The Forbidden Reverse Harem
The Forbidden Reverse Harem
Author: Yukides


"Stop, Nick. We're at school!"

It was thrilling. It was exciting.

The story of my Harem was like none other.

It was with my beloved stepbrothers, all older than me and so, so handsome. How did we wind up in this fatal situation?

Should I ever stop this?

I'm his step-sister!

"Nick, stop it. Please."

"Shut up." Kissing me outrightly, he is hell-bent on snatching my breath away this morning. Nick is the third youngest of us six siblings. While my five brothers are heavy on social media, the people barely know that Framton Johnson has a daughter as well.

I didn't come out to the public yet.

There was a chance to do so when we turned fifteen. Louis Johnson is our oldest sibling, my favorite sibling. He started the trend to come out to public— by choice, because papa kept us hidden from the dangers of the world till then.

Being the youngest, I got the taste of the bitterness this world had to offer to us.

We were the God damned Johnsons,

The richest family of businessmen in the world.

Back to the scenario where my stepbrother Nick is holding me so tight, screwing me like no tomorrow and filling his loneliness with my presence, I'm reminded about Alex. He's the second oldest sibling, yet sharing the same class as the three musketeers— Nick, Dan and Zayn.

Alex is someone who is desired by the entire girl species of the college. It is as though he had enticed them with his sparkly blue eyes and his incredible sense of sarcasm and humor which not only drives the boys away but brings all the girls to their knees.

I am his substitute, however, because he has a side chick named Ravine. Exclusively for the captain of the football team.

Ravine is your High School's typical queen-bee aka top cheerleader. And our high school was one of the biggest attractions of the country; it was the Jugo League. A large ass campus spread across 90 acres and boy was it tiring to walk around.

It's not that I've got a lot of friends, but who knows? I'm just the right girl that the kind of boys need.

Especially, my step-brothers.

Throwing my head back at the little pushes of his hips against me, I bite down on my lip.

"Don't do that..." I hear him say.

"D-do what?" The pleasure snatches my sanity away as I whisper back in stutters.

"Don't fucking bite your lip when that is my duty to do so." A shy smile takes over my thin lips as I bring my head back to look at him.

"Then fucking do it." I challenge him in the most satanic whisper I could breathe out. He breathes my moans, does me against the cubicle, and replies to every little thing my body needs.

That's why the oh-so-nerd of the Johnson Family brothers is my favorite to jump on.

"Fuck, I'm close Cassie." He lets me know in my ear. Just then, we hear a group of guys bellowing about their defeat against their football rivals.

"Stay quiet." Mouthing to Nick, I begin kissing him softly, trying to reduce our lip-smacking sounds of ours. He quickly fills me up, harder than ever while I take in deep breaths to calm myself down.

"Fuck..." whimpers, shaky breaths, and sweaty bodies still rubbing against each other. That was something I was used to since months of being adopted by the Johnsons.

"Man, someone's inside. I see three legs!" A guy 'discreetly' says. Eyes bulging out of my skull, I bite down on my lip and look at Nick who adjusts his glasses and slowly puts my leg down which was cramped as hell by now.

"Nick?" The overgrown voice of a boy makes our eyes as wide as footballs.

"Don't fucking speak." I warn him, because if 'he' gets to know that 'we' were having fun in the cubicle without him, then I shall be doomed.

We stay until everyone walks away and leaves us alone, alas.

What did I expect?

As soon as I open the door of the cubicle, fresh air greets me as I sigh. I wash my hands and look back at Nick who was nudging his shirt back inside his jeans and zipping it up.

"I'm late for my class." Saying that I walk away in a quick motion because I don't want to get caught creeping out of the boy's washroom.

"Ah!" The shriek comes out of me like a duck quacking in fear.

There he was, Alex, towering over me as he grabs me by my wrist. His leg is folded and his foot makes an imprint on the cream wall behind him. No one dared to complain about him.

He was the baddest of them all for a reason.

"Was that Nick?" He asks with a mellow voice. The fear is fully evident in my eyes and my head nods on its own. I had no other reason to lie to him, especially when the brother walks out.

'Perfect timing.'

I see Alex raise his eyebrow when his brother smirks and winks at me deliberately.

Oh lord. The trouble is as deep as he just plummeted into me a few minutes ago.

"No, Alex. Listen to me-"

"No. You listen to me, Cassie. You broke the rule. Today you're supposed to be mine. Now, after the practice, I'm going home and I wish to see you on all fours by 2 pm, on my bed. Lock the door and you know the code. Don't make me angry this time, you got that?"

Today I needed Nick to be inside me and I fulfilled that one just now.

To be filled with the Dick of Nick again will be an honor for me as I play innocent and nod at him.

We part ways, a smirk built from excitement on my thin lips as I walk away.

First class for the day: English.

Only I know how much I hate the subject not because of the knowledge but because of the damned teacher.

She is none other than the renowned ex of Louis, The great ruler of the Autoc Empire. I have no other words to advertise him with than 'great ruler', because he deserves that title to his name. I've never seen a more professional and formal boss in my life. Not one novel I've read ever explained the clear picture of a rich, successful CEO's life. And yes, we as siblings were all present at his big days of his life so far.

Louis and Ms. Denver have had one of the most dynamic relationships I've ever seen. However it was short lived.

Last year, I turned eighteen and that day our father hosted one of the biggest parties ever, but in private as Sharon was invited as well. But Louis broke up with her on the same day...and she immediately came to blame me for her fate. I always knew she enjoyed the royalty of being with Louis, but I wasn't the one who was a reason for their break up.

But...who knew someone's petty revenge would cost me not one, but two lifetimes' worth of misery?

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Not me blushing at the first chapter myself. THE AUTHOR! Maybe it's because it came out just as I pictured in my head kukukukunyny

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