The Alpha's Runaway

The Alpha's Runaway

By:  Johana Grettel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Bianca has finally planned everything in her life. Being an orphan from birth, she has always felt that her future is an uncertain universe. However, with Richard's help, her caregiver has managed to define the goals that will lead her to cling to the security she craves. But fate, as always, plays bad and dirty, because she is kidnapped when she accompanies some friends to the Scarlet Moon club, at the hands of a handsome and mysterious boy named Kieran, in the company of his friends who worship him as if he were a god. He takes her to a pack of werewolves and decides to claim her as his own, while being stalked by the alpha of the rival pack, Einar, who is the cause of all the suffering in his life, this being his own father. Bianca realizes that her whole life has been a big lie that has made her the fugitive of the alpha. A turn of events, a macabre plan, war threats, constant danger and a torrid romance frame Bianca's new life now and nothing will ever be the same again, having a heavy load on her hands, just like everyone's fate.

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Liz Portieles
I love this book
2022-03-16 00:34:35
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Derena Marie
save your coins.. had a good story but hasn't updated in months
2022-01-28 05:36:30
24 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Wake up, Bianca!" Meg yells in my ear and I open her eyes somewhat stunned. She run my hand over my neck, which hurts from having slept badly in the chair next to Matt's bed, who had a fever all night. Poor boy, he didn't stop complaining about the discomfort, but Richard doesn't want to take us to the hospital for care. He says they are full of germs and that one comes in with one disease and leaves with three others. Sometimes that kind of mania on his part of him annoys me, like, for example, he does not like I'm around when he's meditating. But with the fact that he doesn't want to take us to the doctor, he goes too far. Luckily for him, the guys who live in his foster home are very healthy, of course, except when a disease like chickenpox falls on us. As always, I am at the foot of the bed when he feels bad. No idea how to cure them. Not nurse, nor do I want to be one, I am going to be a lawyer and mine is the law, not injections. Luckily, all the guys
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Chapter 2
"Have nothing to wear," I whisper to Kayra, who rolls her eyes. We are in my room. We told Richard we were going to have sleepover, trying to keep Meg from finding out about it because we don't want to break her heart from her. "Don't worry," she says, while she rummages through his suitcase, "I have some dresses here that should fit you well." She puts a couple of suits on my bed, the first is intense salmon, loose in the front, but it fits at the waist with some black leather straps and has a full skirt that reaches mid-thigh, at back side it has a neckline that reaches the middle back, which is intertwined with a leather strap, equal to the one in front. The second is satin, with three-quarter sleeves and a neckline at the front, which fits at the bodice and flares at mid-thighs. Both are perfect to wear with my black ankle boots, but I go for the first one as it makes me look a bit medieval. Kayra has no choice but to put on the second one. Since we are b
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Chapter 3
"She's already waking up," I hear a male voice next to me, "we must give her something to keep her unconscious." Have a shooting pain in my temple and my mouth is dry. Eyes are still closed. I feel scared. I don't quite remember how I got here or where I am or who these people are. "We can't give her more drugs, what she took was enough to put a horse to sleep," says a girl, "but she drank it all like water, she has too much resistance to liquor or to liquor plus drugs, in any case." "What did you expect of her, Astrid?" Another girl says, whose voice I recognize, "her liver must process what they put on her, alcohol, drugs, whatever. Anyone would love a liver like that,” she scoffs. "Told you I found her," the man says again. Now I'm sure who he is. Velkan. "Realized the moment I saw her, darling," says the other girl, "she's just like her, I have no doubt." Beginning to remember. These are Kayra's friends, and they drugged me. Velkan
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Chapter 4
"What?" I make fun of Kieran when we are in his room, "do you need an excuse to get a woman?" My lips are pursed with rage and my mouth is still dripping poison, "try to touch me and I rip your head off." Kieran laughs out loud at my threat. It's true, he's huge, he must be about six feet four inches tall, and his body is very muscular, so a small thing like me shouldn't stand a chance in comparison. That doesn't mean that I'm going to make it so easy for him, if he thinks that I am going to fall at his feet, he is very wrong. "Why don't eat and stop threatening me?" He says laughing, trying to get back to his cold position without succeeding, "I just want you to be well and you're hungry, that's why you must eat." "If you want me well, take me home," I snap, "do you know how difficult it is for an orphan girl to get someone to care for her?" "You are not an orphan, and you are not alone", he tries to tell me with the greatest kindness that hi
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Chapter 5
