"Sapphire, I thought this will make things easy for both of us. I thought... maybe you'd at least... talk to me. What do you want me to do? What do all those guys in the school have that I don't, to get at least a genuine smile from you?" His voice was low as if he was in pain.

He looked sad and disheartened. It's been fun all this while but I think the conversation had taken a leap. I could see that he was being serious. His words tugged at my heart. A foreign feeling had immersed within myself, and I couldn’t quite understand why it was affecting me so much. Maybe it was because I was finally hearing the sincerity in his voice, something that I had been longing for many days.

"Sapphire. I just wanted to help you. If... it was too much... then... I'm sorry for it." He spoke.

And without a second glance, he left me rooted to the place. I watched him go as I stared at his back. As he disappeared into the darkness, I felt something pull my heart. Did I feel guilty for treating him th
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