37 # Udaygarh

Harsh's POV

With the rays of the sun, my sleep got disturbed. I flickered my eyes and struggled to open them.

She was sprawled on me, a smile crept on my face. I pecked on her forehead and she moved

I thought she woke up, but she snuggled closer to my chest. There were no clothes on our body. I mumbled seeing her, "I want to love you, my angel."

"Harsh, let me sleep. Stop muttering while sleeping," She snorted in a low tone, she was sounding annoyed. I cackled earing her. I saw the Arabian sea from the glass window. I checked the time on my phone. I felt she move suddenly. I asked, "What happened?"

"Aaawwww," She shouted and tightly covered her mouth with her palm to stop her shouting.

She pulled duvet to hid her nude body. I scrawled to close the distance between us.

"Can't you wake me?" She shouted.

"Why? You want to sleep, so I let you sleep," I responded while nudging my face into her neck.

"Look outside, the su
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