I don't know what would happen if I stay here any longer. It would be the worst choice for the both of us.

"Sapphire, wait!" Sean's voice came from behind as he followed me. I hastened my steps so that he wouldn't catch up with me.

It's better if we get time to think over things. We shouldn't hurry into anything at this point of time. It is crucial for the both of us and I don't want to make the mistakes that have already been done. The damage ha been caused I'm scared it'll take a lot of time to heal things back.

As I exited the park, I briskly walked onto the pavement. Sean was still shouting my name and I had to hasten my speed further me.

He shouldn't ask me to stay, please.

I need time.

I walked away to the footpath and the people around me started to take notice of me. Oh no, I don't want people to notice this.

I ran onto the road and hurried to the other end, hoping they'd leave me.

Hoping Sean would leave me.

But, it happened in a flash.

I heard a blazing sound of horn
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