The Creations
The Creations
Author: L.A Motzouris

First interaction

“Are you sure you’ll be fine, I mean. I could always cancel and just stay,” taking my hands in hers she smiled in a concerned manner that instantly made me feel both guilty and annoyed with how badly I actually wanted to go instead of her, but instead I quickly shook it off and composed myself with a shy smile as I shrugged,

“You’ve got to be kidding right, you go and enjoy it. You’ve been busting for this trip for weeks now, you worked hard for this, you deserve it,” I said as I faked an even bigger smile at her.

The truth was I had wanted this story more than her, and I thought I had worked harder but, I guess not hard enough. That’s what happens when you’re sleeping with the boss, perks of employment doubled with perks of pleasure, all wrapped in to one fuck fest. Lucy wasn’t a horrible person at all for doing it, she hadn’t exactly hooked up with Larry just because he was the boss of the firm, they had accidentally bumped into each other at our last office party. When I say they bumped into each other, I’m not kidding.

They literally were both coming around the sharp corner leading toward the staff toilets at the exact same time, he was coming from and she was going to the toilets. She was so busy chatting to me about this story she was covering regarding web waste as we strolled towards the loo’s with drinks in hand, that she hadn’t noticed him and well I guess you can just imagine what happened next.

Lucy ended up with her drink splashed all over the front of not only her cocktail dress but also all over Larry’s pinstripe shirt, the rest I guess you can say is history, they’ve been seeing each other for about three months now and well, not that I want to complain about her using her sex to get her the leading stories but come on, three in a row and this story being the biggest one, the one I had been working on for months.

To say that she got it when she hadn’t even put in any real effort and that it kind of pissed me off, was an understatement. But I didn’t let it show too much at how disappointed I was, in the end Larry was the one going and he needed  his leading intern journalist to go with him, it just wasn’t me because I wasn’t going to give him any.

We were both journalists at the same firm, Rockview media in the upper Washington state. We had studied together at NYU and it was there that we had become friends, dormies for two years actually.

Lucy was always picking up boys it just seemed like she had that natural flow of charisma that men found irresistible. Her natural blonde curls hanging down her lower back, her blue eyes and tanned skin all tied up with her perfect body. I get it, I was the awkward one, I had dark brown hair that also hung down my lower back in curls but my skin was allot paler than Lucy’s, I didn’t consider myself overweight at all but I also wasn’t a stick figure either.

I was definitely a few inches shorter than Lucy which in the leadership aspect I guess makes all the difference. But I had worked my ass off for this job and was incredibly passionate and dedicated about the stories I knew deep down was breaking news. This one in particular was burning hot.

 Naturally two years later both on our way to New York, we just decided it would make more sense to find an apartment together. It had worked out quite well, only a few months in our intern positions and we had become excessively hungry chasing after the same story. The creations.

No one really actually knew much about them at all, most people assumed them nothing more than conspiracy stories told by mentally unstable and eccentric fools, but the truth was the sightings were becoming more and more real and hundreds of people were seeing them on a daily basis, our own air force had confirmed the stories to be true, the Pentagon for hecks sake was leaking massive covered up information related to this exact story.

UFO’s had become a thing of the past, they were now revered to as UIP’s. I knew a rat when I smelt one and this whole flip the coin on its ass situation reeked of rodent shit. The only ones actually denying their existence were those who had too much to gain or maybe in actual fact to lose.

Lucy and I had both supplied our findings to our firm and it had been Lucy who had been given the green light to be taken to area 51 and briefed on something the government was now willing to have released to the world. This was insane, the story of a lifetime and I was stuck in my apartment eating tai food out of a paper  bowl, looking down at my noodles I just shrugged before looking up at her as she stood ready to leave with her suitcase and bright eyed grin at the door,

“Bring me back a tentacle or a piece of the space craft or something won’t you,” I had to swallow hard to try and keep my disappointment down. Smiling softly she nodded once as she sighed,

“Amelia, I never got to thank you,” somewhat taken aback I frowned,

“For what?”

“For always pushing me when we were both still studying, I would never have been the journalist I am now if it wasn’t for you,” clenching my jaw I smiled as I stared at her. The guilt returning on itself as I felt it smack me right in the face, how could I not want her to have this moment of victory, even if I had been the major contributor to this story. Lucy was the more preferred between the two of us, she had the looks and everyone was drawn to her outgoing spontaneous personality.

That was definitely not me. I was more the get down and dirty, dig for the story no matter how deep the rabbit hole goes kinda gal. I didn’t care much for the social likes as I did for the truth all the way to it’s very core.

