The Collateral (Possessive Mafia)

The Collateral (Possessive Mafia)

By:  ClaynelJ  Completed
Language: English
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“I own you now.” He showed the agreement paper with her father’s signature. “Your father used you as collateral to pay his debt.” This statement left her stunned. *** David Cruz is a mafia lord, and he was searching for someone he could marry right away so he could have a son to inherit all his assets and follow in his footsteps. In the most unlikely places, he finds his perfect match. Mariane Ramos was working part-time in the bar when David Cruz noticed her. To force her hand, David approaches her father and offers to pay his debts in exchange for Mariane. Will she be able to get away from this situation? Or will she be forced to marry the mafia lord?

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Ohhhh interesting.. I see some characters from the other books mentioned here.. Keep updating. Can't wait to see what happens to Marianne.
2023-04-13 07:47:22
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Delinda Schumacher
29 chapters 4-4-23
2023-04-05 03:07:31
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Would love to enjoy the story but the spelling and grammar make it impossible to follow.
2024-01-23 10:03:28
100 Chapters
Ch1 - 21st Birthday
It was dark and pouring outside when Marianne arrived at the street near their house, and she was soaking wet. Mariane noticed from the outside that they didn’t have light. At first, she thought it was just a blackout, but as she went through other houses, only theirs had no lights, which made her sigh exasperatingly.‘Oh, God. Our electricity has been cut out again. Maybe mom did not pay the bills.’ Mariane slowly opened the door entrance, afraid she might wake them up. Mariane got surprised when she saw her mother, Anastacia Ramos, holding a cupcake she bought from the mini grocery in front of their house. She chuckled when she saw the candle they always use when they don't have electricity. Anastacia put the candle on top of the cupcake and almost smashed it because it was huge enough for the cupcake.“Oh, alright… I’ll just hold it.” Anastacia chuckled. “Come here, baby. Make a wish and blow your candle.” Her mom smiled at her.She closed her eyes to make a wish. “I wish to have
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Ch2 - The Collateral
“W-what are you talking about?” Anastacia butted in. Tears pooled down on her face as she grabbed the knife from Mariane, who was still stunned. She went forward and pulled her daughter into her back. “M-my daughter… she’s not a thing that you’ll just get whenever you want. My daughter is not her father’s collateral!!! Do you understand that?!” Anastacia exclaimed, as her breathing became heavy with anger. Her hands were shaking, but she still pointed the knife toward the uninvited visitor. “You better go now before I stab this knife directly in your heart.” Gritting her teeth, Anastacia warned them. David raised his hands, surrendering. “Look here, Mrs. Ramos… I came here to inform you just for formality. But this agreement has been sealed. If you want to argue with this matter, you can talk to my lawyer. This agreement is legal and with the consent of both parties.” David explained calmly. “Parties? That’s nonsense! But what about my daughter? She should include in this agreemen
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Ch3 - The Truth
‘In my 21 years living in this world... I never thought that my life was like a movie. There are so many unexpected plot twists. And there are untold truths, and it gradually revealing.’ Mariane snorted at her thought.‘I should have written my story. Maybe there’s a chance that directors will notice it, and probably they will film my life.’ She wiped her face out of her frustration and groaned.After hearing the truth about her identity from Anastacia, Mariane ran away from their house and went to the convenience store. She bought a soju and stayed outside the convenience store where there was a table with an umbrella where you could sit and eat.Mariane needed some time to process the things she found out today. And now she completely understood why Diego didn’t look her in the eyes. And he was treating her coldly. Now Mariane was confused about what she should feel for Diego. Will she despise him? Or grateful? Or will she pity him? But maybe she'll feel the latter. It wasn't easy t
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Ch4 - “I Do”
“If it’s okay. I also have something to tell you.” Mariane abruptly said.“Oh. Alright. Why don’t we stop by at the coffee shop to talk?” He asked.David looked at his men and ordered them to get the car and secure the coffee shop they planned to go to. As soon as they arrived at the coffee shop, Marianne frowned when she noticed David’s men spread outside the said shop like they were securing the parameter for their safety. She even noticed that only the staffs of the coffee shop were there and no customers were eating in the area, which made Mariko frown.“Why are there no customers other than us?” She asked.David ordered the crew to prepare their orders as they sat in the seat.“I reserve the entire area,” David nonchalantly said, which made Mariane’s jaw drop as she looked at him in disbelief.“Why?” Mariane snorted. “I mean… Are you that wealthy to waste money just for our simple conversation?”Later, the coffee and cake that David ordered for them arrived. David asked her what
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Ch5 - David Cruz
