A reason to fight


It's been three days since we released the information to the world, three days since Mel hasn't been feeling well.

She's been staying in the bunker where we sleep and every time that we go in there she avoids me, why is that, why is she acting so weird all of a sudden.

The moment she became sick I thought... I mean my natural instinct to protect her just kicked in, and it was like how things used to be before all of this madness happened and before I found out that she wasn't even fucking human either.

I mean seriously how was I meant to react to all of this, I've known Mel since we were kids, to find out something as big as this that I didn't even know about her, how the hell had I missed it. Apparently, she didn't even know, but how do you not know something as big as this, I kept thinking over and over.

I fell in love with Mel the moment we were still kids but she was so engrossed and lost within wanting to become som

L.A Motzouris

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