The Chosen

The Chosen

By:  Janelle Davis  Ongoing
Language: English
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Every century years mates are chosen, destined to produce the Fated one - the offspring who will lead in the war between Werewolf and Vampire. Many have tried and many have failed. Death and fear dominate the two communities. Anastasia, a seer and messenger of the moon goddess foresees the Chosen, but all is not as it seems. Felicity Stone is resisting the pull of the mate bond and as a result putting herself and the world in danger, without even realising it.

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19 Chapters
The Chosen
1921 - Seer"Another fated one has denied his destiny, we remain under Vampire rule for another one hundred years."I peered into the hot liquid and ran a finger down the steaming pot, watching carefully as the ripple expanded."I fear a repeat of history, the next chosen ones give me a bad feeling, they may not be ready in time.""They have to be." I looked around for the source of the voice, but as always I saw no one. As the moon goddess no mortal ever saw her face, very few were deemed worthy enough to even hear her. "We only get one chance a century to diminish the Vampire King. If we do not succeed in the next century, we are all doomed. The Vampires will eventually rule for eternity.""But Moon Goddess-""No Anastasia! You've seen what lies ahead if we are to fail, they will wipe out the entire werewolf community one by one until we are no more...and then they will come after you." I bowed my hea
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Chapter 1
I woke up with a throbbing headache.Opening my eyes I squinted at the shrill of light attacking my pupils from my bedroom window. A yawn escaped my lips as I wiped the tiredness from my eyes.Damn, officially the worst hangover ever.I swallowed a couple of times, swirling my tongue around my dry gums to generate some saliva.Scratching my head, I unsuccessfully attempted to arrange the unruly strands, eventually allowing the unattractive mop of hair to remain.I jumped as I felt movement next to me, turning around I looked down at the blonde lying next to me, her curly mass of disorderly hair was spread across the pillow, tickling my arm. I nudged her a couple of times before she g
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Chapter 2
I froze. My breath hitched as he stalked closer towards me, so close I could feel the outline of solid muscle beneath his shirt. He growled lowly, wrapping a thick arm around my waist, his head lowering to the crook of my neck. I shivered as his warm breath hit my skin, sparking a jolt of electricity throughout my body.I gasped as his hot tongue flicked the column of my neck, his lips tracing over the trail of fire he had left on my skin. Now his hands were twirling around my hair and he was smelling me. I couldn't mirroring his actions. By now I should have made a move to stop him, but I couldn't, the feel of his lips against my skin, his body so close to mine - my mind was clouded and I felt weak amidst is touch."Mine." He whispered huskily, burying his nose into the nape of my neck and inhaling. I shrieked as I was suddenly spun ar
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Chapter 3
Jax said we were going to his pack, the closer we got to the destination the more I wanted to shatter the window and jump out."So you're telling me, my father just gave me up, to you?" I asked, utter disbelief lacing my tone.He looked at me with clenched fists, now obviously irritated by my persistence. "For the fifth time, yes he did. He didn't tell me why, he didn't say anything. He simply gave me permission to take you with me."Bullshit.My father wouldn't just give me up without at least talking to me at first. Jax must have done something, most likely threatened the safety of my pack. If he thought his threats would get me to feel anything other than hatred towards him, he was sorely m
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The Chosen
Seer"Should I intervene?""Not yet, she's still adjusting, keep in mind her young age. We can't bring this upon her yet.""But she's resisting, her family's tainted legacy won't allow her to succumb to the mate bond and give birth to the Fated.""Be patient Anastasia, we have been doing this for over two thousand years, a chosen has never failed to conceive the fated. Don't ever doubt me." The room began to shake, portraying the moon goddess' anger."Of course not, my goddess." I bowed. My heart began to pound alarmingly, the Mood Goddess was the only one who could bring out the fear I always kept hidden, without her powerful presence, I would never have been famili
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Chapter 4
I refilled the glass with my second serving of whisky, the dream had come back again. Matthew's face, his words - warning me to stay away.Since I had found my mate, Matthew hasn't left my side, he has been in my head and in my dreams, constantly reminding me of the doom that awaits if I am to give in to the mate bond."I don't think Alpha Jax will be too happy to see you drinking Luna, especially this early in the morning." A voice chided, grabbing the glass from my hand and emptying it into the sink.It was Derek's mate, it might be my warped perception but her belly appeared to be three times bigger than the last time I saw her. "Twins" She stated, as if reading my mind running a protective hand over her belly.
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Chapter 5
I flinched at the sound of glass smashing.Jax was in that room, his roars of anger echoed throughout the pack house.I sipped on my glass of wine, trying to block out his loud rants.I knew I should have been in there with him. My presence was thought to be a calming mechanism for him. The pull of a mate was definitely a life line, drawing two people and binding them together whether they liked it or not.However it was just that, a line and I would surely find a way to cut it soon.I couldn't stand it, this pack was unfamiliar and an involuntary choice. As much as they tried to make me feel welcome, some things you can't force.I watched passively as Jax stormed out of his office, the stress clear on his face. He was alone in that room and still managed to reach the peek of his temper. Alpha males were a complex equation I'd never be able to decipher.I looked on until he was out of sight, my arms stretched along the sofa casually.
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Chapter 6
I turned my face away from the sickening sight, bile rose to tip of my throat and I felt an overwhelming wave of nausea."All children must remain in their rooms, not one of them leaves until I say so." Jax ordered, all the mothers nodded vigorously before returning to their children."You too Felicity. Go to the room and stay there till I return."I shook my head. "Let me stay, I want to help."We had just been discussing the imminent danger to our pack and now it lays here right in front of us. Since last week, contact between us has been minimal, but in this moment my Luna just wanted to be by his side at all times, especially now I knew his internal fears and worries. He held my chin up with the crook of his finger. "No, it's too dangerous, I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you. Now go, please, I don't want to argue about this with you." I hated how no matter how much I voiced my position to him, he would always act like a
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Chapter 7
"But how?" I questioned, pacing around her room, baffled. It was not possible, but still it existed before me, in the palm of Maria's hand. "We used to go there about once a month, but since they tightened security in their territory we haven't been able to get close. Richard eventually became impatient and decided to go in by himself." She muttered the last bit sadly, partly angry that her mate had decided to go alone without her knowledge. "I've heard stories, but I'm not really sure how it's made, the last one was thought to have been used thirty years ago." I stared at the crimson mixture, transfixed by the power a single bottle held. These mixtures were created in order to kill vampires, working from the inside it seeps through the skull and fries the brain. The last one was thought to have been used to kill the Vampire King's son in 1987, the closest a werewolf has come to regaining dominion since a millennium. Since then no werewolf has been able to co
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The Chosen
SeerI looked frantically at the cards before me. I was gifted with the power of sight but I was not always accurate."This is very alarming. She has accepted the role of Luna with such formality and conviction. I have never seen anything like it. How could she possibility separate herself from her emotions like that, not even her wolf is powerful enough to sway her.""She is a wounded and traumatised girl, give her time." The Moon Goddess calmly responded."But her heart is so guarded, so damaged and still she has desires of returning to her old life." My eyes flashed and I took a little stumble rubbing my aching temple as I projected myself into the subconsciousness of Felicity.  
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