"It's going to be fine, my alpha," I hear Velkan say, who is sitting on the bed next to mine. Eyes are narrowed and the pain in my side draws a groan from my mouth. "Are you sure?" Kayra asks him in a shaking voice "that branch was stuck between her ribs, and it must have punctured her lung. She was drenched in blood. From what I know, she must have even pierced his heart." "Remember who she is," Velkan replies, but before he continues, I try to sit up. "And who am I supposed to be?" I tell him, looking at my side. The pain diminishes little by little as if I had taken some pain medicine and now it was taking effect, "and I think you two are exaggerating, I just scratched myself, look," I show Kayra, who is putting her hand to her mouth. The medicine or whatever they recently gave me to take effect and now I am much better. I sit on the bed edge still weak and look around me. The sun rays hit me directly in the face and I rub my eyes. Derrick and Fran
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Chapter 6
The U-shaped table is chaired by Kyle in the middle, with his wife Luna on one side and Kieran on the other. Richard and I sit opposite. He runs his hands over his face several times, leaving one hand stroking his three-day beard, as he does every time, he is speechless. But I have too many things to say, and I don't have time for him to take the courage he needs, so I break the awkward silence. "How did you get there first than us?" Richard looks at me in surprise, because I'm sure he didn't expect that to be my first question. "We took a plane," he answers me, "they told me that they took you by car and it was fine, it is more difficult for them to detect you," he adds as if it were normal to use the word "detect". I deep breath. I think neither he nor I can wait to think about this for another second. "Is everything they told me true, Richard?" I ask him. "It depends on what they have told you, Bianca," he answers me, "the great truth is th
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Chapter 7
A loud scream wakes me up, but I still feel a little dizzy, so I don't open my eyes yet. "Reject her!" Says a female voice, which I think is Astrid. "Even if I wanted to, I can't, she hasn't been transformed yet, she doesn't even know what I am," Kieran replies annoyed. "And what will you do then?" She asks him, "are you going to leave me?" "I ... I don't know," he replies, "I still don't know what to do, Astrid." He pauses, there's a lot of tension in the air, so I close my eyes more. "Work it out, Kieran," Astrid adds, "she can't be your Luna, she doesn't know anything about the pack, and she doesn't even care about our world. I will always support you, I will know how to be a better Luna, this is my pack, I grew up here and I will do everything to carry it forward as you need. " "Astrid, we were playing around, you and me," he replies, "you are my father's delta, and we are close all the time," he insists, "we are not a couple, it w
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Chapter 8
"I look like a bitch," I tell Kieran in dislike, as we walk down the hall towards the stairs, to head to the main dining room where dinner will be served in my honor. Never liked to attract attention; it makes me nervous and clumsy, and it is the last thing I need at this moment with so many strange people. Werewolf. Hope Richard is present. It wouldn't hurt to see a familiar face, even if I'm still upset by all his lies. "Yes, but a beautiful bitch,'' he answers near to my ear, placing his hand on my bare back, by the neckline that reaches my black dress waist with three-quarter sleeves and whose pencil-shaped skirt covers the middle thigh. He is dressed in a black shirt with two buttons opens and rolled up on his arms, which draws all the muscles of his torso and arms. His pants are black too. His dark hair is stylish in a well-organized ponytail with gel. "A bitch is a bitch," I reply. His closeness makes me dizzy, and I can no longer be up
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Chapter 9
"Thank everyone for being here, but we must end the soiree," Kyle announces to everyone, then he looks at a few. while "Kieran, stay in your room with Bianca, have Derrick and Frans escort them. Atea, by my side, we must see each other as a united herd." "Yes, my alpha," they all answer, except me. "Kyle ... uh, sorry, alpha Kyle," I correct myself when I see the warning look, he gives me, "if you don't mind, I'd like to stay in the meeting. I think I will be of great help if you let me be there." "This world is too new for you, darling," he tells me with more kindness than I expected, "you won't know how to act in front of two alphas and I wouldn't want a confrontation with Einar today. I'd like to buy more time for you." "With all the respect you deserve, alpha, I think that if he listens to my opinion, it will be easier for you to convince him," I say, "don't worry, you have my word that I will behave and know how to measure up." "I'll be b
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Chapter 10
In the basement of the huge pack house is the dungeons. But they are not what I expected. The corridors are quite clean with good artificial lighting. The cells are like small rooms, with a bed and not a cot, a bathroom and a nightstand with a lamp and a shelf above the bed where you can put some books. Or at least that is Richard's cell, who placed the nightstand near the bars so that he could play cards with Velkan, who keeps him company. They both look at Kieran and me with raised eyebrows. Then I look at Richard carefully. His blue-gray eyes are very similar to mine, as are his chin and his cheekbones. His brown copper hair is similar to that of his brother, Maikan. Before I didn't pay attention to it, except occasionally when I accompanied him to the supermarket or to buy clothes, even on summer travels, some people would go with their children by the hand or play with them or simply smile with each other. In those moments I longed for Richard to really be my bl
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