The First Girl

The First Girl

By:  Maia  Ongoing
Language: English
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She was the first girl. In the all boys boarding school. And also happened to be placed with the demon himself. After being blamed for her father's death and her mother's drug addiction, her mother decides to send her off for good in a boarding school. Due to some mistakes in the gender part and no placement available in girls school, she was placed in Oaklawn Academy, the all boys boarding school. She expected there will so much awkwardness, she will be made fun off, no one will be friends with her, she will be embarrassed and bullied, everyone will judge her and what not. However, she didn't expect to fall for the demon. Oh but she did. She fell hard. Little did she know, the demon loves her as well. Watch this story unfold as the angel and the demon both experience their first love. TRIGGER WARNING : Mentions and descriptions of abuse, slight eating problems, and may contain a little violence. This the only tw alert and will be none inside the novel. -------------- "But I have always love you angel, since the moment I laid my eyes on you in the elevator as you sneaked glances of me thinking I didn't notice but I did, I noticed each and everything, every silly little thing you do and everything you say. I am absolutely and utterly in love with you Angel and only you. You're my first love and will always be" ------------- My Socials Fb : Instagram : @_maia_june_

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Lisa Allsopp
loved this story. is there more to it? or a 2nd book?
2023-05-26 05:26:04
user avatar
Love this story so far!! ......... Please update it soon ......
2021-10-19 05:29:58
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Meethi Uikey
I love this story so much please make the rest story interested
2021-09-01 00:36:35
user avatar
Meethi Uikey
I love this book please make the rest story. more interesting
2021-09-01 00:35:56
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Ana Khan
omg i m in love with this Author's book, she is super talented, both her books are absolutely awesome! she is super talented and this book is so lovely and amazing! 💖
2021-07-11 21:02:35
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Debbie R Clancy
I love it she’s so innocent and the only girl in an all boys school but I dislike her mother for treating her like this I’ll rate this book with 5 stars...️
2021-08-30 10:05:18
33 Chapters
C H A P T E R - I
"I'm so fucking tired of your worthless ass!" My mother screamed coming up to me where I was cleaning in the kitchen and held my arm tightly in a fierce grip. I tried hard not to flinch and make her even angrier. But it was of no use since she was angry all the time anyways.  "W-what happened?" I don't stutter, but I can't help it around her, her presence alone made fear establish in my bones and be scared. Was this normal? To be this scared of your mother? She let go of my arm and picked up the glass I just washed and smashed it onto the wall behind me, Woah, easy there lady.  "I had to spend my fucking money on your fucking school fees that I could've spent on my beer" She seethed in anger. She was furious, her eyes were bloodshot, her greasy black hair fell over her pale face and her lips quivered. That always happened when she didn't get her drugs on time. She was a fudging addict! I sh
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C H A P T E R - I I
263 D, East Swing, 3rd Floor.  This was my destination, where I was going to be living for my Senior year.  But I had no frickin idea how the heck was I supposed to reach there in the first place? I looked at my map again and it taunted me for being stupid for not even understanding the simple direction. It has probably been like an hour.  And to make matters worse there wasn't even a single soul insight that I could ask for help. Or maybe it was for the best? This all is giving me time to prepare for the inevitable. I don't know how will I handle all the awkwardness and embarrassment. Roaming around pathetically, I immediately brighten up when my eyes saw the 'East Swing' sign and danced happily in my head. I rushed towards the sign and stopped when I saw an elevator. Oooooh, I have never been inside one. I don't know how to work this big box, was
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C H A P T E R - I I I
My peaceful and deep slumber was disturbed when I felt a continuous poke on my arms and face. I furrowed my eyebrows and heard a loud shriek. Eh, it was nice till it lasted. Yawning, I rubbed my eyes and stretched my arms a little behind my back. This was the best sleep I've ever had. I opened up my eyes and jumped when I found a face too close for my liking. My eyes widen and I crawled backward picking up a pillow and putting it in front of me as a shield. The energetic boy that resembled a puppy stared at me with wide blue eyes and an open mouth and I saw Elijah staring off into space laying on his bed crossing his arms behind his head. "Is-is- t-that...i-is that a Giiiiirrrrlll?" The puppy boy stumbled upon his words screeching and he said the word 'girl' like it was some sort of disease. I blinked up at him and he broke out in a wide teeth-splitting grin. "I can't believe we'
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C H A P T E R - I V
I gasped when I looked at the bathrooms. The toilets were in a line of cabins, and sinks and stuff like normal washrooms. But the problem was the showers. They were all in the open! There weren't even curtains! There were just walls upon walls, how am I going to shower with all the boys! I bit my lip nervously and my eyes welled up with tears.'WEAK!' I heard my mother yell at me in my head.Elijah looked around and then his eyes widen when he saw my eyes."Hey, hey, it's alright, I brought this blanket for a reason, don't worry ok? We'll request the principal to put a door or something for you" He rubbed my shoulders softly and gave me a comforting smile. He held concern in his eyes and that made me feel weird.I have always had hate, anger, disgust, and all the bad and stinky emotions directed at me but never the good ones.Nodding my head timidly, I stepped inside the shower and he pulled up his large blanket coveri
