The Devil's Angel

The Devil's Angel

By:  _a girl in blue_  Ongoing
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She Loved him with all her heart, But been a victim of his wrath. Her love for him became her scars and regret. Amara rivers is a simple and an ordinary woman with average looks. Just like every other girl in the college she fell in love with the popular guy Tristan Sanchez. She dreamt of him being in love with her just like she does, but her heart clashed when she got to know that he's her best friend's boyfriend. She didn't expect him to torture her this way for the things she hasn't done. Beating her to death and treating her as a Slut are the things which she never imagined to happen in her life. But what would happen if she gains the attention of Damian knight the most powerful and ruthless mafia. How could she deal with two powerful Mafias trying to get her. Will they ruin her or cherish her? Will they give more regrets and scars in her life or will they give their love to heal those scars. This story contains violence, abusive language and mature content. Read at your own risk.

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8 Chapters
Chapter -1 "His Loss"
Amara's povThe sky looked dangerously gloomy with all the black clouds overpowering it's naturally pleasant blue Color with black.He stood there staring at her tombstone even though the sun was about to set. He stood there still like a stone as if the time has been stopped for him alone.Watching him being calm and still is scary, his silence is as scary as the silence before the storm. She died. His love, the girl whom he loved more than anything in this world is no more, yet not even a single tear left his eyes.Even though he's calm there's something about him which made me realize that he's not mourning for her death but fuming with rage. His red eyes flared with hidden rage against someone, someone who caused her death.His clenched jaw, red eyes, veins popping out of his neck, and his irregular breathing depicts how cruel death he
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Chapter-2 "The day we met"
Three years back Amara's pov"Mom, I really told you not to do that!, I am just 20 mom! All I need is a Job after graduation not a man." I whined again not wanting to meet the person with whom my mom had arranged a blind date with."Excuse me Lil miss, when I'm 21, I already had you in my tummy." she gave a little pat on her stomach while heading towards the kitchen, and I rolled my eyes in annoyance."Come on! You don't need to go through the whole thing to get preggy.  It's just a one time- ouch Aaron!" Skyler's words remained incomplete with a smack strong smack on back of his head."Thanks Aaron! I really wanted to do that too, you know.""No mention, he is just being too loud for me to take a nap." Aaron let it out dryly while leanin
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Chapter-3 "The Torture"
Amara's pov *splash*Tears brimmed my eyes as I clenched onto the chains which were tied to my either hands just to bear the burning sensation of the salt water gracing over the cuts on my body.Blood, all I could see was blood everywhere in my radar. My vision was blurry not because of the defect in my eye sight but the cut that I've got on my left eye. I cried harder, called for help, but all my yelps went unheard.*Whip*Clenching onto the chains harder than before I tried to take the strong whip lash on my back.*Whip* *Whip* *Whip* *Whip*Even before I could handle the pain, I was gifted with numerous strikes which made my throat to get hurt from the amount of cries that I'm holding down.My blurry vision caught his neatly polished shoes which were right in front of
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Chapter-4 "Hades"
                        Author's pov "Excuse me sir!" the man called out and immediately stood up trying to gain the attention of the officer who just entered the cabin after his lunch."Ah, Aaron right!?" The officer acknowledged his presence by sighing a little as he was really getting annoyed by the guy approaching him daily. The officer purposely stayed at the canteen thinking that Aaron would leave him but his plan didn't work out."Yes sir!, Did you get any information or clue about her? I mean it's been-""We didn't get anything. And I think the case will be closed soon!"Aaron's heart just dropped into gut when he heard those words. Closed!? How can they do that?"How could you do that? She's been missing for more than a week now!
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Chapter-5 "When the Devil shows up"
Author's pov "Would you like to have some help with your bath, dear? " the one and only lady maid who looked like she was in her 60's offered to help her.But Amara just simply shook her head as a "No" in reply and glacing at the dress he left on her bed for the last time, she headed straight towards the bathroom and closed the door behind her.Stripping herself naked in front of the mirror she saw her hideous reflection looking at back at her sadly.A mocking laugh left her pale lips as she couldn't help but to pity her own pathetic looking body which was totally drowned in blood and scars. A long scar was imprinted on the edge of her left eye and which reached till her cheek bone.She is disgusted by her own self she doesn't want anyone to look at her like this, being weak and pathetic. She knew that she couldn't bath by herself but sti
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Chapter 6 "The escape"
Amara just stared at the cruel man she had ever seen in this world. Not even Tristan is that cruel. The man who stood straight with all his might and pride is no less than a walking devil."DAMIAN KNIGHT" she doesn't even want to register his name in her mind but that wasn't the case. His name got printed in her mind just like the brutal scene that happened earlier.That could be her. Every scream of that man, his tears, pain, everything. She could feel everything. How can she not!? She had been in the similar situation not too long ago. The blood which gushed out of the man's body made her stomach sick.Her insides twisted at the horrible person who stood there with a smirk and the horrific death of someone who wasn't even looking like a human, they made his death so cruel that strangers couldn't even recognize it as a human's dead body.She felt a sudden urge to throw up as she felt so sick to the core.
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Chapter 7 "The punishment"
"Sir, I'm sorry to inform but Miss. Rivers is missing."Tristan scoffed as soon as he heard one of his men who he appointed to guard her, spout the words."She's going to regret this. I will make sure of it. "Tristan mumbled as he clenched his fists into balls.On the other hand Amara just kept walking through the deserted alleys one after the other. Not only the alleys, the streets were pretty deserted too. She's afraid, she recalled Katherine saying to beware. She said to protect herself when she encounters danger, in which she was likely to get into. The place was wholly owned by mafia and therefore small gangsters would be present here and there. Moreover her revealing dress wasn't helping her at all.She was walked through the dark streets with a deadly silence accompanying her, her heart beat quickened matching the rhythm of her heels but soon she ran hearing footsteps behind her. H
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Chapter 8 "Forced by him"
Author's povOpening her eyes slowly, Amara woke up while clutching onto her throbbing head. Her head was hurting like hell not only her head but her body too. She shook her head strongly with an intention to shake off the pain but alas, she didn't succeed. As she sat straight leaning against the headboard, she looked around observing her surroundings.The walls were painted classic black giving a rich look to the entire room. Everything in the room was dark and black but still it wasn't that gloomy. Taking the duvet off her body she stood straight frowning, she's confused. Why wasn't she dead already? She could say that she has been treated in the meantime with the little bandages on her as an evidence.Her breathe got stuck when a big picture frame caught her attention. It was attached to the wall right above the headboard. It was Scarlett, and now she knew whose it could be. Her body sh
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