The Alpha’s Accidental Mate

The Alpha’s Accidental Mate

By:  Bee Diaz  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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Rayne SilverFur is a slave suffering at the hands of the ruthless Betas of the MoonWater pack. However, Rayne's life takes an unexpected turn. On the day of Alpha Max's mating to the beautiful Alaska of the GrayLeaf pack, Rayne is sent upstairs with the mating dress and the mating organizers confuse her for Alaska. This massive confusion ends with her walking down the aisle to the Alpha himself, and she is mated to a man she doesn't know, much less loves. This event changes the course of her life forever. She becomes the Luna of a pack that enslaved her, yet her new title means nothing to Max who hates her more than anyone else in the world. Rayne's feelings toward him change, yet he remains as cold as stone. Disappointed, she decides to leave the pack behind and forget everything that tied her to him. While on the road, she is taken hostage by a pack in a remote part of the country and discovers a secret that changes everything and that most importantly, changes the way she feels about Max. When Max finds out she was taken, he does everything in his power to get her back, but when he finds her, things aren't as they seem. Max has a choice. He either takes advantage of the situation and mates with Alaska, whom he has loved his whole life, or he follows his heart and tries to win Rayne back. Their bond is stronger than ever, and for once he understands the pain his rejection caused her. Things get more complicated when another male enters the picture, a male who is determined to have her at all costs. The question is simple: will their bond bring them together or pull them further apart?

