The Alpha's Tribrid

The Alpha's Tribrid

By:  umxxxhi  Completed
Language: English
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Alpha Wyatt Stone has a dark past. No parents. Just his brother as his Beta and his best friend as his gamma. Wyatt was known to be the most ruthless of all alphas. But he had his reasons to be one. Zara Thorne. A hybrid. As far as she knows. The daughter of an Alpha vampire of werewolves. After her pack being slaughtered by Alpha Stone and Zara making a run for it, she discovered that she is the unlucky mate of Alpha Stone. What are the extents Wyatt is willing to go for Zara to trust him?

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hope there would be more chapters
2022-06-27 20:52:53
33 Chapters
Chapter 1
Zara's POV"We're being ambushed. Zara, grab your sister and run!" my father, the Alpha, rushed and went back to defend the pack."Why can't I help you? I am among the strongest," I protested.
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Chapter 2
Zara's POV"Mate."The one word I feared the most. Don't get me wrong, I love the thought of mates and I thank the moon goddess for her idea of it but it all depended on who it was from.
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Chapter 3
Wyatt's POV"She's a hybrid," I told both Miles, my beta and brother and Remy, my gamma."Great. You got a good one bro," Remy said and patted me on shoulder.
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Chapter 4
Zara's POV"Come on, Zara where are you?" I heard Wyatt say as I stepped through the door. He didn't notice I was here because he was looking at his shoes."Right here," I said and his head snapped up at me.
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Chapter 5
"What happened today?" he asked not even looking at me."I lost control," I said softly and lowered my gaze to the floor."How?" he asked."I fed and while I ate the buffalo I realised that Stella and I had no family, no pack, no one. And I
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Chapter 6
I opened my eyes and luckily for me the room was dark."Come back to me Zara, please," I heard Wyatt plead in a whisper."I'm here. How long was I out for?" I asked and he pulled me into his body, crushing me in a hug.
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Chapter 7
Everyone was in my room staring at me in shock and the room suddenly felt clustered."You don't remember anything?" Wyatt asked softly."Of course. I lost control and almost ate a whole buffalo. I thought we went over this? It's not the first time, I'll be fine," I rolled my eyes in annoyance.
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Chapter 8
I woke up to the smell of deliciousness. I vamp sped to the kitchen and I heard Wyatt chuckle. It was deep and sexy and- no Zara Thorne, you shouldn't fall for him, remember who he is. Remember what he did."But he looks so woof," Liv admired.I ignored her as my eyes wandered his shirtless back in an apron. He t
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Chapter 9
"Your smile is so creepy. Who are you man?" Remy asked."I'm Dylan. I've been looking for my mate for a long time," he said still smiling."Sorry dude, she isn't here," Remy said and was walking back upstairs but stopped and Dylan's next words.
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Chapter 10
Wyatt's POVZara hasn't come down since she went to the library and it's almost midnight. What is she reading so long up there?When I opened the door, there my angel is sleeping sound
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