Vladimir’s POV

I didn’t confront her. I was waiting for the right time so I just observed her. For the last few days, she became close to my sister Via. I warned Via about being too close to her and she told me she would eventually change Cassy’s memories in due time. She just really enjoys her company because she is so smart. She even told me that Cassy didn’t believe all the rumors we spread. Somehow, in the last hundred years she met someone again who she wanted to be friends with.

"I feel at peace when I am with her, like I've known her before." I remembered Via said in which my other sister Vanna agreed by saying, "Sometimes we meet the reincarnation of the people we've met before."

I didn't argue anymore. Usually, when Vanna speaks we just listen to her and we always ask her what to do. Sometimes, she would tell us but most of the time she wouldn’t, she would just give hints and warn us. Sometimes, she also doesn’t know how to interpret all her visions because mostly they are unclear. It’s just warning and signs.

I continued just watching her. I was annoyed because it’s been a week and I hadn’t gotten any information yet. She seems harmless. She was very cheerful, friendly and she knew almost everyone besides us. It's like her aura attracts people, that sometimes when you look at her all your negative energy will ease away. Or maybe I was just fascinated by the fact that after a long time, there was someone again who wasn’t scared of us no matter what she heard around her. I heard people saying that she should stay away from us but she kept on eating lunch with us. And I kept on staring at her when she’s not looking, realizing I can’t hold it anymore so after our class I asked her if we could talk outside.

I took her to the garden where I often hang out. Quieter and no eyes watched over us. I stopped wandering around and asked her, "Who are you?"

She stared at me like it was the most stupid question I’ve ever said. She even said her name.

“No, what are you?” I repeated.

She laughed. "What do you mean?"

"How do you manage to disappear?" I asked impatiently. Annoying! She’s not answering directly. "How do you even do that?"

I stared at her. She was wearing the uniform of our college with a black ankle boots. She always wore the same outfit, I always stared at her but only now did I notice her necklace. It was a mini glass hour, length of my index finger. I remember seeing it before but I just don’t know where.

"I don’t disappear," she replied simply.

"No?" I scowled. “Last time, I was sleeping in here. I know, even with my eyes closed you were there but Via and Van said that they were not with you. You were with them all along. It can’t be!” I yelled in annoyance. “What are you doing to me?”

The smile still lingered on her lips. “I’m not doing anything, Vladimir,” she said my name like it wasn’t my name, like it doesn’t belong to me. “I’m not, okay? Also, how could I be here? I just found out about this place right now. What are you saying?" she laughed.

"You are lying."

"I don't lie," she said with emphasis on every word. “And I’m not missing either, okay? I do not know what you're saying." She would have turned her back if I had not stopped her. I was startled by the flow of electricity when I touched her so I immediately let go.

"What?" she sighed. "Fine, you want to know the truth?" she said seriously which was also immediately replaced by a smile. "In one condition, you'll be my boyfriend for just a little time, not that long, just until I ask you to be."

I frowned. “Why would I do that?”

“I know that you are a vampire. All of your family.”

"You don't have proof."

She laughed, the kind of laugh that is irritating, as if I will not win against her.

“I have, why would I ask if I don’t have, right? You will just act as my boyfriend. It’s easy though you are not allowed to fall in love, okay?”

“As if,” I rolled my eyes. She's really annoying! I was irritated for no apparent reason. "Show me proof first, people will never believe in lies."

“They do. They actually believe that you are a drug-addict just by hearing it from others. So, I can start here at school. People will believe me if I say that you are a vampire. First, you don’t reflect on mirrors. Second, you don’t have a shadow. Third, they can’t take a photo of you. Fourth, you don’t have a heartbeat. Fifth, I can use my blood.” She gave me a satisfying smile. 

“How many vampires are here? If I bleed myself, will they come?”

Damn! I tried to hide my frustration. She can’t bleed, we’re not the only purebloods who can smell her blood. Half-bloods can too and they’re just around. If they knew this is where the smell came from, I'm sure the lowkies would have raided this place. It’s too dangerous. Should I report him? Is she now a threat to us?

I sighed. ‘Why are you doing this?’

She looked straight at my eyes, and for the first time I saw sadness that reflects mine. When she dropped those words, “One, four, three,” my heart stole a beat.

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