The Alpha's Destined Bride
The Alpha's Destined Bride
Author: BlackSwan

Chapter 1 : Welcome to Gralynes!

"Parallel universes. Going back to our previous lessons, which are the idea that space-time is flat, the number of possible particle configurations in multiple universes would be limited to 10^10^122 distinct possibilities, to be exact. So, with an infinite number of cosmic patches, the particle arrangements within them must repeat — infinitely many times. This means there are infinitely many "parallel universes": Cosmic patches the same as ours that contain someone exactly like you, as well as patches that differ by just one particle's position, patches that differ by two particles' positions, and so on down to patches that are different from ours.

Famously, the physicist Stephen Hawking's last paper before his death also dealt with the multiverse. The article was published in May 2018, just a few months after Hawking's demise. About the theory, he told Cambridge University in an interview published in The Washington Post, "We are not down to a single, unique universe, but our findings imply a significant reduction of the multiverse to a much smaller range of possible universes."I closed my eyes because of the boring discussion with our professor. Honestly, I am not interested in his topic. What will I do to the Multiverse Universe? It is just a theory, wild guests of the scientists!

This topic is useless! How can I use this topic in my daily life? How can I use this topic in the future? To my job as a businesswoman?

"Sir, is there any proof that the Multiverse Universe exists?" my classmate asked our professor.

"Not everyone agreed with the parallel universe theory, however. A 2015 article on Medium by astrophysicist Ethan Siegal agreed that space-time could go on forever in theory. Still, it said that there are some limitations with that idea," our professor answered her question.

"The key problem is the universe is just under 14 billion years old. So our universe's age itself is not infinite but a finite amount. This would limit the number of possibilities for particles to rearrange themselves and sadly make it less possible that your alternate self did get on that plane after all to see China," he continued.

"Also, the expansion at the beginning of the universe took place exponentially because there was so much "energy inherent to space itself," he said. But over time, that inflation slowed — those particles of matter created at the Big Bang are not continuing to expand, he pointed out. Among his conclusions: that means that multiverses would have different inflation rates and different times, longer or shorter for inflation. This decreases the possibilities of universes similar to our own."

The discussion continued, and here I am, I'm bored!! I want to go out and go somewhere! But I can't.

I don't want to disappoint my mom. I want to be successful in the future!

After two hours of this class, I was the first to get out of the classroom and go to the cafeteria. I lost my energy by listening to the discussion with our professor about the multiverse universe!

"Hi, Erica, Do you have some time this afternoon?" a woman asked me. She is Liza, one of my classmates.

I looked at her and smiled, "I'm sorry, but I need to go home early," I answered.

"Aww, I thought you would watch the friendly game of our American Football team on the field after class," she said with disappointment.

"I loved it, too, but my mother told me that I needed to go home for something important," I said to her.

She smiled at me, "Ok, I will be going to ask Alison if she is free this afternoon to watch the friendly game,"

After we talked, I continued to walk to go to the cafeteria. I immediately ordered some cake and water, and after I called, I sat in the empty chair in the cafe.

When I finished eating my snack, I went to my classes. When all my types were over, five in the afternoon, I went home immediately, according to what my mom told me this morning.

I don't know what there is, but when mom told me that I needed to go home this morning, she seemed we had a very important conversation because of her serious look.

When I got home, I saw an unfamiliar car outside our house. Although I was wondering, I chose to go inside our house.

When I entered, I found my mom in the living room, and she was talking to a man I thought was just the same age as my mom. Also, a man is sitting next to the man where my mom is talking. He has a good posture, fair color, and well-groomed clothing. He has a glass on his face that suits him.

"You are already here, Erica. You are on time because our dinner is ready." my mom said.

"Change your clothes and follow us to the dining area," she added.

Before I left, I kissed my mom on her cheek. I walked to my room to change. Since we have a guest today, I adjusted myself a bit because it would be embarrassing for our guests not to be presentable.

