Chapter 15


Third Person's POV

"Ooh, what's that?" Prince Arquen The fourth Prince of Umea Kingdom asks himself upon seeing something that catches his attention like a small little child.

"Ohh what is this mister?" Prince Arquen asks, holding a glowing flower.

"Oh, this?" The salesman said and Prince Arquen nodded innocently.

"This is a sunflower that only glows when the sun is up. This flower can only be found here in taura" the salesman said. Prince Arquen got amazed and ended up buying two to himself.

"How about this white flower here?" Prince Arquen ask again the salesman curiously,

"Ah...this one is a moonflower, this flower only glows when the moon is up, this glows like the light of the moon" the salesman explained happily. And Prince Arquen got amazed again and bought three for himself. "Wow...the taura kingdom is so wonderful and so amazing, so many incredible things to see and to discover. I am glad I decided to come to check this kingdom out today," Prince Arquen said, wa
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