Let me be yours

Let me be yours

By:  Yarmia  Completed
Language: English
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she never thought she will be abandoned like this on a dark, desolate rainy night after being used by the but aggressive Dawson Wayans, carrying his alive secret. what will happen when innocent Ruby Jane will become another prey of Dawson Wayan's lustful sins? how will she cope up with the evils of life alone after being renounced by the assertive devil? the personable and good looking Dawson Wayans never made a deal without a profit, and that was the sole reason he held a empire in the city of Manchester. forced by his nature, he also takes advantage of Ruby Jane's situation. he forces her to devour his hunger and then relinquish her to face the demons alone.

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good reader
The story was good but it lacks conviction and the time gaps doesn't matches but then nothing is perfect thanks author the story was entertaining
2023-02-19 01:56:08
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Candace Livesay
love this book so much so far! can't wait to read the whole book! kudos to the author!
2022-05-17 03:34:44
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Chanderika Sharma
I am super excited to read it Further ..
2022-03-10 00:23:19
user avatar
Chanderika Sharma
Bestest Story . You did a wonderful work Author . Keep It Up ...️...️..
2022-03-10 00:22:51
96 Chapters
Bumped into him
the vital monitor was beeping continuously, making an unusually disturbing sound. The lifeless body of the woman laid on the hospital bed was completely unconscious. Her arms and chest were invaded by all kinds of IV needles and electrodes. She was kept on an continuous oxygen support as her SPO2 kept dropping gradually. The group of doctors in white coats, standing beside her bed were making calculative assumptions about her. The expressions on their faces clearly indicating about how hopeless they were about her survival. All this while a teenage girl was standing against the glass wall, looking rather desperate as her eyes were fixed on the poor woman. Her chocolate brown, wavy hair reaching the mid of her back were sprayed loosely on her shoulders. Her sterling gray eyes were brimmed up with salty tears as she looked distressed. Her young face looked rather messy with eye bags and flushed cheeks.  Her attention averted when she saw the doctors coming out of the room
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He was in his office, sitting calmly on his chair, indulged in a deep thought.  His eyes were focused on something more particular, a picture stuck between his rough fingers. He was staring at the younger version of the girl, he met just a few hours ago.  She was still the same, just got more beautiful and skinny after hitting puberty.  "I'm surprised Christopher, the fate made me meet with your daughter again" he smirked maliciously.  Flash back "Sir, her name is Ruby Jane, the daughter of a man named Christopher Adams. He died in a car accident seven years ago. Her mother named Samantha is currently admitted in hospital, almost dying die to a heart disease. Samantha knew about the murderer of her husband who hit and ran that night. And she went to court and filed a case against......" Joseph stopped hastily, not daring to utter the name in front of his boss. In fear he batted his eyes lashes, and waited for him t
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Lost her
She was looking through the old racks of books in the old store room, in hope that she would find something useful which would disclose the identity of that hidden man. She was sure that somehow that man must have a relation with her mother in past that's why he helped her. She desperately turned the pages of the second diary of Samantha which was 10 years old, but unlucky her, she found no clue. The moon was full and it's white visible light was seeping through the old broken glass window. The light breeze was flowing, producing the sound of rattling leaves, making her hair slide on her bare shoulder. With a pouty face she got up again and opened the last drawer of the legless table, making a unpleasant squeaky noise. A thick layer of dust hiding the design of the vintage cover and old quality of paper looking rather rough. Stuffed between dirty pieces of paper, she seemed hesitant to pick up that trash looking journal. As soon he
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  Her eyes were supposed to shed tears endlessly, her mouth was supposed to mourn for her mother's loss, her heart was supposed to rip apart at the news and her state was supposed to collapse but nothing happened. And she stood there, blank and expressionless.  She simply sat on the bench and waited for her mother's body to be packed. Not a word formed on her tongue neither her mind was able to think anymore.  Only thing which kept poking her whole existence like a sharp needle was, "I lost both of them, one by one".  Frozen state, cold hands, deserted eyes and dry mouth, nothing bothered her. It all suddenly felt like a part of her. What can she do now? There was nothing left, everyone left her one by one.  'you came alone in this world and you shall leave alone' she remembered when her father told her. She was about 8 years old so she couldn't understand the meaning behind it but now it all seemed to fix at the right
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Mr Wayans?
