.i wondered why I was free with treyson than the other park members.I sighed.i missed dad,mum and Alec.i missed my family.i felt my cheeks go wet and I quickly cleaned it off as I heard the voice of treyson.what was he looking for again??"Hey you there?"he came in holding a bottle of water "What do you want again"I asked folding my legs up to my chin"Since you're not hungry.i'm sure you'
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MERA SHAWN'S POV"Yish,my head"I said as I weakly sat down on the floor meeting myself covered with a blanket."Huh?"who covered me with this?"I asked rhetorically.i was pretty weak,dirty and hungry.i picked up my phone where I hid it and tried calling Alec.I saw his missed calls but he wasn't picking when I called.i was worried,have never been so tatacted as I am hair was dirty and I had bad odours.I heard footsteps.someone was coming and when u finally saw who it was,it was Scott."You're awake"he said as he walked in."Hmm"I hummed quietly"I'm sure you must be hungry"he said.i was shocked"What?"I asked"Are you hungry?"he asked"Yeah"I nodded"Alright be right back"he said and left me flabbergasted.After some minutes.he came back with a tray of food and drinks, damn"Here, eat"he said as he dropped it in the floor opposite me."Thanks"I said as I picked the food and started to
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I felt water drop on me,then another drop,then another drop,till more drops as I jerked up from my sleep"Scott!what did you do that for"I almost yelled checking my wet dirtyyy cloth out.he was laughing.i was confused"Told you young alpha would know you purposely left his room"he said,I scoffed"I had to leave,I wasn't he ordered you to do this?"I asked"Yeah,and I was so gladdd to do it"he said in the middle of his laughter"Not funny Scott,not funny"I said"Follow me"he said as I did exactly as he said"Where are we going to,I hope it isn't treyson's room,I hope not"I asked as we walked along the corridor.i could recognize the way to his room until we reached a room opposite treyson's room."That's treyson's room right?so why we standing opposite his room,who owns this"I asked confusely"Your room"he answered"Wait,my room,wahhh.."I haven't finished what I was saying when he opened the door,pushed me insid
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Mera Shawn's pov."What's making you laugh,the clothes I'm putting on?"I asked treyson who happens to keep on laughing,I don't why,he didn't answer"Oh,don't worry, I'll go change"I said as I walked out of room to mine changing into an unripped blue jean with a turtle black long sleeve with hoodie"I think this is better"I said looking at the mirror.i walked back to his room meeting him on the couch, getting busy with his phone."What was making you laugh"I asked as he dropped his phone looking at me"Nothing"he said smiling"Hmm,okayy"I said"So how was today's breakfast"he asked adjusting himself on the couch"Very delicious"I said licking my lips"Hm,you seem to like food alot"he said"Who doesn't"I asked"I don't"he said not looking at me"Good for you"I said as I tried calling Alec, wanting to know about mum's health.i had a bad feeling about today,some way,some how.he wasn't picking up."J
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Mera Shawn's povI woke up to see Scott standing at the front of me.i shivered.i was getting freezed.the cold was too much!"Scott"I called to him,I managed to talk"Here"he said as he used a thick blanket to cover me"And I brought you food"he said as he sat down on the floor opposite me"You'd love it"he said as he was about to feed me"From who"I asked,he dropped the food"Young Alpha"I took time to answer"With the blanket?"he asked"Yes"he answered.i gently removed the blanket from my body flinging it out of where I was,same thing to the food"I'd rathe starve and freeze to death than let him help me"I frowned."Mera,you didn't have"I cut in"I don't care!"I snapped,he sighed"I'm sorry about your mum tho"he consoled me"It's fine"I said wiping away my tears"I don't know when you'll be out of here, I'm not in charge here"he said"It's fine"I said"We in the morning"
