Taming My Hot Personal Assistant

Taming My Hot Personal Assistant

By:  HDallywrites  Completed
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Luca Knight knows exactly the kind of woman he wants to settle down with some day and it's certainly not anyone like Skylar Simpson, his personal assistant. After all, Skylar is a sex addict who knows nothing about commitment. She sleeps with a different man every week, changing men like she changes her sheets. What happens when Luca pays Skylar to pretend to be his girlfriend at his family reunion? Sparks fly. Soon Luca realizes that he wants Skylar all to himself. Skylar has sworn to never love again after getting her heart broken twice which is why she loves to sleep with different men, and so Luca sets out to do the impossible; he's going to seduce her and drive her crazy until she possibly can't think of anyone else but him. ****** "Have you forgotten that I'm just a whore who can't stick to one man?" I ask breathlessly. ”I'm going to make you want only me, Skylar." Luca takes my ear into his mouth and nibbles it gently, sending a shiver down my spine. “That confident?” I whisper, trying hard to fight against the delightful sensations running through me. "Yes." He licks my neck in the most sensual way. “I'm going to make you beg for it. I'm going to drive you crazy until my dick is the only one you want to sit on.” Oh fuck.

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141 Chapters
•1•The Lie
Skylar's POVI love sex.Yes, you heard that right. I fucking love sex. I think it's the most blissful activity for mankind. I mean, why watch N*****x when you could be fucking? Why read novels when you can be fucking?If I could, then I would have sex all the freaking time.Looking up at the signboard on top of the door of the nightclub, a thrill goes through me as I look at the club name; City of Sin Club.Ay, I'm excited already.The inside of the nightclub is dimly lit, with people of all ages, sexes, and sexualities dancing or groping each other.So what if I came to LA with Luca Knight, my boss, to do business? That doesn't mean I can't have fun and have a taste of the men in LA.I never go without sex for more than a week, but I also never sleep with the same man twice. Some people think I'm a slut but I don't give a fuck what they think about me. I'm happy the way I am.I have no time for relationships. All that is guaranteed in a relationship is heartbreak. And I've sworn to
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•2•Saved By The PA
Luca's POV"What about your ex?" Caleb, my best friend, suggests over the phone."Natasha?" I scoff. "Seriously, Caleb?"That woman is a possessive gold digger. I know she was only with me because it helped her advance in her modelling career.Caleb laughs. "Don't bite my head off, jeez. It was only a suggestion. I think you should pay someone to do the job."Yeah, I've been thinking of that. I just don't want to trust something like that on a stranger."I'm ready!" A female voice announces behind me.Turning, I find Skylar, my PA who I brought on this trip with me for business purposes.Fuck, how long has she been standing there? Did she hear my conversation with Caleb?"Caleb, I'll talk to you later." I hang up the phone, then glare at Skylar in disapproval. "Why do you ladies always take so long to get ready?""And why do you men always complain when you already know what to expect." Skylar shoots back with a chuckle.I roll my eyes at the cheeky reply. Scanning her outfit, I realiz
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•3•Sex Addict
Skylar's POV"What was that for?" Luca turns to face me immediately after we step out of the café a few minutes after Dennis, his uncle, has left.His left hand is stuffed into his pocket, his right hand holding his left hand back as he glares at me.I blink, caught off guard. "What was what for?""Do not play dumb with me." Luca glares at me. "You just told my uncle that you're my girlfriend.""May I remind you that it was you who told him we were dating?" I retort snarkily. "The way I see it, I saved your ass."Luca brings his hands up as if ready to rub it through his hair but he soon shoves his hand back into his pocket.He looks exquisite in his grey designer suit. His shiny, dark blonde hair is neatly combed with a few strands spilling at the edges, highlighting his handsome face.His eyes are the most cyan I've ever seen. They are a magnetic shade between blue and green. He has a slightly crooked nose and a sharp jawline that all emphasizes his handsomeness.I'm sure underneath
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•4•Meeting The Family
Luca's POVThe next day, my parents send a brand new Ferrari with a driver to come and pick Skylar and me up to the family reunion. Skylar is dressed in a beautiful dress that highlights her curves so perfectly, making her very gorgeous. I find myself constantly stealing looks at her.“It'll take us about two hours to get there.” i inform Skylar. “I hope you don't mind.” Skylar shrugs with a smile. “No problem.”I realize she seems a bit nervous. In the car, we discuss how best to execute our plans to make my mum and my family convinced that we're dating.Finally, we get to my parent's mansion. The driver finds space among the several parked cars, obviosuly belonging to my relatives."Max, please send our luggage inside?""Of course." The driver smiles.“Don't move.” I sternly tell Skylar before taking off my seat belt and getting out of the car. I round the car to the other side and open the door for her.I stretch out my hand. “Shall I?” This feels awkward but it's necessary to cre
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•5•Unexpected Relative