Lucy had the story but she wouldn’t dig much, I knew that. She would gather all the information she was given and possibly if maybe, she would try and find a little something juicy as an extra, but that would be it and this story would just be another well-orchestrated agenda for the world to see via our firm.

I however needed to know more, I had information on area 51 and the Pentagon linking our whole U.S government within the White house to an FBI protection program together with the creations.

Who were the creations? They were interdimensional beings who came into and out of our world with ease and precision, they were planning something big and I was about to expose them on my own, well with the help of Jeremy off course.

Jeremy was my longtime friend and co-worker at the firm, we’ve known each other since we were seven years old, I was turning twenty in July so it’s been a hefty friendship. When he got a job at the same firm as mine I was over joyed and what made things even better was the moment that he was assigned to be my camera man, luck was definitely on my side there.

Jeremy and I had dated a bit two years ago but it just didn’t end up working out, he was more like a brother to me than a boyfriend and to be honest, being friends with Jeremy was way cooler than sucking face with him in the backseat of his car. I don’t know why but our longtime friendship just made anything intimate kind of feel really awkward, I had nearly lost my virginity to him once, it came close.

Granted I was down a couple of shots of tequila at the time and he was wasted as fuck but it just didn’t end up happening, I’m glad in a way, didn’t really picture my first time being in the photography pack room of NYU, the vomiting all over myself part definitely sealed the deal that this was not a good idea. Fast forward two years later and here we are, best friends and drinking buddies and nothing has ever felt less weird between us,

As I saw Lucy off and closed the apartment door behind me, sighing I just stood there for a moment, contemplating how I was going to leak the information I had before Lucy got a chance to ruin the story and make it out to seem like nothing but another staged government fairytale cover up.

Stop it Amelia, you can’t do that, I thought to myself. But honestly, she was going to fuck up this story and then all the hard work I had put into it would have been for nothing. It was then that I felt an earie chill wash over me, the hairs on the back of my neck immediately stood up.

I instantly turned to lock the apartment door but as I turned back to look down the brightly lit passage I noticed condensation on my breath as I breathed in the coldness, “What is this?” I wondered to myself as a frown washed over me. Slowly making my way toward the small lounge I immediately froze as there before me stood three men all dressed in earie similar looking black clothing from head to toe.

They were all strongly built the one in the middle even more so, my eyes suddenly widened as I gasped,

“What the fuck!” was all I was able to get out before turning to look back at the locked door, furrowing my brows I couldn’t understand how anyone would have gotten in here, we were on the 26th floor.

I quickly turned back to them only to find one of them right in front of me merely inches away, just staring at me with his icy cold black eyes. I gasped again as I stepped back, leaning up against the wall of the passage.

I couldn’t move, I was completely frozen in place, petrified at my very core. I noticed out of the corner of my eye the one who had been standing on his right walk off toward my bedroom,

“Hey!” I almost shouted as I turned toward him but the one in front of me instantly came forward as he simultaneously cupped his one hand behind my head between my head and my neck and the other over my forehead, it happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to defend myself.

I immediately froze and was unable to move even though he wasn’t actually touching me it seemed, it was like he had paralyzed my whole body as my head flicked back and I just stood dead still with my arms to my side looking deep into the black voids of his eyes.

I noticed the one on his left come up to him but couldn’t look away from this being who had me in a paralyzed state of fear.

“Finnish it, I’ll find something to make it look like an accident,” my eyes widened as my jaw dropped, smirking he grinned as he stared into my eyes,

“You should have kept you’re nose out of things that don’t involve you,” in that moment he opened his mouth over mine and for a split second I thought he was going to kiss me but then he started breathing me in, my eyes widened more as I felt my breath escape me and into him, it felt like he was draining me of my life and I could feel my lifeline slipping away with every second he breathed me in.

Tears welled up in my eyes and still I was unable to move.

Suddenly something changed within him, I felt it in his body language, he frowned and instantly stopped as a kind of horror escaped his eyes.

Looking into my eyes with absolute surprise placed there as his eyes took on a normal form and I could have sworn he had green eyes but then as quickly as it had been it disappeared back to the black voids I had come to fear. He instantly let go of me as I dropped to the floor somewhat conscious but not really there. I lay there able to hear but with my eyes closed,

“You didn’t end her, why?” I heard the one say,

“It doesn’t matter, she won’t make it,” The one said who had just a moment ago tried to suck the life from me.

“I’ve erased her entire hard drive, it’s completely corroded,” I heard the other one say. I wanted to respond and say something but I couldn’t speak, I lay there almost completely lifeless and I could feel myself slipping away.

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