The Alpha’s Revenge

The Alpha’s Revenge

By:  smallgirlb  Ongoing
Language: English
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Arcelia is a simple and sweet girl with a loving family and a supportive best friend. Her involvement with her married boyfriend changes her life for the worst. She is kidnapped, tortured and accused of a murder she knows nothing about. Her life becomes a living hell with no chance of escape. But what happens when she falls in love with her captor. Can their love survive the torture and their past or will the truth break them apart? N/B: This book is fast paced.

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62 Chapters
I clutched my bag tightly as I walked down the sidewalk. The day was sunny and bright and I could hear laughter from the people around me but I didn't dare look up.My face was swollen and red from all the crying I had been doing the whole morning. My phone rang continuously in my bag but I ignored it.Today was the worst day of my life. The absolute worst. Just one finding had managed to scatter all my happiness of the last two years. Everything.Everything was going well until the strange feelings of doubt started. The feeling that something was wrong with Blaed. The late night conversations, the constant disappearance and no reasonable explanation, I just knew something was wrong. I ignored it in the first few months and maybe I should have continued ignoring it because I wouldn't have to deal with this right now.I entered the restaurant and looked around while trying to hide my face still. Imogen was nowhere to be seen. I took a table away from the eyes of everyone and out of e
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"Married?"the shock was clearly written in her face. I bit my lips to stop any sound from escaping. Fury quickly replaced her shocked expression."I'm going to fuck that bastard up" I stopped her before she could stand up."Don't""Don't fucking ask me to remain silent and act like nothing happened" she pulled her hand roughly from my grip."Why are you still protecting him Arcelia? After everything that he did to you. He fucking lied to you for two years. He has a wife and is trying for a child. He made you the other girl" she shouted and a few people turned out way."I know that already. You don't have to rub it in""I'm not rubbing it in. That man needs an ass whooping""Maybe. But I'm telling you not to bother. He doesn't even know that I know the truth""You didn't tell him that you know he's a lying ass" I shook my head."I'm too embarrassed Imogen. Too ashamed to even show my face anywhere. It feels like the whole world knows and they are judging me for being involved in a marr
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My screams attracted the neighbors and soon a lot of them were standing in my yard. The emergency squad also arrived a few minutes later. Their flashlights everywhere as they checked the surrounding areas for the end of the trail.Turns out it wasn't just a puddle of blood. There was a long trail leading to an unknown destination. My elderly neighbor Luana has wrapped me in a thick blanket while the men searched the area."I'll need to speak to you madam" he said to me and I nodded trying to stand up but Luana held me back."She's shaken up. Can't you see that""It won't take any of your time. I just need to ask a few questions concerning the incident""You...""It's okay Luana. I'll talk to him. Maybe I can be of help"He smiled at me and I followed him to a corner, tightening the blanket around my body."This must have been a lot for you tonight but we have to know what happened""I understand" he was ready with a jotter and a pen."I've been at home since the early afternoon but I
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"Arcelia?" Someone called my name from behind and I quickly turned around and saw Geno behind me."Are you okay? You've been standing at the door""I... Nothing. I'll be going to be my desk" I quickly walked past him and went to my desk. I focused on my work and managed to do quite a lot before my lunch break.My phone rang and I picked."I'm going there now""I'll see you soon" I hung up and grabbed my bag. I was about leaving the building when the receptionist stopped me."This was delivered to you" it was a small parcel that could fit into my bag."Is there a senders name?" I looked around the parcel."No. A little boy just dropped it off" I examined it."Okay. Thank you" I wanted to open it and see the content but my phone rang again. I dropped the parcel in my bag and hurried out. It must be Imogen who was calling. I arrived at the restaurant and found her. I smiled and walked over to her."You look so much better today" she kissed my cheeks."Do I?" I didn't get any sleep and I
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It was way past eight and my phone was in my hand. Blaed's name was on the front screen but I kept debating if I should call or not.The best option would be to move on and just leave town. Cut of all ties with him. But I needed to make it clear that we were done so he would know to never come after me again. I took a deep breath. I was going to call him. Then just do it and get over it.I unblocked him and I dialed his number and he picked on the first ring."Babe. I've been trying to call you. What's wrong? Did I do anything?"I scoffed. He was a perfect actor pretending like he didn't do anything."My love talk to me""I am breaking up with you""What? Babe no. What did I do? Whatever it is, we can get over it. Communication always works. Tell me, what did I do?""Don't fucking ask me that. You lied to me for two years and you were married all along"He didn't say anything."Babe... it's not like that. I can explain. I..." "I don't care for your explanation" I hung up the phone.
