The Silent Siren

The Silent Siren

By:  Loren Jay  Ongoing
Language: English
11 ratings
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Her voice enchants them, and her touch, it steals the very life out of them. Thea's only option is to take a vow of silence so the kills stop and her bloody hands have a chance to wash clean.Things can't be so easy for her. Innocent children are taken and their lives threatened by the very people that tortured herself and her sisters.Thea's only recourse is to embrace the darkness inside and unleash her vengeance.After all, a siren's song isn't her only weapon.

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C Facts
update, please!
2022-01-26 21:41:04
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Love the characters, very interesting and nicely scoped out. The main characters are sexy and the new development regarding their past is intriguing. The storyline is fantasy, fun and getting exciting. Looking forward to more.
2021-03-08 18:41:07
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Anne Lemente
unlock please
2021-02-14 16:12:33
user avatar
Kaia D
So far so good. Is more coming?
2021-02-10 23:53:52
user avatar
Jazsime Angeles
I was thoroughly impressed with the details of the story and I hope it hasn't been abandoned, just going by the other comments.
2020-12-23 02:07:04
user avatar
Andrew Lewis
i hope there's more added to this book
2020-10-24 02:54:52
user avatar
jesse Simpson
very great book
2020-09-16 15:17:23
default avatar
Stephanie Madl
This is a really good book was updating reg but idk what happened I hope all is well and cont soon really great read!!?
2020-09-05 13:38:00
default avatar
tegan mikaere
Love it so far! Waiting patiently for the next chapter
2020-09-03 14:17:46
user avatar
Great book! ❤
2020-08-18 06:12:11
user avatar
I really like how the story is going so far! I am really enchanted by Thea and I am absolutely intrigued by Micah! looking forward to it! <3
2020-07-20 23:51:34
20 Chapters
Chapter 1
   Thea could hear the nearing of footsteps despite the low drum of the music trailing from Bourbon Street. She picked up her pace walking through the dimly lit alley ways. She heard the echo of footsteps quicken behind her.  Her heart raced as she resisted the urge to look back.  She increased her pace again before she broke out into a full sprint. Footsteps pounded off of the asphalt and swallowed her in their echoes. She panted as she neared closer and closer to the main streets, the safety of the bright lights beckoned her.  She burst out from the shadows, sweaty and panting. She leaned against a store window, trying to catch her breathe. She dared her
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Chapter 2
 Thea entered her apartment and was immediately greeted by the stench of death. She wrinkled her nose in disgust as she dropped her keys into the bowl next to the front door. She noticed a postcard in there and with a sigh, picked it up and flipped it over to read it. ‘Sisters! I miss you both dearly, Italy is amazing and the men are even better ? I wish you would come out here and visit! I’ve been asked to walk the runway in Milan fashion week! I hope you’re both doing good.Penny, I hope you&rsquo
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Chapter 3
 “Mhhhm,” Thea moaned as she felt a tongue run up the length of her calf. She could feel the hot breath against her skin. She parted her thighs and arched her back sinking deeper into the pillows. “I didn’t expect to be having sex dreams after my shower,” she thought. She felt kisses travelling high up her leg as teeth began to nip at her inner thighs, “Ohhh yesssss,” she gasped through parted lips.The mystery mouth had finally reached her sweet spot. She felt a tongue run up her slit before finding her already throbbing clit. The tongue lightly flicked over her, eliciting a series of moans before sucking her clit and gently nibbling on it.  Thea gasped and a shiver rippled through her body at the con
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Chapter 4
 Thea woke up to the sunlight streaming through her open window. “Hmm, I’m sure I shut that last night,” she thought. She stretched out in her bed, her whole body ached. She let out a groan and rolled over to see Penny lay in the bed watching her, her raven curls fanned out around her. “What the fuck Penny!”“What the fuck me? What the fuck you, Thea! Did you know there is a guy, hot as all hell, in our kitchen right now?” she asked her accusingly.“No, what does that have to do with me?” Thea rubbed her eyes. “Well, he said he spent the night with you, the name 
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Chapter 5
 The door hadn’t even closed behind Bellamy before Penny threw herself at Thea.  “What. The. Fuck. Tell me everything! We have to call Aggie, she has to know! Did he tell you what he is? How come he isn’t affected by me? What t
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Chapter 6
 “So how does it feel to feed again?” Penny asked over a mouthful of steak. “Surely at your age I don’t need to remind you not to talk with your mouth full?” Thea teased her.   Penny responded by sticking her tongue out to show her half-chewed steak. “Leeuf ma age awt oof it” Penny gargled back. Thea rolled her eyes.   “To answer your question, I feel good, exhilarated really. Plus, I’m not feeling the usual guilt that comes with feeding,” Thea said as she shovelled a spoonful of risotto into her mouth.
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Chapter 7
Bellamy dropped his arm down and intertwined his fingers with Thea’s.He grimaced before clearing his throat.  “Thea?”She turned to face him. “Yes?” she asked, a small smile playing on her mouth.“I want to… No, I need to apologise for yesterday.” Thea frowned at him, “What are you talking abo
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Chapter 8
Bellamy stopped and turned to face Thea, he pulled her into his embrace and held her.Her body quivered as she tried to contain her sobs, Bellamy pulled back to look down at her. The streetlights reflected off her tear-filled eyes. “It’s not your fault, you can’t help what you are and, from the sounds of it, you gave him a better life than he ever could’ve dreamed of.” Thea shook her head, those were the same words Penny and Aggie had tried to comfort her with for the last 200 years, it didn&
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Chapter 9
Bellamy shrugged out of his leather jacket and folded it over his arm, making sure that it covered his throbbing erection. He all but sprinted to the bathroom, weaving in and out of the crowds of dancers. “Fuck,” Bellamy stared at the 3 bathroom doors before him. “Which one did she go in?” Just as he was contemplating which door to try first, a slender hand shot out of the middle door, dragging him in by his t-shirt.
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Chapter 10
Rage burned in Thea’s eyes, not at being called a bitch. She had been called far worse in her lifetime. No, she was furious at the way this tramp was speaking to Bellamy. Thea narrowed her eyes at the blonde as she ran a hand up Bellamy’s muscular arm to settle it on his shoulder, “I’m his girlfriend, and you are?” she cocked an eyebrow. It was a flat out lie but, she wanted to make this bitch squirm. The blonde’s face flushed red in anger as her hands began to twitch at her sides. 
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