The Avalon Chronicles: Werewolf Academy.

The Avalon Chronicles: Werewolf Academy.

By:  Fireheart.  Completed
Language: English
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Three part book series.The human werewolf | The Halfbreed Alpha | The Rouge Luna.Three seventeen year olds with different fates navigate their life in Avalon Academy, the mandatory boarding school in Avalon, the home of all werewolves.The Human Werewolf.Cora is a wolf who has lived all her life in the human world and not made her first shift yet due to her childhood trauma. When her father finally has a shot at being Alpha of his pack, he moves his family to Avalon. Cora is enrolled into Avalon Academy and given a guide, a senior named Everett who unknowingly to her is her mate. Everett can feel the mating bond but Cora cannot. She falls for young Alpha Noah while Everett suffers in silence. With her future hanging in the balance, Cora must make her first shift for her survival. The Halfbreed Alpha. She is kidnapped from the human world after her dangerous shift almost puts the werewolf existence in danger. She is the halfbreed daughter of the pure blood lycan pack, daughter of Alpha Eli.After her first shift, it is evident that even though she's not a full blooded lycan, she is stronger than most. She trains hard and fast to earn her place in her father's pack. If she succeeds, she might get in line for the Alpha throne. Unfortunately Alpha Noah, the head of a rival pack is her mate and her pack forbids marrying outside of the pack. She must choose between love or the position of being Alpha.