He watched intently from afar as she stood there beside the grave, expressionless no less than a pillar. As she placed the flowers on the fresh soil and her lips moved, like she whispered something. He was getting impatient every second to end this sad drama. He was about to step in her direction with his assistant behind when he realized that the fragile body had been fallen to ground in a millisecond. It all happened so fast before his eyes. He let out an annoying smirk in exasperation. "What? I thought it would be interesting!" He complained and Joseph couldn't help but feel bad for the poor girl. He couldn't even run to her to help without his boss's permission. "Joseph! I think you'll do it, what do you say?" He asked while taking off his sunglasses. "As you say sir" he replied obediently. They both headed in the direction of her limp body. What a painful sight it was, she laid there without any consc
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work for him
As she waited for her captivator to reveal himself, she realized that her dress was no more on her skin. The dress she wore was nowhere to be seen, rather a smooth silk dress of knee length covered her body with straps on shoulders, which exposed an amount of skin she didn't preferred.  She felt herself ashamed and tried to hide her revealing chest with the same rug she slept in.  Who even changed my clothes and why? Her hair were still damp as she thought that someone also must have gave her a bath, which sounded more embarrassing to her. The wave of sheer embarrassment and shame overwhelmed her emotions and she felt self conscious.  Who even touched me? Why they bought me here?  The fear started to creep in her nerves as she felt herself in a uncomfortable spot. The unfamiliar place and the strange measures took her naive mind into overdrive.  Her body started to tense and she hugged her arm
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Obey him
She was extremely hungry so she wasn't able to restrain herself from eating that delicious food. After finishing her dinner she roamed around the empty room to look and find something useful to help her in escaping. She slid the curtains aside and looked at the large window. The rain stopped and now the glass was only wet with droplets. She unlocked the window and tried to open it, which required quite a lot of her strength. But to her amazement she realized after peeking out that she was on ground floor of the mansion but it's not what amazed her. Two guards having broad shoulders and wearing black shirts and holding pistols stood there, just a feet away but their backs were facing her so that they didn't realized her presence. With horror, before they could turn around she closed the window with thud and slid the curtains back again. She leaned against the window and breathed heavily after her failed stunt. She sighed in relief and realized t
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You may go home after
It was so humiliating for her as he walked in without knocking and that too when she was almost naked. Her heart was tipping apart with hurt and her brain going nuts with rage. She instantly picked up the dress and put it on, before anyone else also come in and witness her in this state. She was almost red with shame. Soon after she stepped into the dress, few minutes passed and some makeup artists walked in with their bags. She was surprised to see them but didn't get shocked after they just came in suddenly. They made her sit on the chair beside the dressing table. Everything felt so awkwardly weird, nothing was making any sense to her. She didn't know for what they were preparing her and what job he had for her. But her instincts were not already comfortable with the idea to proceed anymore. But however she didn't had any choice, either by force of or her will. She was being commanded and was being forced to obey. She had no oth
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Sold for a night
She was sitting nervously on the edge of bed crying bitterly. The worst happenings were invading her brain that could might happen to her. Her anxiety started to reach its peak as her hands turned cold and she started shivering with the hiccups. She no more cared about her makeup which was now getting ruined by the constant flow of tears on her cheeks, leaving behind the mark as they trailed down her neck.  The door suddenly opened and she looked up at the invader, out of shock.  He was a middle aged man, in his late thirties. With light stubble beard which also had some white hairs in them. His head was a little bald from front and he wore a grey suit. His eyes were dark brown and looked rather scary.  The frown on his forehead indicate the seriousness of his attitude and the dominancy he inflicted upon her.  He took large steps towards her and closed the door in process with his left hand.  "Who are you?" She mumbled
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Guilt and sympathy
The car halted in the garage and Joseph opened the door for him. Dawson got out and Ruby was somewhat conscious now. She realized that she was in a car, beside the man who wanted to hurt her so badly. But she didn't made any move and just sat silently, resting her head against the window, every inch of her being hissing in pain. She didn't know if she was raped or not but the pain revolving in her body was excruciating. She couldn't process anything but the thought of being raped made her understood that she should end her life soon and her subconscious state kept thinking about the possible ways to end her life. Not a tear left her eyes, she took the pain like her second half. Just as she did when her mother died. But she was sure now about her next step. The driver tried to open the door for her but before it could happen she undid it herself and with great difficulty she stepped down all by herself. From the other s
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