The Ends of in Between

The Ends of in Between

By:  dainna  Ongoing
Language: English
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A lost soul summoned to relive the body of a dying woman finds herself in a quest of unraveling the secrets of her true identity. But what if she finds out that she is only existent in someone else's mind? Retrace the path you've taken. Don't let your mind betray you. Decipher the mystery. This is the life after death story of Lenore.

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Jheryll Gabato Torrejos
The story is very interesting and well-written,looking forward for the next chapters?????
2020-10-12 20:46:01
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Angel Faith Pologon
A mysterious novel that could catch everyone's attention. Indeed well written by a talented soul, hoping you'll keep on doing your passion ?
2020-10-08 16:32:42
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Labin Ronemar Vincent
Good story, very catchy to the reader, and exciting
2020-10-08 14:28:23
user avatar
Aubrey Sage Marie Toledo
2020-09-29 01:53:36
user avatar
Hannah Aubrey Mantilla
♥️♥️♥️ the content is catchy...waiting for more chapters ?
2020-09-13 18:56:45
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nana ya
It was explicit and well written <3 Hoping for more of Alexandra chapters and how the souls we're switched in between leonore and the said girl ^_^
2020-09-05 18:28:21
21 Chapters
1. Leonore
The musty-sweet smell of decaying leaves lingered in her nose, luring her with its unnatural and bewitching fragrance.Leonore was half awake and half asleep, yet her eyes were closed still. She could hear the smooth rustling of the leaves, however, even with eyes closed, she could distinguish the fresh fallen leaves from the withered and rotten ones.It was the way they were released into the air; the way they were propelled in a dreamy and lackadaisical manner heightened the main difference. The fresh fallen leaves go freely with the air, but the withered leaves were stubborn.Some of them remained tenacious on the ground, adapting already with their decomposing spirit. Some fly a little along with the air trying to make the most of their remaining time before they become part of the soil once again. Yet some create their own motion with the air, refusing to dance following the choreography of the wind, withdrawing themselves into complete harmony with the green leaves, resenting the
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2. Theodore Luis
Theodore Luis de Vega was the only son of Sally and Jose Manuel. As a child, he had all the wealth and fortune of being the sole heir of their properties. But he was feeling unhappy, for behind the shining and magnetizing prosperity of their clan, lurks a secret of abuse and maltreatment.His father was the former town mayor, and her mother died upon giving birth to him. Theo was born prematurely. He had developed an antisocial personality for being locked up in their mansion. He wasn't permitted to go outside because of his delicate condition. So he spent all of his time growing up roaming around their enormous and luxurious mansion."Manang Luz, can I have a stroll outside please? I'll not reach far off the lawn.""Okay, young master," Manang Luz smiled a dearly smile of old people, "would you be on your wheelchair, or--?""I'll be on my feet, Manang Luz."The boy beamed a rather determined and flamboyant smile. This was for the reason that Theodore's legs couldn't support him so he
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3. Leo and Theo
The look on her face wasn't certain of what is happening. Like someone who had just been woken up only to find out that the world had self-destructed.Leonore was hardly recollecting pieces of her just earlier after her dream. She does this every time, just to get a grip of reality, and her existence whom she barely knew and felt. Yet, this man would just abruptly show up out of the blue claiming that he knows everything that she's been missing. What is he, an angel? Or a reaper? She doesn't know. But what she only knew was that this man deserves a chance to speak up. After all, she felt a connection between them, even before the guy revealed who he was. "Wait up, you must be mistaken. Sally de Vega doesn't have a grown-up son. She's only pregnant and that will be her first child." "And that is me."The guy plainly remarked with a slight smirk. Leonore narrowed her eyes at the small lift of Theodore's lips. She felt a boiling exasperation in her insides."Don't play games with me, m
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4. Theo is awake
There were rapid and swift movements of the people in white uniforms. They exchanged glances of hurry and worry like there had been an emergency of life at stake. But inside this white-walled four-cornered ward, there was more that mattered, there was a heavy amount of hope for someone who'd been asleep for two years.Theodore Luis was now awake after two years of being in a still trance.Everyone was very cautious with their every move. Breaths withheld, mouths shut in silence, eyes fixed on the monitor. Yet there was only one person in the room who had closed eyes and bowed head, whispering soft orations of the Virgin Mary. It was Nana Lucia."Ma'am..."The doctor called after Nana Lucia. He was a tall middle-aged man, with a well-built body yet there was the evident degeneration of his skin. The old lady looked up."...all his vitals are good. Well keep him in a close monitor for any progress. This has to be a miracle ma'am. Theodore had been very brave." Nana Lucia smiled."He wa
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5. Summoned to life again