When I changed, I walked to the dining area again.

I saw my mom and the man talking again while the man's companion quietly listened to them.

I approached my mom and stood beside her, and she introduced me to our guests.

"This is my daughter Erica, Samuel," my mom introduced me to our visitors.

I looked at the man named Samuel and smiled at him.

"What a beautiful girl, Amanda. I think they are perfect with my son," the man said to my mom. That made me surprised!

What did he mean by that?

"What is the meaning of this, mom?" I asked, stammering my mom.

"Let's eat first, and we'll talk about that later, honey," my mom answered.

Because of what I heard earlier, I could not concentrate on eating.

It was as if I had lost my appetite even though much delicious food was on the table.

After eating, we went to the living room together to talk. I immediately asked mom about what the man had said earlier.

"Before I answer your question, Erica, I would like to introduce to you Xander Montefalco, the son of Samuel Montefalco. They are the owners of the Montefalco Company," mama introduced our guests to me.

Montefalco Company is one of the largest companies here in the country as well as abroad. They own large malls, airlines, clothing brands, and hotels.

"It is not unknown to you that our company is in crisis right now, Erica, and to solve the company's problem, I agreed with Samuel to merge our companies, but there is one condition," mom explained.

"What condition, mom?" I asked her even though I had an idea of what was happening.

"The condition is that you become the wife of Samuel's son," she answered.

I am right! A fixed marriage! What do I expect from this being a daughter of an owner of a company?

I stood up in my seat and looked at my mom.

"I will think about it, mom! Excuse me. I need to rest!" I said to my mom. I looked at our guests. Xander smiled at me, but I ignored him.

My mom knows I can't entirely agree with what she said. When I walked, I didn't look at them anymore, and I went straight to my room.

When I entered, I immediately lay down on my bed and closed my eyes. I don't believe that mom will do that thing! Honestly? Fixed marriage is something that I disagreed with!

Ten minutes had passed when there was a knock on my door. It opened, and my mom entered. She approached me and sat on my bed.

"I know you don't agree with my decision, Erica, but I hope you understand," mom told me. She is seriously looking at me.

"Since your father died of heart disease, I have had a hard time running our company, and if it continues, your father's hard work for us may lose," mom told me. I closed my eyes because of what she said.

It's been three years since dad died, and I know how my mom struggled to lead our company but is this the answer to the company's problem? To marry me to a man I don't know? I do not have a feeling for him.

"But, mom, I don't know him. What if he has a bad temper? What if he does something to me after getting married, and I don't love him, mom!" I said to mom.

"Love is learned, Erica, and I make sure Xander is a good child. I already know him because I always see him when Samuel and I meet. Xander is polite and hard-working, so you will not regret marrying him, Erica," mom assured me.

I gasped, "I'll think about it, mom. I need to get to know Xander before I make a decision," I just told her.

Mom hugged me because of what I said.

"Thank you, Erica. You will not regret it when you get to know Xander well," mom said as she hugged me.

When mom and I finished talking, she left my room. I looked at my ceiling and thought about what she had said.

While I am lying on my bed, I suddenly feel dizzy. I sit down on my bed and roll my eyes. My room is spinning! I don't know if I have something to experience this or what, but I know that something is happening to me right now!

I closed my eyes to fight the dizziness. I was feeling right now, but I still felt like I was spinning. When I thought I was no longer turning, I slowly opened my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, I immediately stood up. I rolled my eyes to the place where I was and saw the five older men around me!

"Who are you? Where am I!?" I shouted at them. I feel afraid because I do not know them!

"The summoning for the Alpha's bride is a victory!" shouted one of them.

Alpha? What the heck is going on?

"Tell me who and where I am!" I shouted again at them. They all looked at me.

"You are here in Gralynes, the world of vampires and werewolves!"

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What's with the man with smooth skin descriptions? He is a man right? why does his skin have to be smooth? or maybe they are describing a baby's butt? ??‍♀️

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