The Bachelors Getaway (BxB)
The Bachelors Getaway (BxB)
Author: Ashe Alberts

Chapter One

“Here’s the papers you need to sign…” a man said as he placed some folders on the table, “The investors also asked if you’re free next week. They said they wanted to visit the plant. Should I fit that in your schedule next week?”

Instead of answering, Lee sighed as he leaned on his office chair and looked at the view before him. His office is on the 23rd floor of the company building he owned, and he pondered as he looked at the other tall buildings around. He then moved his eyes towards the right, and looked at the photos that are placed on top of a small drawer positioned there.

Aside from the pictures of his family, another picture frame caught his eye. It was a photo of him and his friends from high school, when he was still studying in an all-boys school. He grinned a little, especially when he realized that it has been so long since they were complete. He still sees them once in a while, but separately.

For some reason, he felt a little sad about it. He is not really good with people, but somehow, he ended up becoming close with his friends who are also the ones he lives with in the shared bedrooms at the boarding school.

“Mr. Fuller? Should I place the meeting in your schedule?” the secretary asked again.

“Cancel everything on my schedule next week,” Lee suddenly said, startling the man holding his papers.

“S-sir? Pardon?”

“I said, cancel everything. I’m going on a trip next week. About the meeting with the investors, let my sister handle it. After all, she partly owns the company too. She can handle it better than me anyways,” Lee responded, “And I want you to contact the caretaker of my guest house at the island. Tell him to prepare the place. I will be staying there.”

The secretary nodded immediately. “Right away then, Sir.”

Lee had a tough year since he was very busy most of the time. There have been some expansion in his textile company that he built with his sister, and more people have been flocking to him in literally everywhere.

All the attention was caused by him – along with his friends – being included in a list of the most eligible bachelors. It was from a feature made by one of the biggest magazines in the country, and Lee regretted agreeing to the interview. Sure some his bestfriends would have loved the attention, but not him.

Because of that feature, he started to attract unwanted attention wherever he goes, whether it is in conventions, parties, or events related to business. It kept stressing him out, to add on the current stress and exhaustion he is already experiencing because of work.

Lee sighed, and got up from his seat while taking out the phone from his pocket. When he checked it to make some calls, he received a few missed calls as seen on the screen. But they were all unanswered, since he leaves his phone in silent and not in vibrate. He then looked at his messages, and saw that there are also some texts that are unread. Lee did not even bat an eye, and right away, he blocked the unregistered number in order to not receive the calls and messages from it.

After that, he then dialled the phone number of one of his friends, Elliot. He is certain that the man is not busy, since he is either travelling around or just at his dance studio.

It took only a few seconds before Elliot picked the phone up, which made Lee’s face light up.

“Elliot, are you busy next week?”

There was faint sounds of music in the background, before it completely disappeared. Elliot must have been choreographing something when he called.

Hm, not really. Why did you ask?” Elliot responded, “Is there something wrong?”

“Oh, I was just thinking…” Lee then said, “If you guys are free, maybe we can just take a week break and enjoy ourselves. You know, drink, eat... I had my guest house at the island ready. We can stay there.”

“I’d like that. I want to get away for a while too. I’ve been very busy,” Elliot responded, “Are you inviting the others too? You should. It would be completely boring if it is just the two of us.”

“Of course I’m inviting them,” Lee chuckled, “The more, the merrier, right? So, are you going?”

You bet I am. I’ll just make a few arrangements, and then I’ll give you a call,” Elliot told him, “Should I call the others too, or will you do it yourself?”

“You can call Dylan and Karlisle,” Lee replied to the man on the other line, “I’ll contact the others.”

“Alright then…” Elliot then said, his voice laden with his excitement, “See you next week, dude.”

After the call, Lee then sat back on his office chair, and checked on his contacts to start calling their other friends. He then smiled. He can’t wait to enjoy the next week with his friends. 

While he was busy making some calls, his secretary knocked on his office so he called him in. When the man entered, in his hands is a bouquet of flowers. Lee’s brows almost met on its ends.

“Who gave that?” Lee then asked, inspecting the flowers while the phone is pressed against his ear.

The secretary’s eyes then shivered a little, looking away from Lee’s sharp gaze. “It’s… It’s from him, Sir.”

From looking warm and excited, Lee’s eyes changed to cold and disinterested. “Throw that away.”

The young secretary looked a little confused, but still went on to take the flowers. “R-right away, Sir.”

Once the secretary finally left, Lee then heaved a deep sigh. He calmed himself for a few seconds, before starting to make calls again.

He cannot let anybody ruin his day… Not even him.


That morning, Simon was having breakfast with his family in their home in France. After finishing his master’s degree, he went to work in his family’s multimillion business that he is meant to inherit. 

While eating, Simon’s mother and sister are looking both agitated, while Simon was just quiet and is calmly eating his meal. It felt like there is something wrong, but Simon is keeping himself steady. He looked like he was ready for it.

Right then, Simon’s father entered the dining area while holding a phone in his hand. He has a n angry expression on his face, and his walking is loud and fast.

“What the fuck is this, Simon?” his father angrily rambled, “I talked to Erwald. He said you broke off with Amanda? What’s wrong with you? The two of you are getting married soon.”

Simon’s eyes were cold as he continued with his meal in a nonchalant fashion. “I’m not marrying her.”

His father went closer to him and glared at him. “What did you say?”

“I said… I’m not marrying Amanda.”

“You can’t do that. It’s already been planned. You’re going to marry Amanda so that our company can venture in the mining industry. It’s what we need to extend our business empire, Simon.”

“So… What am I then?” Simon then asked, his face a mix of anguish and irritation, but still looked like he was trying to control himself, “Am I even your child, or am I just a pawn to expand your business?”

“We already talked about this –”

“To which I did not agree on,” Simon said firmly, “I never said yes to your plans.”

“If you keep going on like this, I am going to disown you,” his father then said, his voice laced with the goal to threaten him, “Refuse to marry Amanda, and I am going to remove you as an heir.”

Simon smirked, and threw the cutlery on his plate. He then angrily got up from his seat. “Then go on… Disown me. I don’t need it. Whatever you do, you can’t stop me. I am not going to marry Amanda.”

After the heated conversation he had with his father, he walked towards his sister who is staying quiet amidst all these, then to his mother who is trying to control her emotions and is keeping mum about everything that is happening.

“I’m going home… Now if you’ll excuse me,” Simon said, before walking out of the dining room.

As he walked through the hallways leading out of the room, he fished out his phone and dialled some numbers.

“Hello?” Simon then said, “Book me a flight back to the United States… I need to leave this place as soon as possible.”

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