My Name Is Simon

My Name Is Simon

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Language: English
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"Life and Death are like green and red: you can't be both, but you can be neither. " Will you accept if you were given a chance to live forever? Or would you rather live with the fact that life ends with death? For Simon, there is no other choice than to live until everyone dies. All he wants is to be dead, but how?

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Series of Shadows
Good luck with this mate...
2021-07-31 12:57:56
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Thank you to all silent readers! I've been getting direct messages about this story. You are welcome to comment here too.. May all God Blessed you.
2021-07-18 09:47:59
55 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Man That Never Dies
Present Time Feeling exhausted, Seth was standing on the 20th step of their staircase when his phone rang. He picked up the call instantly. “Dad, I can’t see him. He could be out.” Seth said with a sigh to the person on the other side. He’s been going up and down the staircase and circling the house since 4 o’clock in the morning, like a madman looking for his lost cat. “He will not leave the house, as I have said. Just try to find him. Perhaps he’s doing something stupid again,” said Seth’s caller, and even before he responded, Seth heard some impact in the storage room. He quickly canceled the call and slowly approached the storage room door, his heart almost pumping out of his chest. He got hold of the doorknob and slowly opened the door. “Waaah!” screamed Seth in disbelief. The wooden chair fell off the floor, and found a man with a good body built squiggling his feet while his body was hanging from the ceiling. But he wasn’t dead. He looks more furious than that. “Uncle, wh
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Chapter 2: The Chase
“You’re always handsome, uncle,” said Ella, with a smile on her face showing her full, good teeth.As planned, Simon’s barber gave him a good look. He trimmed and shaved his hair for about an hour. They were making him look like a model for a prestigious magazine. At the same time, Seth and Ella cannot contain themselves about how good-looking their uncle is in his new hairstyle.Simon smiled. “You think so?”She smiled at him and gave him two thumbs up. “Without a doubt.”Ella is Seth’s older sibling. Simon seemed as old as her. If she had followed his advice, she would do well in business rather than become a policewoman. Ella didn’t seem interested in their company, as she was more interested in being a policewoman. She holds a Police Academy degree with the highest honor and rank.“If you were done with your antics, Uncle, it would be nice to have a vacation again before they transferred me to another station,” said Ella.Seth smirked. Simon glared at Seth and turned towards Ella.
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Chapter 3: Ella is in Danger
It’s Monday morning. Because of recent events, Simon took a taxi instead of using his car to go to his office. It’s been a while since he tried to be average. At the hospital he owns, everyone greeted him with a welcoming smile. “Good morning, doc!” everybody greeted him. Simon smiled. “Good morning.” Clara, his assistant nurse, follows him immediately when he arrives at his office. She got some coffee. His office is simple and cool as well. “How’s your leaving, Doc? Were you able to rest?” said Clara. Clara faced him with both hands on the table and a slight bow. He looked at her open uniform and almost got a look at her breasts. Simon glanced away from the uniform. He looked at Clara. “I said to you, Clara, to repair your uniform. You are a nurse, not a brassiere model,” says Simon. Simon instantly sipped his coffee. He had a fresh taste of coffee, but he ignored it. If it were poison, that would be brilliant. Clara smiled and stared into his face. In how the woman looked at
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Chapter 4: The Blood Transfusion
Simon never came home to monitor Ella. He sent Samuel home to rest. His friend is no longer a kid, and he doesn’t want him to be the next one to disappear. Simon was standing by the room’s window, staring out. He recalled the help he had received from his ancestor, Samuel. That is how he cared about his family up to this point. The Year 1500 Lando and Simon stood at the window watching Helena nursing her baby. Helena gave birth several months ago. Though the couple showed no malice, Simon was still ashamed of Helena. The couple had a son, and they named him Rafael. “I heard from the town that the sultan had become sick, a serious illness. No babaylan could heal the sultan,” he said. “Is it infectious?” asked Simon. “I’m not sure,” Lando said while looking at Helena. “I’m worried about them. They say there are many sick people in other cities, and they are slowly approaching us.” “We are a long way from the town. We’re probably not going to be infected,” Simon says. “This infectio
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Chapter 5: Luna Meets the Immortal
There wasn’t much of a crowd when Simon left the hospital, so he decided to walk. It’s a good thing Seth volunteered to check on Ella. He had already walked a half-mile, and it surprised him when a car ran into him and threw him a few meters back because of the impact. The front of the car that hit him was slightly smashed.Luna didn’t dare move. When she sank into it, she quickly exited the car and immediately approached the man lying on the road who still seemed alive. Her face was a few inches away from him as she was about to check on him when he suddenly opened his eyes. To her shock, her right palm landed instantly on his face, which surprised the man.“Whoa! You know, you are a brute.” Simon said, while caressing his face that the girl hit him. “You crashed on me and then slapped me,” he continued.He got up from lying on the road, rubbing his cheek. Simon sat down and turned to the woman, kneeling on the road. From the look on her face, she must be daydreaming. And Simon rose,
