4 # Did Harsh Agree????

Third Person POV 

Veer returned with his Dadaji (Grandfather), Vikrant Rawat. They are travelling in their Rolls- Royce, Vikrant rests his back on the seat of the car. After a few minutes of silence, Veer asked, “Dadu, do you really think that Bhai will agree?”

“NO, never. I know Harsh very well, he will not agree, but this time by hook or crook, but I will do his marriage with this girl.” Vikrant replied without opening his eyes.

“You know your brother is like coconut. He hides so much pain inside. That’s why he is arrogant, someone’s love will bring him out from his sorrow. He is stubborn, he can do anything to stay away from marriage.” Vikrant added.

“Hmm.” Veer nodded his head.

Rawat family has a bungalow in Ahmedabad, after a few minutes they reached their bungalow. Veer started his planning for the wedding. He searched for the best wedding planner and other arrangements.

“Veer,” Vikrant said.

“Ji, Dadu.” Veer said.

“Listen, first make a list of guests. And don’t invite more people to marriage. I’m afraid of Harsh. And hurry up, we have to go to Mumbai and meet Harsh.” Vikrant said.

“Dadu, please take some rest. We will leave in the evening and will reach before dinner.” Veer said.

They reached Mumbai, at 8 pm. Vikrant is feeling tired but he has to talk with Harsh, so he freshened up and waiting for Harsh.

Veer and Vikrant went to the dining hall, and a sports car stopped in front of Rawat mansion. Harsh threw the key of his car to the guard and walk inside the huge mansion. He directly went to his room, Veer noticed Harsh, so they decide to wait for him.

After a few minutes, Harsh came and sat beside his grandpa. He asked, “Hii, Dadu, How was your trip to Ahmedabad?”

“Fine, and I found a girl for you,” Vikrant said while eating his first bite of food.

Harsh’s mouth remained open and his hands stopped at his mouth with his first bite. He narrowed his eyes with anger.

“Don’t glare at me. This time I’m serious and don’t you dare to deny.” Vikrant said while eating his food.

Harsh is eating his food without noticing his grandpa. He took a deep breath. They all finished their food in silence. After dinner, Harsh moved from there and Vikrant stopped him, “Stop Mr HR.”

Harsh stopped but didn’t turn to his Dadu. He is annoyed by his grandpa’s talk.

“HR, Harsh Rawat. If you will deny this marriage, I swear, you will no longer be CEO of HR Industries. We have fixed your wedding for next 6th Feb, and whatever you plan, meetings, pending works, I don’t care. I want you at Goa, on 6th Feb.” Vikrant said orderly and his voice sounded heavy.

Harsh angrily turned back and yelled, “Dadu, are you forcing me into this marriage?”

“Yes, I’m forcing you, my son. Because this is the 7th girl I found for you, so this time, you will not meet her before marriage, and even you will not know anything about her. Because every time you made silly things and girls denied for marriage.” Vikrant said.

Harsh took a deep breath and said, “Okay, I will be there on 5th Feb.”

“Bhai, are you serious?” Veer asked in with a shock.

“Yes, I’m serious,” Harsh said and moved from there.

Vikrant and Veer were looking at him with shocking expressions. 

"Dadu, don't take him lightly." Veer said.

"I know, but he doesn't know me. This time I'm serious. If he will not marry her, I will definitely snatch his power." Vikrant said with certainty.

"Dadu, I don't know but I strongly feel that we are doing wrong." Veer said worriedly.

Vikrant took a deep breath and huffed, "I know but now I'm old. No lady at our home. One lady need for him, who stands by his side and understands his feelings, his pain without telling by him."

"Dadu, if they don't meet yet, not know each other, how is it possible that they can feel for each other?" Veer asked with hesitation.

"When I married your grandma I was 18 and she was 15. I saw her after marriage, but we enjoyed our life, in fact, in my successful position, she is behind me." Vikrant said with a small smile like he is missing his wife.

"Dadu, I'm afraid of bhai." Veer became nervous.

"You prepare for the Wedding and if you really think that he will not like her, you can give him the only a photo of her, not other details," Vikrant said.

"Dadu, They both are perfect for each other. But who explains our idiot. She is so beautiful, bhai will definitely fall for her but he will accept or not, I can't say." Veer shook his head.

"Good night," Vikrant said and stepped towards his room. 

"Good night, Dadu." Veer greets and moved towards his room. He knocked on the door of Harsh's bedroom. 

"Come in," Harsh said while working on his laptop.



"Are you serious about marriage?" Veer asked.

"Have you both left any option for me?" Harsh asked back.

"Bhai, she is perfect for you. Let me show you her photo." Veer said happily and pulled his phone from his pocket.

"No, need for that, when you fixed everything,  no need to see her." Harsh angrily barked at him.

"Bhai, her name is....."

"Stop, I don't want to know anything about her." He angrily shows his palm to Veer, and cut him off.

"Sorry, bhai. Good night." Veer said and left the room.

Harsh threw so many things, around him with anger. He closed his eyes and thinking about a threat given by grandpa.

He never rejected girls, but he tricked them, and girls said NO to marry him.

"Whom he chooses for me?" Harsh thought in his mind.

"Let's see, what happened, how many days that girl and her family will not contact me?" Harsh thoughts.

"I hate marriage." He mumbled with anger.


Varun called Aaina, she received, "Hello, Pappa."

"Hello, my Dhingli. Kem the tu (How are you)?

"Fine Pappa." 

"Okay, we are going to attend a marriage on 6th Feb, so I have booked a ticket for you. Come directly Goa." Varun said.

"Pappa, is it necessary to come there?" Aaina asked.

"Necessary? It is compulsory.." Varun said and added, talk with your mummy, she is eager to talk with you."

"Hello, Aaina Beta," Kirti asked and looked at Varun, as she is requesting Varun to Low her, and tell Aaina about her wedding, but Varun nodded negatively.

"Ha (Yes), mummy."

"Beta, marriage is in our relationship. So we all have to go. I will arrange everything for you. You just come on time." Kirti said with pain.

"Okay, I will be there, mummy. You send driver only to pick me." Aaina said with a smile.

They talked more about so many things. After the call, Kirti hugged Varun and started crying. Varun consoled her, "Kirti, you know, Harsh is the best for her. You know he won the award of the best CEO of last year. He donates for orphan children and also in the old age homes. He is a good person." 

"Vikrant uncle's grandson, he is. Goodness comes in his blood. But I'm worrying about Aaina." Kirti said with a crying sound.

"Don't worry, she will accept slowly. We didn't meet each other before marriage." Varun winked. Kirti smiled at him.

"Nirmal, take your responsibilities and start planning for the wedding," Varun said with a huge smile.

All family members cheered up and start preparing for the wedding. Aaina is not here so Khushi and Kirti's work is increased by double.

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