3 # Planning of wedding

Author's POV 

A mobile phone buzzes.
"Varun ji, your phone is buzzing. What are you doing? Please, come fast and pick up it." Kirti yelled.
"Pick it up, I'm coming." Varun said from the bathroom.
Kirti took up the call, on screen name displayed, "Vikrant Uncle" She received, "Hello"
"Hello, can I speak to Mr. Varun Sanghvi? " The man said from other side of the phone with old and hard voice.
"Yes, please hold on." Kirti replied.
Varun rushed out and took phone from her hand, "Whose phone?" Kirti shrugged negatively.
"Hello, Varun Sanghvi here."
"Hello, Varun beta (son), I'm Vikrant. Do you remember me?" The old man asked.
"Of course uncle ji, Harman's father." Varun said with smile.
"Yes, Yes, I want to meet you, May I come at your home?" Vikrant said.
"Yes uncle, but you are living in Mumbai, right?"
"Yes, beta." Vikrant laughed.
"Then don't travel so long to Ahmedabad. I will be there to meet you." Varun said.
"Not a bad idea, but I'm already in Ahmedabad. And I want to meet you right now. What do you say? Ummm, May I come to your home now?" Vikrant asked.
"Yes, uncle ji. No need for permission and we are glad that you are coming. Come fast and join us at breakfast." Varun said.
"Okay, I'm at your door, open the door." Vikrant said.
"What? Big surprise." Varun chuckled hearing him. "I'm coming." He added.
"Kirti, please go and open the door, Vikrant uncle is waiting outside of house." Varun said while put on his clothes hurriedly.
"Who is he?" Kirti asked.
"He is my best friend Harman's father."He replied.
"Harman, who died so many years ago." Kirti thought for sometime and asked.
"Yes, that Harman's father. For now please go and open the door." Varun said.
"Okkk, I'm going." Kirti moved out of room.
She opened the door, an old man and a young boy was waiting outside. She welcomed them, "Please, Welcome." Kirti touched the feet of an old man and he blessed her, "Live long, beta." Kirti lowered her head and respected him.
They came inside and sat on the sofa, a maid came with water glasses in a tray. But the guests denied.
Varun came and touched his feet and got blessed from him. Varun sat beside Vikrant and Kirti stood behind Varun.
"How are you and your grand sons?" Varun asked.
"I'm fine, look at me. And this is the youngest grand son, named Veer." Vikrant introduced. Veer joined hands to Varun and Kirti. 
"Uncle ji, please let's have a breakfast, we will talk later about other things." Kirti said.
"We just arrive yet. We will do it later. Please let's have some talk." Vikrant said.
"Hmmm, we will talk for the whole day, but fr now, it's time for breakfast. Please." Varun forced them and Vikrant smiled. Everyone left the hall and moved to the dining hall. Nirmal and Ankita also joined them, Khushi is not at home, as she has to attend the classes from early morning.
They all had their breakfast and talked about thier businesses. When they finished, they sat again jn the living hall.
"Uncle ji, You specially came her, Ahmedabad from Mumbai. Something big reason behind it. Please share, if there any problem?" Varun asked confusingly.
Vikrant gazed at Veer and huffed, "Yes, big reason my son." He stopped for a while and said in heavy voice, "Varun, I want to see your daughter as bride of my grand son Harsh."
"Arre, uncle ji. You snatched my words. I thought few days ago, about her marriage. I decided to talk with you about It." Varun said happily with excitement.
Nirmal, Ankita and Kirti have a happy look on their faces. Kirti talked with Varun about Aaina's marriage before few days. Varun told her about Harsh, son of Harman. He is the CEO of HR group of Industries. Well settled business and rich family. Everything is perfect. But she is worried about Aaina's decision and her stubbornness.
"That's great. Where is Aaina? Can I meet her?" Vikrant asked.
"Uncle ji, Aaina's MBA exams are ongoing and she is in USA. She will arrive in India, next 5th of January." Varun informed her.
"What about Harsh?" Varun asked.
"As usual, our Prince is busy with his business. But don't worry about him. He can't refused my wish." Vikrant said.
"That sounds good. If Harsh wants to meet Aaina, he can meet when she is back. and I will give you her number, if they want to talk with each other." Varun said.
"Hmmm, not a bad idea." Vikrant said. He continued after few seconds, "I want to see them married, as soon as possible. Call the priest. Let's do it fast." 
"Yes" , Vikrant called the priest and told him to come home now.
Everyone looks happy but Kirti worries of this decision. She knows very well her daughter. 
They talked about more topics related to marriage and its planning. When Priest came and took his seat.
Every person greets him. Varun explained him everything and gave him horoscope of Aaina and Vikrant gave him her of Harsh.
The priest praised both horoscopes and said, "They are best for each other, she will be lucky charm for him and he will be lucky one for her." 
Again the wind of happiness blew. Now the time of deciding the date of marriage. The priest suggested some dates of this month. But Aaina is coming im next month. The priest said that after 31 January, there is not available of good days to next 3 months.
"No, no. I can't wait for so long, I don't when God send me call letter. I want see my grandson's wedding." Vikrant said.
"Uncle ji, please don't say like this." Kirti said in scolding way.
"Dadu (Grandpa), Bhai is going to France for some business event on next 7th Feb. And he will stay there, at least 1 month due to some business work." Veer, who was silent yet, informed his grandfather, Vikrant.
"Ummm, Panditji (Priest), is there 6th feb available for wedding?" Vikrant asked.
"Yes, available."
"Then what about 6th Feb?" Vikrant asked.
"I don't have any problem. But what about other rituals, like engagement and Mehndi, Haldi and Sangit (music) ceremony?" Kirti aksed.
"Can we skip engagement and musical night?" Vikrant asked in worried tone.
"Yes, we can do it just a hour before of wedding. Is it okay?" Varun suggested.
"Hmmm, and about musical night, we will throw grand reception party, after one month." Vikrant said.
"Okay, that's final." Varun said.
"Varun ji, we should first talk with Aaina?" Kirti said in worried tone.
"I will handle her, don't worry. She will not deny me." Varun winked.
"Destination wedding will be Goa. How is it?" Veer asked in excitement.
"Ummmm, okay but all responsibilities will be yours. Everything have to be managed by you." Vikrant said.
"Okay, Dadu, just give me orders." Verr said with huge smile.
"Then done." Varun said.
"Leave everything on me, Uncle, you just inform me abiut guests, I will manage everything." Veer said to Varun.
"Yes, sure my son." Varun said happily.
Varun looks at Kirti and said to bring Aaina's photos. Kirti gave him few photographs of Aaina. Varun writes Aaina's number behind photograph. And also send some photos to Veer's phone as it's a digital decade.
Veer also send some pics of Harsh and send some on Varun's phone. He also gave Harsh's number.
When they saw the photos, they are perfectly match for each other. Kirti smiles, she heartily wishes that Aaina should agree to marry him.
Their whole day is busy in planning of wedding. Veer and Vikrant left in the evening.
When they left, Kirti worried, "You know your daughter, she will not agree easily. Why you finalized everything?" 
"I know, but this is good for her. She has to agree. We will not tell her anything about marriage now. We will tell her to come directly to Goa. We will tell her on previous day of her marriage." Varun said with strong voice.
"This is not good, please don't do this." Kirti said.
"If Harsh calls Aaina? Then what?" Kirti asked.
"I gave him, her India's number, which is currently not working." Varun said.
Tears slipped over her cheeks, Varun wiped them with his thumb pad, "Now mother of my Dhingli just chills."
Varun hugged her beloved wife Kirti.

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