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Camilita Vargas
I love the story! At first, you'll not like ML because he's way too verbally aggressive towards FL. But, as the story develops, our hearts warm up to him just the way as he slowly falls in love with the FL. She's naive, but she's a mentally strong, captivating woman. Excellent book, author!
2023-09-24 16:25:09
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Mary Byrd-Edwards
Loving this book
2023-08-31 11:23:22
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
106 chapters 8-26-23
2023-08-27 02:27:47
default avatar
Che-che Espejo-Sabolboro
Is this book regularly updated?
2023-08-16 13:21:47
user avatar
Christine Owings
16 chapters 6/4/23
2023-06-05 12:36:07
user avatar
Cecilia Denver
just wish it was already completed but it's good lets hope it doesn't take long to complete
2023-06-05 07:40:37
user avatar
Cecilia Denver
I think this story is good so far cant wait for more updates
2023-06-05 07:39:55
user avatar
Louise Uperesa
76 Chapters 8/1/2022
2023-08-02 14:44:13
user avatar
Lisette B
no character growth. I skipped chapters and there are still the same problems. max is still lying to Rayne. Rayne comes back to him and the runs away. she is still manipulated and naive. Denise is still in picture and so is Veronica. give Rayne a new mate. or have some character growth here.
2023-08-22 06:39:26
121 Chapters
Chapter One
RayneAs I scrub the floors of the Grand Hall clean, I ask myself an important yet heartbreaking question: Will I ever get out of here? From the time of my birth, I've been a slave. A slave to the MoonWater pack. I've never had the opportunity to be anything else. My mother was a slave, which makes me a slave, too. She wasn't born a slave, but that doesn't matter here. They don't care that she was sold into slavery by her own mate—my father—to pay off a debt he had with some ruthless men. They never took pity on her. Not once.I, along with the other workers, have been up since four in the morning to get the house ready for the big event. There will be over a hundred guests from all the packs in the area and they all have to be fed. Rooms will have to be provided. The house can comfortably accommodate a hundred guests. It used to be called a 'palace' back in the day, but things had changed significantly since the old Alpha died. His son is now in charge of the pack and he felt that
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Chapter Two
Rayne“Come on," the woman says while closing her hand around my wrist. I try to ask her what she meant by that but she doesn't seem to be listening to me. With a sharp tug, she pulls me into the room. The door is closed behind me. I look back at it, confused. She pushes me onto a chair and says to the man with the gold eyeliner, "Pass me those brushes, will you?"I scowl. What is she talking about? Why do I have to be seated here? Why does the Alpha have to see me walking down the aisle? I try to remember if the woman who gave me the garment bag gave me any other instruction. She didn't. A brief glance around shows me that there are four people in the room in total. The woman I just talked to, the man with the gold eyeliner, another woman who is plumper and shorter than the woman who handled me, and a tall, slim man who's wearing all black. His hair is in his eyes, and his green eyes are almost piercing through me. He has lines on his cheeks, but he isn't an old man. He's just too
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Chapter Three
RayneI open my eyes. There's too much light this time and I put a hand up to shield my eyes. I can't open them all the way, not yet anyway. There's a ringing in my ears that doesn't go away even after I scratch my throat. My head hurts and inside of me, there's a rumbling. Like a storm. It isn't hunger. It's something else, something that makes me feel on edge and terrified. When my eyes have finally adjusted to the light, I look around me and see a strange room. The kind of room I shouldn't be in. I'm lying on an enormous poster bed with red covers and sheets. Directly across from me, there's a large dresser with candles and a vase with fresh flowers. The floor is carpeted, and the windows are open, hence why there's so much light in the room. I sit up hurriedly, ignoring the spinning in my head. I rub my face with my hands and keep my eyes closed until the spinning stops. When I open my eyes, I see that I'm still wearing the white dress. The right sleeve is bloodied, and when
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Chapter Four
RayneDenise brought me a fresh set of clothes that was in my old drawer along with everything else that belonged to me. Granted, my clothes are all plain and not at all suitable for my 'new position' as she told me, but at least they're better than the bloodied mating dress. Besides, I don't think anyone will care about what I'm wearing. I don't even want to think about being the Luna of MoonWater. Once I'm dressed in my old and comfortable clothes, I sit on the bed and hug my knees. I'm deathly afraid of leaving this bedroom. I'm afraid of coming across people who will openly judge me for what I did. I'm afraid of the Betas. The First Beta is scary because of his strictness and lack of mercy but it's the Second Beta who truly terrifies me. I wonder what he thinks of me now. He was waiting for me and even looking for me the day of the mating, so he undoubtedly knows what happened. What's going through his mind? I bet he's even angrier than before. Now, I'm not so easily accessibl
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Chapter Five
RayneI’m dressed in Denise’s best clothes. She might not think they’re better than what I was wearing before but they are. I twirl around in front of the mirror in my bedroom and take in my appearance. Her ‘best clothes’ consist of a black dress with a tight bodice and flared skirt. It’s presentable—that can’t be disputed—but it puts a little too much emphasis on my cleavage. She has also helped me put my hair up in a loose chignon and my neck is fully exposed. She has also spritzed some perfume on me. She claps her hands and says, “Wonderful. You look like a different woman! All you need is to put on a little weight to fill out your hips and you’ll be perfect!”I don’t agree with her. I don’t think this dress is appropriate at all. “Can I get a shawl or a coat? Something to cover up a little bit more?”“Nonsense!” she says, waving her hand at me. “This is perfect. This is an outfit worthy of the Luna of MoonWater.”“Denise, my circumstances are different. You know that.”“Nonsense
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Chapter Six
Rayne Denise looks at the damage that was done on her dress first. Then, she looks at my face.There is no point trying to hide the black eye that the Second Beta gave me as punishment for...I don't know. I guess it's everything. He hated me when I was a slave but he hates me even more now. I thought that being 'Luna' would protect me from him. I was wrong. I take the dress off and dress into my old clothes. Thankfully, he didn't hit any other part of my body. He did, however, tear at the dress with his claws. He ruined the straps. I'm not even sure if she can fix them. "Did the Alpha do this to you?" she finally asks. "No," I say, staring at my lap. "The Second Beta did it."Denise frowns and lets the dress drop to the ground. "Rayne, you can't be serious! The Second Beta?"I look away from her. "Don't tell me that you don't know he targets all of the worker girls. Because if you do, I won't believe you.""I didn't plan on denying it," she says stiffly. "You know as well as I
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Chapter Seven
MaxI gulp down the entire glass of whiskey and refill it as soon as I slam it down. There's a pain behind my eyes that I can't seem to rub out of them. In fact, rubbing my eyes worsens the pain. A curse leaves my lips and I finish my drink. Behind me, the door opens. I don't bother turning back to see who it is. It seems there's always someone in my room who has an opinion to give me, as if their 'opinions' can make any of this better. "Drinking again?"I roll my eyes to the sound of her voice and pour myself another glass. When she sees this, she rushes to my side and puts a hand on my arm to try to stop me. I give her a black look but she doesn't release me or back away. "You need to stop this, brother," Veronica says. "Killing yourself isn't going to make any of this better.""Who says having a few drinks is going to kill me?""You know what I mean," she spits. "Everything you do, you exaggerate. There is no limit with you. If you keep this up, you'll drink yourself right int
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Chapter Eight
Rayne I wake up to the sun in my eyes. I try to shield my face with my hand but it doesn’t stop the stinging in my eyes. I blink repeatedly as my vision starts to clear, and only then do I see Denise standing beside the bed with an inquisitive expression on her face. “I’m curious,” she says, tapping her foot against the carpeted floor repeatedly. “How long did you intend to keep sleeping? Until noon? Until tomorrow?”“What does it matter?” I ask sincerely. My heart sinks at the thought. “It’s not like I have anything to do anyway.”“Of course you have something to do,” she says, as if whatever she’ll say next is obvious. “You have an audience with the Alpha’s sister.”I sit up fast, so fast that my head spins. “Why? What does she want from me?”“You know I can’t answer that question,” she says. “You’re going to have to find out yourself.”I sigh and hug my knees. “Can’t I say no? I don’t want to have to be yelled at by another superior. I don’t know if I can take it.”Denise scoffs
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Chapter Nine
Rayne "Oh, Rayne," Denise says as she paces the bedroom floor. "This is bad. This is terrible! Why didn't you tell her about him? Why?"I shake my head. "I don't know. I got scared!""Scared of what?" she asks loudly. "What could possibly have scared you? Look at what you've gotten yourself into!"I lower my eyes and rub my scalp with my fingertips. I can't describe how desperate I feel. The Second Beta, the person who scares me more than anyone else, is going to be my bodyguard. He'll be close to me at all times and 'protect' me from harm. How is he going to protect me when he's the only one harming me?I'm screwed. I'm done for. I now wish more than ever that I could go back in time and tell her that I take back what I said. That the Second Beta gave me the black eye. That he's a monster who loves the pain and suffering of others. The only people he takes care of are the elites of the pack. He treats the servants like garbage, and he's twice as cruel to the servants girls like me
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Chapter Ten
Rayne I stare at my reflection in the mirror and don't know what to think. The dress that Denise found for me is perfect. It's black and doesn't cling to my body at all. It's billows around me but is still elegant and sophisticated. It gives me the air of someone important yet mysterious. There is no denying that I'm a Luna when I'm dressed like this. And my hair perfectly compliments the dress. This is what Denise tells me. What I see is someone who should just stay in their room. I'll attract unwanted attention in something like this and it's all I can think about. Yes, I do look pretty, but this isn't a good thing. The whole point of our plan is that I should let only the Second Beta see me. How will I stay invisible when I'm dressed so elegantly?"Don't you think this will complicate things?" I ask her for the fifth time. "Stop it," she hisses. "It'll be much worse if you show up in a servant's clothes, don't you think? There are normally quite a few people present. Those who
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