Nothing could have prepared me for what I was witnessing on the monitors right now, it's been twenty-four hours since I pushed that button and I haven't been able to remove my eyes from the screens before me.

The video which Nick had perfected in compiling all my data and information together into gripping video footage of humanity's end, was no longer than half an hour long.

But it had everything of utmost importance crammed into it to pack a punch that would most certainly get the message across, and after watching the video four times I had to eventually walk away.

Right now however I found myself back in front of the large monitor screens twenty-four hours later with my jaw slack and my body completely tense, the screen showed the news channels, they were still trying to control the media by telling everyone that it was nothing more than a hoax.

Nick suddenly appeared behind me and spoke which nearly made me jump out of my skin, I hadn't even noti

L.A Motzouris

Hey- Hey guys, super sorry for not being able to have posted any new chapters. My gosh darn laptop hard drive blew a few weeks ago and I've been trying to retrieve my books off of there. I swear I'm technologically challenged at the best of times, any who... am back online with my new laptop and have retrieved my work Yay! now to start posting. Thank you for remaining loyal to The creations, it's so good to be back! Lainz ;)

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