After David left her alone in the room, the make-up artists and the wedding planner came to check on her. She needs to get ready, as the ceremony at the church will start soon. The make-up artist and the hair stylist started doing their assigned job. And it was too late for her to cover up the lovebite David made on her neck.

‘Dammit!’ Mariane cursed in her mind.

“Good morning, Miss Mariane,” the crew greeted her. But they turned all their eyes on her neck that had a love bite, and they all went silent as they looked away.

Kim entered the room and was about to greet her friend when she noticed the mark.

“Good morning- oooh… Seem like someone just sneaked around.” Kim teased as she walked in Mariane’s direction.

Mariane rolled her eyes as she tried to hide the embarrassment she felt. Her cheeks were now as red as tomatoes. Kim suddenly held Mariane’s chin and tilted it sideward, which made Mariane slap her friend’s hand.

“Stop it, will you?”

But the best friend of the year grinned. “Wh
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