David Cruz is the youngest billionaire bachelor in their generation. David owned different businesses, such as a five-star hotel and restaurant, one of the most famous malls in the country, and a law firm. At a young age, David managed to build his own empire, making him the most influential and popular bachelor.Aside from that, in the underground world, David was called a Mafia Lord. He also has a shark loan business. Everyone feared David because of his viciousness. He was also cunning and short-tempered. But before that, David was gentle, understanding, and sweet. But it fades away after his break up with his long-time girlfriend.David proposed to her girl. But the woman rejected his proposal and embarrassed him in front of many people. She left David while he was on his knees.David thought, ‘Maybe she was just pressured. I should have asked her hand in private.’The other day, David went to Stacey’s house. He planned to propose to his girlfriend again and will ask her hand in m
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Ch6 - “Sorry”
Mariane woke up early as she heard someone whispering as if they were talking about something and they didn’t want to let her hear their conversation. Mariane leaned her ears on the wall that parted their room from the dining.“How could you do that to our daughter? I thought you accepted her and think as your own? What happened to you, Diego? Is money really important to you?” Anastacia asked.“I have no choice, okay? Lucas wanted to kill me. Fortunately, Master David was there to save me. He paid my debts in exchange for Mariane. I don’t have a choice because if I will sign the agreement, he will kill us both. Besides, he will marry her. What’s the big deal with that? Isn’t she glad someone like David Cruz wanted to marry your daughter? We might be rich in an instant. I heard he had plenty of business, not only in this city but all over the country.” Diego informed Anastacia.Anastacia sighed exasperatingly. “What happened to you, Diego?” She shook her head in disappointment. “I don
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Ch7 - "My Queen"
Mariane woke up when she felt something wet on her hand. While holding it caused his forehead to furrow. When Mariane opened her eyes, she saw the person who caused her hand to get wet. Anastacia held her hands while silently crying.“Mom? Why are you crying?” Mariane asked. She sat up on her bed and wiped her mother’s tears.Anastacia sniffed. “N-nothing.” Anastacia’s voice broke.“It’s just that… Today, you’ll be marrying a stranger. You can not blame me for worrying you. What if he’ll mistreat you? What if he’ll abuse you?” Anastacia stated.Mariane heaved a sigh. “Mom… You already knew me. Did I let them bully me?” she asked, which made Anastacia shake her head. “So, you don’t have to worry about me. I can take care of myself.” Mariane reassures her mother that nothing will happen to her.***On the other hand, David woke up early to prepare for his reunion with Mariane. He was eating his breakfast while reading the file with a piece of information about the person Mariane wanted
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Ch8 - Mr. and Mrs. Cruz
David and Mariane were riding in a car as they were heading to the mall. “What kind of wedding do you want?” David asked suddenly, which made Mariane frown. “What are you talking about?” Mariane wrinkled her nose as if she found him ridiculous at his question. “I mean... What kind of wedding do you want? Intimate, simple, fancy? Do you want us to televise our wedding?” David asked again. Mariane laughed in disbelief at David's question. “If you ask me, it would be better if there was no marriage. And I don't want my name attached to you. If you intend to tell the world that I am your possession, then don't be. I want a quiet life. So I can walk freely.” She stated. “That is not possible, my lady. You will marry me whether you like it or not.” David sternly said. “I know. That’s why I came here with you. Because I don’t have a choice.” Mariane said as a matter of fact. “Okay then. Let’s go to the mall first to buy you clothes, then will head after to the civil registrar’s office.
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Ch9 - "Your Palace"
“Here we are. Welcome to your new palace, my lady.” David informed Mariane.Mariane couldn’t help but awe while staring at the gigantic mansion owned by none other than David Cruz.‘Wow… This guy I married is really rich. I couldn’t imagine staying at this kind of house.’ The size of this 30,000-square-meter mansion is staggering. After entering the gate, a park lawn will immediately greet you with a circular path for cars leading to the entrance. In the middle of the circle, there was a golden fountain fish design that catches Mariane's attention. Because of the light coming from the LED lights attached to the ground and focused on the fish, the fountain shines as if it were brilliant gold. “Is it made of gold?” Mariane asked, pointing to the fountain behind them.David turned to look at what Mariane was talking about. “How’d you know? Well, it was a mix of gold and cement. There’s a part of the fish that has gold. Can you guess which part of the fish has gold?” David challenged h
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Ch10 - Terms
“What do you mean?” David asked in confusion.His brows furrowed when Mariane took a pen and a piece of paper. She sat on the cushion in the vanity mirror and started writing.‘What is she doing?’ he wondered.‘Is she talking about making a contract? No. I won’t allow her to give what she wants. I should be the one who will make terms in my own house and not her.’ He thought.David stood up and approached Mariane. He stopped behind her. David’s jaw clenched when he saw Mariane’s neckline. As if he wants to ravish her neckline and make a mark on it. And that thought makes him turned on. He suddenly has a boner just by looking at her neckline. While Marian was oblivious to what was happening in her back. She finished writing down the terms she wanted during her stay in his mansion. Mariane smiled in satisfaction as she raised her hand with a paper and turned around. But she got jolted when her hand, which was holding a paper, almost hit the middle of his thigh.Mariane looked up and gas
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