The sky was dark. The stars appeared like faint grains of light. They were fogged mostly by the thick rain clouds. The breeze was becoming chilly. Slowly it blows off the wind that would send off goosebumps on anyone that would pass.Little spatters of rain touches Leonore's face. She was woken up by it and felt numb by the so much pain from her back. It felt excruciating. The back of her head was cracked. She tried to move her arm and reached her head. The blood had dried, but there was a portion as she had felt was still bleeding, blood was spurting from a little hole made along with the crack.Leonore tried to put pressure on her palm to the hole. It was very agonizing. She felt nauseous and dizzy with the sensation. Her tears added mist to her eyesight causing her vision to get blurry.She tried to picture out her position. She was lying down, head on the gutter. The only way for her to stand up is to bend her body upwards.She made a try of it, but she screamed for pain. Her back
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6. To whom this body belonged
Leonore tried very hard to process what had just happened. Her body was lying flat on the ground, lifeless. Her eyes were wide open, a picture of shock was on her lifeless face.She felt pity and remorse gazing down on her dead body.But what she didn't understand, she was feeling very much alive. She was in the body of the woman who just approached her for help.Leonore examined the body. It was petite, thin and slender and had a very small waistline. It wasn't that far from her original body, but this feels very light. Talking about the youthful body it is.She cupped the body's boobs, it was way bigger than hers. "My, what great body this is."Leonore uttered in amusement. She couldn't help it. She sort of have a fetish for boobs, it somewhat arouses her.She also noticed that her voice had changed. It was thin and a little bit husky. Leonore wished to find a mirror. She wanted to have a clearer look on the body's face. Though she has seen it, it wasn't that clear for her because h
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7. Ripened Youth
"She doesn't belong here. She's a freaking slut.""Let's do something that will make her get out of here."Alexandra Dorias didn't know her parents. She grew up in a shelter for abandoned children that was run by nuns. The shelter was said to be a school. The owner, Ramon Peridrino Sr., donated the building to the church in return he wanted it to be modified and made useful for the children who cannot afford to go to school. This was his will before he died. His family migrated to the States thereafter, and the building was taken care of by the nuns. The shelter was sort of a learning facility and a dormitory for the abandoned children. Children who are left in front of the church, who have negligent parents, who are orphaned, who are left alone in the trash, are all rescued and nurtured in the shelter. Alexandra didn't know where she belonged in the said categories. She has no idea of her birth and her parents.It was not until she confronted Sister Helen, the nun very close to he
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8. Chrysalis Effect
Alexandra was surprised by what Amelia had told her. It was not something that is just made up by a nine-year-old. On top of that, Amelia was a strong ally of hers, and she has faith for the little girl.There was evident sympathy and worry in the eyes of the little girl. Alexandra noticed tears slowly covering Amelia's eyes. "Okay, Amelia sweetheart, you don't need to cry. Ate Alex can protect herself. If Eloisa and her girls are planning to hurt me, I can assure you that they can do me no harm. They will not succeed with their bad deeds. Okay? Don't worry now Amelia.""I'm just so sad Ate Alex. Why would those girls do something bad at you? You are a good person and you don't deserve that." Alexandra felt emotional with what the little girl told her. She didn't reply, rather she hugged Amelia and gently brushed the girl's hair for comfort.It was at that instant that Alexandra felt tears fell from the corners of her eyes. She cried in silence, cautiously avoiding Amelia to notice h
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9. Metamorphosis
She walked onto the center of the stage and bowed. She walked towards the piano and started playing Clair de Lune, hitting every key right on tune.The auditorium was filled with lovely classical music, and every person in their seats are devouring the sweet mystifying effect of the song.But the young pianist is feeling a bit off despite the beautiful melody she is producing. Alexandra felt a heavy contraction in her loin. And all of a sudden, there was a long and steady cramp that concentrated in that area. The pain was pricking and deafening.For ten agonizing seconds, Alexandra kept still of the pain and managed to continue playing smoothly. She cannot risk spoiling the beautiful classical music that is now in the middle of cradling and serenading the audience.She mentally asked herself,"What the hell is happening?" The auditorium was dimmed, and the only light that shone was coming from the spotlight centered on Alexandra.She didn't worry about leaving her eyes off the keyboa
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10. Framed
She rushed back to the dormitory to put her things in her room, and also to secure the letter. But she was called by a familiar voice behind her. She looked back and saw Sister Helen smiling in her direction."Sister Helen, what happened? I cannot find you anywhere. And Sister Marny told me that you were called out by Mother Superior.""Nothing, Alex. Mother Superior and I had a little chitchat. And, it's personal so don't ask about it."The nun smiled mischievously to Alexandra as if to provoke her to get frustrated. Alexandra doesn't like that. She knew her so well. But the nun was surprised when Alexandra just nodded plainly at her. She was expecting that she'd throw her rants or insist herself know. But she didn't."Sister Helen..."The young lady breathes in deeply."I have prepared my letter, already. About your promise?"Alexandra flickered her eyelashes to appear cute. She does this all the time when she asks for favors.Sister Helen smiled wryly."Okay, give it to me. I'll giv
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