The Alpha's Willing Slave

The Alpha's Willing Slave

By:  Syrena Clayton  Completed
Language: English
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“She became the Alpha's slave in order to destroy him.” *** For over five years, Alpha Jackson King of Midnight pack had terrorized the neighbouring packs. They were tired of him, but all attempts to overthrow him had failed. Kelsey Arlington, the daughter of the Alpha of Blue Moon Pack was tired of living in fear. When Jackson's men killed her brother and some of her pack members, she decided enough was enough. She made a deal with slave traders who allowed her infiltrate Midnight pack disguised as a regular slave from another region. She had barely started executing her plan to destroy Midnight pack from the inside when she found out that she was Alpha Jackson's mate. She had to decide whether to continue on her quest for revenge or surrender to the mate bond.

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Such a good story. Thank you Author ♡♡
2023-09-09 05:08:40
100 Chapters
Death in the family
I didn't like going to the forest in the middle of the night. Neither did I like my brother’s annoying girlfriend, Eliana. But on that fateful day, I agreed to help him look for her. When Edmund told me that she was missing, I told him it was for the best. Instead of laughing at my inhumane joke, Edmund started sobbing. He looked so sad and broken that I eventually agreed to help him which turned out to be a terrible idea. The moon cast an eerie glow over the vast forest as we made our way through it. Edmund matched my long strides, struggling to keep up. As we ventured deeper into the forest, the silence become stronger. “I don’t think we’ll find her,” I said, feeling tired. We had been searching for over an hour and had not got any lead. “Maybe she ran away.” “Don’t say that,” Edmund said, making me roll my eyes. “She came in here to find some herbs. She must be around the Western plantation.” “This is very risky,” I said, the same thing I’d said repeatedly. “Jackson King took ov
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The slave
“Stop it, Andrew!” My mother yelled. She appeared by my side and started prying my father’s hands from my neck. After some time, my father let go of me and I staggered back, afraid to look at him.“I’m giving you until tomorrow,” my father said. “After that, I don’t want to see your face around here again.”Tears were falling down my cheeks as my mother hugged me. “Take my son inside,” he ordered the men and walked away from there. My mother led me away from everyone, towards a tree. “What happened?” she asked as we sat on a wooden bench under the tree. Lights from the security poles spread light to where we were. Amidst terrible sobs, I told her everything that had happened in the forest, and how I had managed to escape. When I finished, she pulled me close and held me tight.“Do you hate me?”“No, what you did was terrible but I have lost one child already. I can’t lose you and your other brother as well. I’ll send you to my brother. His pack will take care of you.”I pulled away
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My hands shook vigorously as I clutched the tray of tall glasses. I could feel a sense of danger lingering in the elegantly decorated entry hall. Every step I took towards the formal living room felt like a step closer to my death. As I drew closer, I could hear the hum of conversation emanating from the room.Suddenly, a hazy scent become prominent to me, a very nice woodsy scent. Realisation hit me immediately as I became aware that I would find my mate in that room. My heart started to race even faster and I developed a feeling of eagerness in my body. This made me move faster. The dimly lit room was a sea of well-dressed people and sweet smelling extravagant perfume. The music was slow and nice, blending in well with the quiet conversation going on inside.A few hands reached out for the drinks in my tray and I tried to maintain an easy smile as I glided around the white room. Something was pulling me towards the front of the room. All of a sudden, someone grabbed my wrist and s
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I want her
Jackson’s POVBryson was the biggest alpha in the central region. With his arrival, every region was represented. The formal living room had a powerful aura given the presence of the eastern, western, northern, central and the southern giants. Us, the big five, had to stick together in order to continue holding the power we had.Bryson was the biggest threat to me. Although I was still at the top, his pack closely rivalled mine and was coming up at a high speed. Sometimes it even scared me and I had to look for ways to keep him down and ensure he didn’t become better than me. That’s why I tried my best to keep him very close. “Hey man,” I said when I saw him.“Happy birthday, King” he said, giving me a short manly hug. “Thank you. What took you so long?”Bryson went ahead to spin some bxllshit to explain why it took so long for him to arrive. I listened even though I knew his lateness was intentional. He was always trying to one-up me and for peace, I always acted like I didn’t noti
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Jackson King’s offer of a perfect life as his mate and luna was very tempting, but I knew everything came with a price. Life by the side of a man like him who only cared about himself couldn’t possibly come without misery. But that was not what made me reject the offer. If I accepted his offer and got too comfortable, I knew I would get side-tracked and might forget why I was there in the first place. Jackson King had indirectly killed my brother and I was not going to let that death go unpunished. I had to get justice for my brother and prevent more bloodshed for Jackson King’s comfort.Besides, I did not want his blood money. I could never be happy enjoying money that had been made off the backs of unwilling slaves.“No,” I said, shaking my head. I stared at Jackson, feeling nothing but hatred and anger towards the man. He seemed shocked by my answer.“What?”I repeated my answer and let him know that I wanted nothing to do with him. Suddenly, I could almost feel the room getting c
