Ch98- Rescuing Mariane 

If you wish to find your beloved lover alive, you better look for her now. Finder’s keepers, baby.

“Who the hell send this message to you?!” Kim asked exasperatingly.

After David received those cryptic messages from an unknown number, he immediately contacted Anastacia, Geneva, Kim, and John. But since Anastacia needs to take care of her husband, Diego, Anastacia needs to stay with him. So, to get her involved in the conversation, David called her and put the phone into a speaker phone.

“I don’t know yet. But I have my investigator investigate the photo. Let’s wait for his call.”

“Do you know where to find her now, son?” Geneva asked worriedly. “If you do so, don’t worry about Jacob. I will take good care of him,” she added.

“I’m still waiting for the investigator’s report. Once we find out her location, we will immediately rescue her.”

“I want to come!” Kim volunteered.

“Are you nuts? What if something happened to you? Dr. Smith will kill me.” Mark butted in, which made Kim roll her
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