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Chapter 6: The Sudden Death
Seth’s stomach almost hurts when he laughs. Simon raised his eyebrows and looked at Seth. Simon sat on the couch, with Seth on the other side. Sam and Ella were standing across from Simon.“Uncle, frankly, you don’t seem cool at all. You look more like a criminal.” She bites her cheek inside to avoid laughing.“What were you thinking and agreeing with Seth’s nonsense?” said Samuel.Simon hasn’t answered his question. He just took a deep breath.“And as for you, Seth? You seem like a young, uneducated guy, and you always screw up your Uncle Simon. You have no respect at all,” said Samuel.“This will be the last time you tease Uncle. Once you do it again, I’ll make sure you get locked up, Seth,” said Ella. “I mean that too.”“I have to rest,” said Simon.Simon stood up and went to the second floor of his room. She signed for Seth to apologize to Simon, but Simon was already in his room.Simon walked into the room. He was sitting on his bedroom balcony and looking up at the sky. It was a
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Chapter 7: The Mistaken Suicide
They were both out of breath as they emerged from the water. When she recovered, it shocked Simon when she suddenly slapped him. “What the… Why did you slap me?” said Simon in shock, rubbing his cheek. The woman was silent. Instead, she embraced herself. Simon looked at the woman and prepared to undress when she kicked him on the knee. Simon groaned. “Well, why have you hurt me again?” asked Simon with reluctance. “If you plan something evil against me, I can break your bones,” said the woman. “You’re such a violent woman. Didn’t you know how to thank someone? I have helped you,” said Simon. “What have you helped me with? Did I order you?” the woman said rudely. He stared at the woman’s face. “You are going to commit suicide, Mademoiselle,” said Simon. “Suicide? What are you saying? I just slipped and…” said the woman. “Ah, grrr. Why am I explaining this to you? Annoying!” The woman rose and walked while embracing herself. Simon also rose, removed his clothes, and went after t
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Chapter 8: Hunting Seth
Luna looked at Simon. Simon noticed this. “You’re staring at me again; you want to strangle me?” Simon asked.Luna averted her eyes from Simon. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking at you. Unless, of course, you want me to choke you.” Luna said.Simon laughed. “By the way, the man who shot Ella is already behind bars,” said Luna.Simon frowned. “When was that guy caught? Why are we not informed?”“We told Ella that the shooter had been caught. He got caught in a buy-bust operation. He’s an addict,” said Luna.“I would like to meet this man,” said Simon.“For what? To take revenge?” said Luna.“Yes,” he merely said.“I won’t let you see him,” Luna replied.Their conversation broke down when the server arrived and placed their order. When the food was placed on the table, the waiter left immediately. Luna wasn’t saying anything. The two were quiet. They were almost done eating when Luna spoke again.“Leave me here, Simon, after we eat,” said Luna.Simon frowned. “Why?” He g
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Chapter 9: The Familiar Face
Ella was surprised as they walked into the house. She was sitting on the couch while she was busy with her laptop. She was still surprised to see Luna; she and Seth were handcuffed.“Luna?” She asked with a frown.Ella immediately reached out to her brother and hit him. “Why do you habitually beat me?” complains Seth.“And you complain again? What did you do this time? Why are you handcuffed?” Ella asked with irritability.“I used this sergeant to hook him up earlier,” Luna said, taking off Seth’s handcuffs.“Why the hell are you acting like this? What’s wrong with you?” asked Ella.Luna has distanced herself from both. Simon pulled Luna onto the couch for a seat. They watched the siblings.“I can’t accept that Dad is gone. Why is it so easy for you to forget him?” Seth got mad. “Daddy doesn’t mean anything to you.”“Enough of judging me, Seth. You have no clue how I feel. If the loss of Dad hurts you, I’m hurt too. What would you have me do? Do the things you do.” Ella said. “Become w
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Chapter 10: The Another Immortal
Simon didn’t go to the hospital; he had to visit the company, so he went there. Everybody was surprised at his sudden stop, but the employees welcomed him immediately. The local workers knew him as Samuel’s brother. In Samuel’s office, Secretary Ann was astonished to see him. She smiled gently as she walked beside him in Samuel’s office.“Coffee, sir?” asked the secretary.He merely looked at the woman and the table where Samuel was seated.“Yes, please. Thanks,” says Simon.Secretary Anne went outside while he was walking around the room. Samuel’s memories are still there. He got close to the window. He took the curtain off a bit to see the whole city. There’s still a pain in his chest. He approached Samuel’s desk, touching the backrest of the swivel chair as he looked into the room from there. Samuel’s room has a mini lounge, where he welcomes essential company guests when there are few. He sat on the swivel chair and made some movements. He chuckled a bit to speed up the rotation of
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