Skylar's POVAfter the introductions, Luca's mother, Cornelia sends us upstairs to go freshen up. We'll be sharing one room which doesn't surprise me. After all, we're not in the 19th century. But I must admit that the thought of sharing a room with my boss is a bit unnerving.Luca agrees to let me take a shower first. After I'm done he also goes in to take a shower while I wait for him. When he comes out from the bathroom, he onlyhas a towel around his waist.His torso is bare and glistening with moisture. My mouth dries as I stare at his sexy body. A week ago, I would've never thought that I would see my boss half naked.He's like sex on legs. He has wide shoulders which taper to a lean waist, and his stomach is carved to perfection with breathtaking abs.The towel around him wraps so low around his waist that I swear I can see the beginning of his pubic hair...“I can get you a camera if you want?” My boss smirks at me.That causes me to snap out of my daze. “I'm not staring at you
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•6•Sense Rattling
"You guys know each other?" Luca scanned the three of us with knitted eyebrows."No!" I denied sharply. Way too sharply. "I guess we've seen each other somewhere. I mean, maybe."David raised an eyebrow at me, obviously wondering why I was lying. "Hey, cousin, you have great taste." He said, causing me to glare at him."Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Skylar." David stretched out his hand tentatively."Likewise." I flashed him a sweet smile as I shook his hand, wishing my eyes were bullets. It's been three years since he broke my heart and he is happy with the woman he cheated on me with."Anyways, I think we will go greet the others now. See you." David announced, taking his wife's hand and leading her away.Luca turned to look at me before I could unclench my teeth. It's more than obvious that I'm upset by David's presence and he's sure to notice that. "Hey, let's dance."Looking at him, I wondered why he was acting like he hadn't sensed the tension.I didn't know why I'd lied a
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•7•The Ramiro Issue
Skylar's POVRamiro took some steps towards me, and I took some backward, my heart pounding inside my chest.Ramiro begins to speak. "Was it six or seven months ago? Who cares? We met you at this bar, my friend and I. He approached you first and you were more than willing to fuck him. We tried to bargain for a threesome but you refused because you said you didn't do threesomes. You agreed to sleep with only one of us even though we wanted to take turns.""It'd been a while since my friend got laid, so I agreed to let him have you on the condition that I watched while you guys fucked."I gasped when I felt his breath on my ear, unable to move. He went on, a smile lacing his voice. "Watching my friend sink his dick into you was the sexiest live porn I'd ever watched while I sat in a corner unable to keep myself from jerking off. It was so...""That wasn't me." I finally found my voice to deny it.Why was my past coming back to bite me now?Ramiro laughed, finally stopping in front of me
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•8•Seduction Game
SKYLAR'S POVAfter my confrontation with Luca, my chest felt too tight. I didn't even know why I was feeling this way.Luca had basically called me a slut. Heck, I'd heard worse things, so why the hell was his words affecting me so much? Stomping into Luca's bedroom, I entered the bathroom, banging the door shut. I went to stand in front of the mirror just as a single tear slid down my left cheek. What the hell? I wiped the tear furiously and glared at myself in the mirror. You are made of tougher stuff, idiot.There was no way I was going to allow Luca's words to wound my confidence and pride in myself. But as I realized that was exactly what I was doing, I cursed. At that moment, I resented Luca. Resented him for making me so needy, needy for his approval.I resented him for making me feel so needy for more of the kisses I'd just had a taste of not even an hour ago.A firm knock sounded on the door. I figured out who it was even before Luca spoke. "Hey, are you okay? Can I come i
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•9•Mutual Attractions
SKYLAR'S POVThe midnight weather was unexpectedly cold, and it didn't spare me as I lay in bed even though I'd covered myself with a quilt.Pretending to be asleep, I watched as Luca walked around in only his pajama pants. The light glistened off his muscled torso sculptured to perfection, and my body warmed at the thought of him holding me in his strong arms.Jesus Christ, he was so gorgeous it was illegal. Why the hell hadn't he been sentenced to life imprisonment already?I quickly closed my eyes when Luca turned to look at me.The family had finally decided to call it a night after quite some fun activities ending with a pillow game where the pillow was passed around from one person to another while a song blared from a music box. The one who had possession of the pillow whenever Elliot, the coordinator, brought the song to an end was forced to sing a selected song. Fortunately, my luck prevented me from being chosen to display my horrible voice.We'd returned to our room and ta
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•10•The Blackmail
SKYLAR'S POV"I can't believe he is gone." Elliot wailed as she was handed the tenth tissue by her sister, one of Luca's grandmothers. "I mean, I knew his condition was serious but not that serious. Oh God, he was such a good person. Always thinking about the good of others. Why did you take him so soon?"We'd come down for breakfast only to meet a weeping Elliot at the table. Apparently, a friend and neighbour of hers, Benito, had died. Everyone looked distressed at her state, especially when she wouldn't stop talking about the life of this Benito.Seeing Elliot like this was pushing every one of my emotional buttons, prompting an unwarranted memory of my mother with a similar tear-stained face after her divorce from my dad.While everyone else commiserated with the old woman, Ramiro was sitting on his chair with a bored look on his face. Meeting his gaze, I threw him a look of pure disgust. Unfazed, he only smiled lecherously at me."Son," Elliot finally sniffed and wiped her runni
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