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The fire in her
Jackson.Shell shocked, I stared at her as she chewed the large piece of meat she had bitten off. I was speechless as I stared into her defiant large brown eyes. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. Having tried very hard to ensure that my reputation was the worst it could possibly be, I was utterly shocked by what she had done. Everyone knew not to mess with me because I was not the best at controlling my temper. Had it been any other person, I’d have snapped their neck without thinking twice, but for some reason, I could not raise my hand to hit Kelsey. When she finished eating the meat, she crossed her hands over her chest and leaned against the wall then stared at me. I tossed her the remainder and she caught it instantly, before biting large pieces and chewing them. She had surely worked up an appetite. As I watched her eat it, I started to feel a strong feeling of attraction towards her. I realised that her stubbornness and defiance was making me want her even more. M
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The water
I was feeling extremely cold. Opening my eyes, I screamed when I realised I was at the bottom of a fast filling transparent water tank. The water was extremely ice cold. I quickly struggled to stand up, wondering how I had got there in the first place. I remembered drinking some juice and then falling asleep. The water reached my waist but was filling up pretty fast. I screamed out loud but the sound stopped inside the tank. I was pretty sure no one could hear me from outside. I coughed out water that I had swallowed while at the bottom. The tank had a narrow opening at the top which was giving me the air I needed to breathe. I panicked as I saw the water level going up. In only a few seconds, the water was already at my neck. I continued to scream and shout, calling out for anyone to come and get me out of there, or turn off the water. The door did not open and I couldn’t hear any sound except that of the water. In the end, I watched helplessly as the water filled up. I tried to re
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The next plan
Jackson.“Just let her out,” I told Joshua. There was no point in keeping Kelsey in the water tank since she’d decided not to give in. she had been there for over ten hours, alternating between consciousness and unconsciousness but still refused to give in to my conditions. “Okay,” Joshua said and left the room to do the needful. After a minute, I decided to follow him, a part of me wanting to see how she was doing.When I got to the room, she had been pulled out already and was standing near the tank. She was shivering and her white dress was hanging on to her skin like second skin. I could see all the soft, nice curves. I wanted to continue staring but then again, the two guards inside could also see her like that. My wolf growled.“Get out,” I said to the guards. “Bring a warm cloth for her to cover herself.”“You sound like you care,” she said after the guards had left.“What if I said I did?” I asked.“I wouldn’t believe you,” she said.“That’s good, because I just couldn’t stan
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After getting approval from his boss, the guard who had been standing outside the door led me out of there. We went out of that section of the building, finding ourselves in the backyard. There were two women sitting on a wooden swing under a small tree. As the guard led me out, they stared curiously. I could tell that there was something going on in their minds. When they started talking, I judged from their expressions that it was all about me. I made a face at them and followed the guard towards the end of the building with the dungeon.As we entered the building, I noticed that the women had stood up and were following us. I forgot all about them as we got inside and I was taken to the cold dungeon. Before the guard could lock the door, the women arrived.“Hey,” one of them said. She was tall and blonde. “We would like to speak to her for a second. We need some answers from this woman.”“That’s not allowed,” the guard said to her. “She’s a slave who should be isolated.”The smalle
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Out and about
The work I was doing was terrible, but I was out of the dungeon. For days, I had been stuck inside that dank place and almost felt like my brain was slowly rotting away. Although the air I was breathing in stank, it felt fresher than that in the dungeon. The smell of animal waste filled the air as we cleaned the kraal. Midnight Pack was a large pack with a vast amount of land that stretched for miles and miles. The pack had many businesses, investments and also large farms, one of which was for livestock. It was the one I and a few other slaves had been assigned to work on.The livestock farm was four kilometres away from the pack house and it was huge. It was packed with a variety of animals and birds that provided great nutrition for the members of Midnight Pack. The work at the farm was a lot and was done by mostly slaves. The only pack members there were holding supervisory roles, giving orders left and right.I was working in the kraals with a young woman called Mia. She was a q
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