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I groaned and tried to get comfortable in my bed. My elbows scraped something rough. I winced and I opened my eyes. I wasn't in my bedroom, I was in a cage. A smelly one. I jerked awake and looked around. Silver bars surrounded me while I heard the sound of water dripping. The memories started coming in and I cussed under my breath. I remembered the light going out in the club and a prick at the back of my neck. I had been drugged. The man that caught me before I passed out. Have I been kidnapped? Did the men get to me or perhaps it was Blaed's wife? What was going to happen to me? I knew I shouldn't have gone to the club. I should have listened to Imogen."Let me out" I tried to shake the bars but they were sturdy. "Don't bother. They won't hear you"I turned and saw a girl huddled in the corner, her entire focus on her nails."And even if they do, they won't be releasing you. This is for the damned" she said in an eerie voice. "The damned? I didn't do anything to be a damned" S
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"You... what... How?" I couldn't form any questions. He jerked me up roughly by my arms, locked my wrists with cuffs, and dragged me away.This definitely has something to do with that night. He was there. A part of the investigations. Were the other men part of this? My feet scraped the rough floor as he pulled me through the dark paths. The only thing visible to me was the silver bars. They were also holding people captive.We climbed up a rickety stairs and he pushed the small gate above us open and carried me outside. We came out into a beautiful ultra-modern house. The interior is a sight to behold. Golden curtains and fixtures. He pulled me up another flight of stairs and pushed a door open.I heard voices inside and I became scared. He pushed me forward and I fell on my hands and knees. The room became silent suddenly. I could feel their presence here and their piercing gazes but I didn't dare look up."Look at me" a hard voice commanded. I felt the weight of his command and
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I dashed for the door but he caught me before I could get out. He bunched my clothes in his fists and drags me to the center of the room. "You made her suffer" There was a loud noise and a long chain fell from the roof. I struggled against him but he slapped me on my cheeks knocking me to the floor. A bruise should be forming from the impact.He jerked me up again and attached the chains to my wrist cuffs. I was elevated until I was hanging fat above the floor."I'm giving you a chance to speak. Tell me where her body is and we don't have to do this""I don't know" I cried. Tears spilled freely from my eyes. I didn't kill anyone. I knew nothing about a murder. I didn't know him. Why was this happening to me?"You won't enjoy this. But I will" I felt the first sting of a whip on my back. The excruciating pain traveled through my body. I screamed bloody murder.The whip came down for the second time. The pain was as intense as the first strike of the whip. The whipping continued until
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TEIGEN's POVI brushed the stray hair away from her face. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever set my eyes on. Her scent. Fuck her scent was driving me crazy. It rattled my wolf to the point where I was fighting not to shift. She was making me lose control and I never lost control.The door opened and I pulled away from her. Alfio didn't say a word as he crossed the room and examined her. I was thankful for that. I didn't want him whining or asking me stupid questions I had no intention of answering. "Her pulse is weak and she looks pale"I growled at him. "Then do something about it""There isn't much that I can do. The injuries are too much. She may not survive the night"I snarled at him. How dare he say that. But when I looked beyond my anger, I could see his stoic face and I relaxed slightly. He was only trying to push my buttons. "Do something Alfio""There isn't much I can do. She's injured. Has lost a lot of blood. Slipping in and out of consciousness. It should tell
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I groaned and stretched my limbs, turning over in my bed. No. Not a bed. I was on a rough floor. I opened my eyes. I was back in my cell.The girl in the corner was singing a soothing song. Her voice was nice. I remembered everything that happened before I passed out for the last time.I must have imagined the soft bed. I craved for my own bed so my mind was probably just playing tricks on me. I wondered how many days I spent here. Two? It felt like forever. What was Imogen doing and would she find me? Were they even searching for me?I groaned and sat up. The bandages around my chest and back were gone and I was dressed in a soft cotton gown. I no longer felt pain as I moved too. Did I imagine all of that? The whipping, the men, and the bed? It all felt so real.I flexed my shoulders and tried to touch my back. I winced from the pain caused by stretching my muscles. I stood up and walked around. I was perfectly fine. I frowned. Something was definitely wrong somewhere. Did I imagine
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