2 # Character sketch

Aaina Sanghvi :

23 years old, pretty, smart and gorgeous girl with well maintained figure. But spoiled because of wealth and love of her father. Gave final exam of MBA in USA. She wants to live the life with her own rules. She is the only one daughter of Varun Sanghvi and Kirti Sanghvi. Her family forced her into marriage with Harsh. 

Harsh Rawat :
28 years old, smart, handsome, charming businessman. CEO of HR group of Industries. Grand son of Vikrant Rawat. Son of Harman Rawat. Who can attracts easily anyone towards him. He is best in everything, but when topic came about marriage, his views are changed. He doesn't believe in marriage because of disturbed married life of his father. Vikrant fixed his marriage with Aaina.

Vikrant Rawat : 
82 years old, still he is living healthy life. Father of Harman and grandpa of Harsh Rawat and Veer Rawat. He is chairman of HR group of Industries. 

Varun Sanghvi : 
55 years old, Aaina's father. He is among the top businessman of Ahmedabad. Kirti's husband and Nirmal's elder brother. Aaina is everything for her, his love and given freedom, spoiled her.

Kirti Sanghvi :
47 years old and beautiful lady, wife of Varun Sanghvi and mother of Aaina. She is loving and caring for her family. Having a positive attitude, but when topics come about Aaina, she becomes tense and worries fòr her.

Veer Rawat : 
25 years old, he is smart and charming cute boy. Brother of Harsh Rawat and grand son of Vikrant Rawat. He joins his family business with his brother. He is obedient and shy by nature.

Khushi Sanghvi :
23 years old, beautiful girl. She is studying in Ahmedabad. Daughter of Ankita and Nirmal Sanghvi. Cousin of Aaina. She is best friend of Aaina, as they are same age.

Nirmal Sanghvi : 
53 years old, uncle of Aaina, Husband of Ankita, father of Khushi, younger brother of Varun sanghvi.

Ankita Sanghvi : 
45 years old, Wife of Nirmal Sanghvi, mother of Khushi, aunty of Aaina.

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