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Mera's POVBy the time I woke up,Iemuel was already gone.i was really grateful.although I was darn weak."Get up!!"the regular guard commanded as I forced myself to stand up.i was feeling pains.he took me to Tori's was a good thing lemuel consoled me to heal her.i had to do it as I promised.I healed her and she got relieved,lemuel's jacket was still on me.later,I was returned back to the chamber."She healed her alpha"he said as he dragged me in"Good,for obeying my orders late,take her to the dark room"he ordered, whatever it was,I knew it was bad."Yes sir!"he said and dragged me to where the room was"Get in"he said pushing was really dark.the next thing that happened,I was electrified,I screamed more than I thought I could"Please stop"I screamed and cried,it was going from bad to worst,I was gonna die."PL, please stop"I managed to say as I felt something leave me,I felt empty"Stop"I said and passed out
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ALEC'S POVI,Dad together with the vamp doctor were with Mera,when we heard some noise outside"Alec,go check out what's causing the noise"dad ordered.i nodded and sped out,only for me to see treyson Blake.he was already handcuffed down"What do you want treyson"I asked upsetly"I didn't come here to fight"he answered"I don't care, answer my fucking question"I yelled.he didn't say anything,I turned to leave but stopped as I heard him say"I came here for Mera"he said,I turned to him"Fuck you!fuck your sister!fuck every darn person who hurt my really have the guts to come seeking for her!she got nothing to do with you or your asshoke family,get out of here"I ordered"She's my mate"he confessed,I could hear murmurs around,wtf!"What the actual fuck!"I cursed silently,it can't can't be true, that's a lie,I buried my face to my palm and rose it up again.please tell me the prophecy isn't gonna come to pas
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Lemuel's POVI've been staring at Mera for so long,only God knows since hands linked to hers still Staring at her.she's passed hell at the pack's house and now Trey's claiming she's his mate??Of course he's my friend but I wouldn't just stand and watch while he breaks the heart of the girl I just suddenly fell in love with,even if she's chosen already.I was hurt when Alec told me,I really was badly hurt "Lemuel?you didn't sleep?"Alec asked as he walked in being freshened up"Not at all"I answered smiling"How's she feeling"he asked as he sat down"Still same way I met her last she's in coma or something"I said worriedly"She'd be fine"he said"I've ordered her breakfast, it'll be here soon"he said"Okay, I'll handle it"I said as he got up"Guy,how long will you be here"he asked"For as long as possible"I said"Then you need accommodation,will show your room to you"he said"
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CHAPTER 9Months AfterAlec's POV"She's gonna recover soon,late today, she's beginning to regain consciousness"the doc told us as he examined her"Will,she be fine when she wakes up?cause she's been asleep for months now"dad told the doc"She'll be fine, although she might find difficulties in some activities or workings but later on, she'd catch up"the doc said,I sent wait to have her back,I smiled looking at her"Thanks doc"dad thanked him"I'll send some herbs for her to take before the end of today"he said getting up"Okay,thanks doc"I said walking him out"Thanks for being there Lemuel"dad thanked him,as I rested on the wall, folding my arms to my chest"My pleasure sire"he smiled,I looked at dad,he seems weary,his hands were shaking on mera's,I knew he was scared,he was scared we were gonna lose her,he was filled with regrets as well"Dad"as I was about consoling him,I overheard some noise outside,I
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CHAPTER 10Mera's POVI woke up meeting myself on the bed,as I tried getting up from the bed, sitting upright,I felt aches on my head,I groaned in pains"Are you okay?"it was Alec,I couldn't answer,as I felt bandage on my head"How did I get here"I asked"We were looking for you,Lemuel found you in the woods, really injured"my dad said"Hm,thank you"I managed to say"What happened"Lemuel asked"How do you mean"I asked"What happened in the woods,did anybody attack you?"he asked again"Um, well,no one attacked me,just saw something, I've seen before, remembered something rather,I don't know"i said with uncertainty"Um,why are your wounds not healing,what's wrong,it's been months and now you have fresh ones, making it worst"dad said",I lost it"I said"You lost what"Alec asked"I lost it okay,I lost my abilities,I can't heal anymore,I can't do anything, I'm just normal , I'm real
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