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C H A P T E R - V
I gasped in horror as the water dripped down Elijah's hair and his clothes onto the floor. He gritted his jaw and clenched his fist, I could feel the anger radiating from his.Was he now about to go all hulk mode on us?Just as I was about to jump out the window, he did something really unexpected. He picked up the paint tube and squirted it all on Nate who squealed and ran around but Elijah ran after him squirting it all over Nate. I laughed loudly but my laughter died down when Nate picked up another paint tube and started to squirt on me. I shrieked and picked up the tube and bent down hiding underneath the table. Poking my head out, I peeked at both of them who picked up the tables and used them as shields and occasionally throwing paints and water at each other. There was silence for a few seconds. "I'm gonna fucking kill you" Elijah grumbled hiding behind the table while Nate
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C H A P T E R - V I
I paced back and forth, nervously biting off my nails as I waited for Elijah. It was morning now, and he still wasn't back! What if he is in some sort of trouble? What if someone kidnapped him?But I kicked that thought out of my brain because Elijah was a beefcake! No one would even have the guts to think of kidnapping him because he'd scared them off with his one emotionless blank look.Do I search for him? Ew, no, that'd make me look so clingy.But wait a minute, why the heck in chicken tenders am I even thinking about him??! I have so many other productive and important things to gather all my books from the library and talk with the principal about the bathroom issue.Pulling up my big girl britches, I tightened up my ponytail and left the room after picking up my key and safely putting it in my pocket. Yesterday, Nate was here before I even woke up, what happened today? Did I scare him off with my weirdness
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C H A P T E R - V I I
"What happened?" I blurted out curiously not thinking about how annoying that probably made me seem."I got mugged on my way here by some guys but I beat them all" I gave him a wide smile and patted his thick bicep."Woah, that's so cool" I gushed in excitement and I waved my hands around. I have always wanted to get involved in a fight.Elijah raised his brow, his lips twitching upwards in a smile but he hissed in pain at his knuckles and cheek. My eyes widen when I thought about the mini first aid kit in my bag. I ran back to where I carelessly threw my empty bag and took out a mini kit from a hidden compartment.This has become a habit, I guess, to carry a kit with you everywhere in case your wound opens up, you never know.Elijah raised his brow-yet again- when I brought up the kit to him."Do you want to do it yourself or I can do it for you?" I suggested him with a small smile and he nodded his head offering his hand to me.Havi
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C H A P T E R - V I I I
Gulping nervously, I pulled on the skin off my nails and tried my best to stop from shaking, I couldn't help but think of every worst outcome possible.Ugh, my stupid brain!I wanted to be brave, confident, and strong but we don't always get what we want so I'm stuck here nervous as Satan's home!Nate tried keeping the environment light by cracking jokes here and there occasionally making fun of the way Elijah walked, I was grateful for the effort but it did nothing to ease the nervousness and anxiety I was feeling.Before I could hyperventilate and die of heart failure, I felt my hand being encased by a large warm hand and tightly clutched, my breath hitched and I looked up to see Elijah gazing at me with soft comforting eyes. I stared deeply into his dark hazel eyes finding them warm and soothing. I felt my whole body and heart calm down and my breath got normal.Huffing I closed my eyes focusing on Elijah's warm hand rubbing circles on my hand,
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C H A P T E R - I X
The days passed by in a blur and soon it was Monday as I get ready for the first day of my senior year. I haven't felt this happy and laughed so much in years. It felt nice and lovely. I never wanted this feeling to go away, I wanted it to remain in my heart forever.Elijah was, yet again, not here when I woke up. His side of the bed was empty when I woke up so I assume he went to where he went the night I woke up. My mood faltered slightly but I didn't let it ruin the mood entirely so I put on a strong big girl facade ignoring how I was crippling inside.I pouted as I tightened the belt around my waist all the way to keep it from falling but it still did nonetheless. The school didn't provide girls' uniforms because it was a boy's school duh. So I had to wear the boy's one but I was thankful for it. I'd hate to be the odd one out at least this way, it'd help me mix up with them.But the problem was, that even their smallest size was big for me it was way too bi
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C H A P T E R - X
"Lara Bear" Nate whispered, his voice dripping with concern and worry and I swallowed down all my tears and memories. I was fine. I was ok. I was strong."I'm extremely sorry...I-I didn't know..I'm so sorry" Nate stumbled upon his words cupping my cheeks and I tried to ease his worries by giving him a fake smile."You have nothing to apologize for, I just got nervous, I'm fine," I said convincingly and Nate engulfed me in his bear hug for the second time, me hugging him back. I liked being hugged. It felt nice and warm."I'm so sorry Darlin, I shouldn't have shouted at you", I shook my head and paused his sentence."It's fine Nate, it's all fine," I said hopefully convincing him and shot him a genuine grin.Nate finished making my tie and then laughed at how adorable I looked. His words not mine and he continued pulling my cheeks. We both got startled as the door slammed open and we both screamed a little making the person shout at us to shut the f
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