“Am I pregnant?!”

David frowned at Mariane’s reaction.

“Why do you look surprised? Didn’t you know?”

David looked at her in the eye trying to figure out if Mariane was telling the truth about her not knowing their pregnant. But Mariane couldn’t stand to lie to him. She bit her lower lip and winced.

“I was about to tell you after our wedding as my wedding gift, but it seems like you knew about it now.” Mariane pouted disappointedly.

David sighed. “Love, you don’t have to be disappointed. Don’t worry. I will act like I never knew about your pregnancy.” David smiled while trying to comfort his wife.

“By the way, who else knew about this matter?” she asked, alarmed.

“I haven’t told anyone yet, except for Stacey.”

“Oh,” Mariane suddenly felt sad and frightened upon mentioning the name of the person who cause her wounds in the cheek.

David held her hand. “Don’t worry about her. She said sorry and will turn herself in at the police station. I also called some reporters to clear out your name
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