After I patted my face dry, I quickly made a move to exit the restroom. I have to talk to him. Maybe I will just ask him to come to the library- Ew, that's the most unromantic thing. Wait, what do I even have to do with romance? Surely, I have to get a grip on my mind.

As I walked to the cafeteria through the empty hallway, I felt someone's presence behind me. As I turned around for confirmation, I felt a warm palm wrap on my mouth.

My eyes widened in horror and my hands instantly flew to my mouth, which managed to concealed my yell. The grip tightened on me further as an arm wrapped around my body and pulled me back into a dark area. And before I knew what was happening, I was abruptly pushed into a dark room and my knees collided with the hard surface beneath.

I winced in pain upon the contact and groaned. As I rubbed my knees to ease the burning sensation there, I whipped my head to the direction of my abductor. As I adjusted my vision, I blinked several times to confirm my sight
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