The Extrovert Weds The Introvert

The Extrovert Weds The Introvert

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When a certain situation leads Diva Adler and Blaze Hudson into a church, where a mass wedding ceremony was taking place, the last thing they expected was to get married. Diva Adler is a talkative girl who always remains happy. She is an optimist who can point the best out of the worst situation. She can’t stay quiet even for a few minutes. She prefers to make everyone a part of her life. Meanwhile, Blaze Hudson is a young bachelor who started his own business. He is usually quiet, and only talks when absolutely necessary. Before looking at the bright side, he looks for any negative ramifications. He is a pessimist and prefers to keep his life private. She loves chaos; he loves peace. She is chirpy; he is silent. She is an extrovert, while he is an introvert. What happens when they are tied together through an unexpected wedding? What happens when The Extrovert Weds The Introvert?

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43 Chapters
Diva Adler was sitting in a bakery on Church Street, stuffing her face with her favorite chocolate pastry. She didn't dare to look at her phone as she needed a break from editing the articles, all of which were due tomorrow morning. She didn’t bring her laptop to the bakery. It was in her office, and she didn’t intend to go back."
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 Diva’s feet ached as she fell into a chair, out of breath. The church was great and admirable.
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 Diva was confused when her lips met Blaze's. Why out of all the brides was he getting married to her?How did something like this happen to her?
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As if God heard Blaze's prayer, Vyan opened the door and got into the car. He handed a phone with a minions phone cover to Diva before starting the car once again. "This better be your phone," he mumbled.Words couldn't express how embarrassed Vyan felt holding that phone in his hand.
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 The morning rays hit Diva’s pale face, which caused her to roll over the bed in annoyance, mumbling some incoherent words in her sleepy state. All of a sudden, her eyes flung open at the shrill ringing of her cellphone.
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"You're a lifesaver, Lina! I don't know what I would have done with you. Thank you!" Diva exclaimed as soon as she got into the car.After Blaze abandoned Diva in the parking lot, Diva called her best friend, Lina Stephens, to pick her up. Usually, she went to the office with Lina as they lived together, but now that she was married, they coul
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 "I'm so excited. I’ve watched and edited a bunch of interviews for our magazine, but this is the first time that I'll be interviewed." Diva was fully pumped up for her interview with Blaze.Blaze just rolled his eyes
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 Blaze looked at the caller ID once again before he picked up the call.As soon as he picked it up, his mom spoke, "Blaze Hudson! What's all this about? Why did you get married in a mass wedding? What is wrong with you? You
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 While Diva was at her grandma's place, busy executing her top-secret mission, Blaze was attending an important conference."Good morning, Mr. Hudson. Thank you for giving us your time," greeted the project manager of Megam
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 Blaze’s head continued to pound as he entered his mansion. As he was about to walk upstairs to reach his bedroom quietly, Diva hollered from the main doorway, "I’m back!"All of a sudden, Blaze was grateful tha
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