Chapter 16


Third Person's POV

Princess Eruvelliel landed here at the center of the dark forest, it's their secret place where they usually hanging out or training ground

"where u at bitch?" Princess Eruvelliel mumbling

And a glowing big white wolf appeared

"There you are, as always, the glowing bitch at night" Princess Eruvelliel teasing her friend, Princess Arphen

"oh hi eruvia! Such a gorgeous dragon, and who's the ugly bitch (points at Princess Eruvelliel)?" Princess Arphen in sarcasm tone "it's too dark in here and I Can't see her ugliness"

"sup bitch" Princess Eruvielle threw a fireball at her but she dodged it without a flinch

"fuck you Vrany! I was just joking and you seriously threw the fireball at my beautiful face" Princess Arhpen whines Princess Eruvielle just smirks teasingly.

"hey, Vran (sigh) I've got a problem" worriedly said

"spill" Princess Eruvelliel shortly response

"it's about this arrange marriage thing"

"so? What's the problem?"Princess Eruvelliel ask "we were
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