Ch97 Finding Mariane

‘Where am I?’ She wondered.

After a while, his stomach suddenly started to boil. Only then did he remember that he had not eaten lunch and had only eaten biscuits in the morning. His throat was also parched with thirst. In addition to that, Mariane is no longer comfortable in the gown she is wearing because apart from being heavy, she is also starting to itch and the fabric is sagging around her chest.

Mariane tried to feel the surroundings while she tapped her foot to figure out if the floor was cement, wood, or on a road. Mariane tried to turn around the post but then she suddenly felt nervous as her heart stops from breathing when she tapped her foot and could feel nothing.

‘Why is there no floor? Did they hang me up?” she wondered.

Trembling Mariane, makes Stacey chuckle. Mariane becomes alert upon hearing the voice of a laughing woman. Just seeing her rival struggling makes Stacey happy.

“Hmm!!! (Who are you?!)” Mariane hummed as she couldn’t speak properly.

From giggling, Stacey
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