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Sudarsan Narendran
when is the next book?
2022-05-23 02:21:13
user avatar
Elizabeth Sexton
I really like this story. When is the next book and what is the name
2021-12-14 11:13:14
user avatar
Stacie Girard-Stibick
I loved this book. when and what will the second book be called?
2021-07-21 01:59:52
user avatar
Faith Frankel
very good book
2021-07-13 08:08:36
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Crown Beauty
So interesting
2021-06-03 20:13:03
user avatar
leslie johnson
how is noah her mate when it starts with everrt
2021-03-11 07:33:53
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Tishona Boston
absolute love
2021-02-12 12:11:07
user avatar
sierra wright
I love it can’t wait for more episodes or a second book
2020-12-22 13:08:12
user avatar
Catherine Ohlin Smith
interesting read
2021-02-06 15:36:16
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Dawn Keevill-Carey
I'm enjoying the storyline.
2021-01-16 22:37:51
user avatar
Bonnie Sanchez
Main character is not likable and I lost interest in the story. otherwise the writing is decent with few errors.
2021-01-10 08:09:22
57 Chapters
Glossary. Note that the seven major packs in Avalon has sub packs also run by lesser Alphas.  Ortus Solis- (Rising sun) Ancient Lycan Pack Led by Alpha Superior Eli. Lux Aeterna- (light eternal) Led by Alpha Noah. Custodes Lunae- (Guardians of the moon) Led by Alpha Superior Abraham. Sole- (Setting sun) Led by Alpha Superior Augustus. Deum Belli- (Gods of War) Alpha Scarlet. Filli Luna (Children of the Moon) Led by Alpha Superior twins Henry and Luther. Ruber Luna (Red Moon) Led by Alpha Ida.
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Chapter 1 - New Beginnings.
"It's a castle! It's a freaking castle!" Cora Windsor murmured as she dragged her luggage in front of the towering castle gate. It was a long walk into the castle itself.She grimaced as she looked at the long lonely walk ridden with gargoyles and angel sculptures.All around her, students carrying luggage, some in cars and some laughing loudly were walking towards Avalon Academy for Werewolves. Avalon Academy was a large Castle with extensive school grounds surrounding it, which included sloping lawns, flowerbeds, vegetable patches, a large dense forest, several greenhouses and other outbuildings, and a full sized pitch.One of the castle's towers held containment rooms, where werewolves in training who couldn't control themselves on the full moon were locked in. The castle was set upon huge rocks above a magnificent lake, better known as the Mo
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Chapter 2 - Rude Awakening.
As a little boy, no one except Everett's mother had thought him handsome as a baby. Their gaze had halted when they got to his roman nose and their smile had faltered for a fraction of a second. As a boy he didn't attract the girls. The girls had been more attracted to the boys who were big and strong. It was the signs of strong werewolf genes.He was skinny and his cheek bones just gave him a skeletal look. But by fourteen he was filling out, he had muscles from rigorous trainings and pack patrol with the adult werewolves. By seventeen he became handsome. He had grown into those features, his bone structure was fine and perfectly symmetrical. It was manly. But Everett's new shape didn't do much for him, not when his status couldn't rise past that of an ordinary wolf. Sometimes Everett wondered if he w
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Chapter 3 - Drill runs.
 Cora Windsor did not like the look the boy the principal claimed was her personal guide was giving her. It was an intense look and it made her very uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that her stomach felt sick. The Principal and Sydney left both of them after brief introductions. "So, Everett... Nice to meet you." Cora said as she stretched her hand to give him a polite handshake. Her jumped up in surprise and moved away from her hand. What a weirdo. Cora thought as he watched him with amusement. "Well, handshakes must not be your thing. Are you a germophobe or what?" She asked as she la
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Chapter 4 - Mates.
Cora quickly scrambled to her feet. Struggling to maintain her former position. Noah was staring at her with an intense look that would make any girl swoon. Noah was tall, even though Cora was at least 5'10, he seemed to be over 6 feets. And he towered over her in a way that made Cora self conscious. "Cora Windsor." She said as she extended a hand to him acting coyly. Noah was looking at her suspiciously as he took her hand in his and shook it. His hands were about two times larger than hers. And he was so warm it was weird. "My name is Noah. Just Noah." He said.  He didn't mention his Alpha Superior title like she expected him to
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Chapter 5 - The Quadrangle.
 "What is this place called again?" Cora asked as she settled herself into one of the old stone benches that seemed to be carved out of the ground. The entire area was filled with stone sculptures as centrepieces and stone benches. It was eery and at the same time creative.  "It's called the Quadrangle. A lot of students come here to relax." Everett replied as he sat across Cora.She seemed unnerved and oblivious about every single thing that was happening around her. She was free. "You brought me here to teach me the basics so I'm listening, what do I need to know about this place?" "First, I have to ask. How much do you know about Avalonian history?"
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Chapter 6 - Hit the Showers.
 Cora couldn't help but remember how Everett's touch had made her feel, like she was instantly comforted by his touch. Their conversation had ended abruptly after that, with him murmuring a string of excuses that had him practically running away from her.  She found it weird but she didn't dwell on it. She had gone back to her dorm room after getting lost in the twist and turns and various hallways and stairways in the castle. But she had found her room and did some more arranging. She had slept all through dinner and woke up the next morning startled by the loud alarm bells.  Zombie like she had got out of bed and hit the showers with about twenty other girls in the hallway who seemed to be unnerved about the fact that they were all taking showers
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Chapter 7 - The Creek.
The Quadrangle was nearly empty, because it was still school hours and Cora had skipped class. The bright sun was relentless in it's shine and the harsh rays tempted Cora to leave the Quadrangle but there was no where else for her to go so she stayed put. She knew it wasn't good for her school records skipping class, but what good were Defence classes when she couldn't even connect to her wolf. She couldn't go to her dorm because that would be much worse, a matron might see her and punish her for violating the rules and Cora didn't want to draw too much attention to herself.  The past two weeks had gone in a blur, she was struggling with her classes, friends she found hard to make and Everett kept her on her toes with his persistent lessons that have yielded little results. At least she knew about her Avalonian history now, but it wasn't the main thing she was bothered about. Cora was lonely. And tired and most importan
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Chapter 8 - The Death of An Alpha.
The death of an Alpha meant a severance in connection from the members of the pack and the Alpha. Sometimes, most of the people who were close to the Alpha could feel the bond snapping, like a physical bone in their body was being broken. The Luna felt it most and sometimes in the battlefield, if the Alpha fell, the Luna did too, because of the intensity of the pain.  Even though Alpha Superior Henry and Luther had no Luna, the pain of their loss was a physical living thing that could be felt all around the pack house as Cora walked through it. It could be seen in their faces and in the sombre mood the air carried, it could even be felt in their voices and their damp eyes. When she and Noah had rushed back to school, Principal Claude was already waiting for her, with two werewolves from her pack waiting to collect her and Everett. The Principal had insisted that
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Chapter 9 - The Burial Ceremony.
 Each and every Alpha was unique and different. Alpha Augustus of the Sole pack led the procession, even though he was the second oldest Alpha in Avalon, he clearly showed little signs of aging. It was rumoured that he had lived for a century and a half. Although the hair on his head was a startling silver white, his sun kissed skin was still smooth and glistening with aged youth. He also wore white pants with no shirt at all, leaving the muscles of his back completely inked in tattoos. Noah followed closely behind and Cora couldn't help but notice how he stuck out like a sore thumb in the gathering of Alphas. Even though he kept a brave face, Cora knew that he must have been nervous. Alpha Abraham of the Custodes Lunae followed closely with his head bowed lo
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