Chapter 14



Third Person's POV

"you think you can defeat me, Brother?" (First Prince) Prince Elrohir said arrogantly to his brother (Second Prince) Prince Firion

"Ahmmm obviously I'm more than faster than you Bro, So... Be prepare for your loss hahaha," the prince said with an evil laugh

"well I'm the smartest, we'll see about that, lil brother" Prince Elrohir proudly said

And they started their sword fighting,


"What are the princes doing?" King merlohier ask in a cold tone

"The first prince went to practice his sword skill together with the second prince, your majesty and the third prince his...umm...his..." the servant can't speak the last words about what the third prince was doing.

"He is sleeping with some random girl again (headache) what would I do with him...and the fourth prince?" The king asks to know his third son so well.

"Umm, the fourth prince is nowhere to be found inside our kingdom, your majesty" the servant truthfully delivered.

"I see him out again...(deep sigh) " king Merloheir said, having a headache early in the morning.

"Dear take it slowly alright? Don't think about it so much..." Queen Renia said beside his husband to the throne.

"Shut up!, If you just raise our sons to be obeyed one then I wouldn't have to worry like this!" The king said angry and the queen felt helpless and useless and shut her mouth up and didn't know what to say.

King Merlohier excised his servant.


In this room, Prince Handir came In and there were 10 virgin girls lined up side by side naked.

Some of them are whimpering and others don't

"Is this all of them?"

"yes, your highness (bows)" the royal servant answered the 3rd Prince 6

The Prince look at the 10 girls and he checking out every inch of their body one by one

Some girl getting shivers in terror or sexually as the prince look

He smells the tall girl's hair

The prince picked the tall girl it has pale white skin with perfect curvy body

"Leave us alone" the prince coldly said staring at while

The royal servant quickly leave with the unpick girls as the prince told him

And Prince Handir started putting his kiss roughly at the tall girl's neck down to the boobs

"mmmhhh... "

"ahhh~" the girl moaned as the prince keep biting the nipples.


"bro...why brother Handir always behaves like a maniac," Firion asks concern.

"Just don't interfere with his personal life. Firion is better this way(deep sigh) getting involved will only make things worse so you should stay put and just watch" Elrohir said and firion on in understanding and continue on their sword practice.


"Ah~! There ah! Yah~...Yes~! I lo-love you~! Ah! I love you t-third pri...nce~! Ah~!" the girl moans while the third prince thrust on her so fast

(my innocent soul)

Knock on the door.

"Excuse me your highness but your breakfast is ready," the servant said, entering the third prince room in a worried and uncomfortable mood. The third prince didn't listen and just continued on with what he was doing. The servant just stood on the place and waited for his master to order him to put the food on the table with an uncomfortable feeling. After a while, the prince was then pleased and satisfied. He got off to his bed naked and got his sword, and shove his sword to the girl's stomach without a second thought.

"Put my breakfast on the table and bring others to clean this up and my room is dirty, hurry!" The third prince ordered and the servant hurriedly did what he'd been told to.

"(Deep sigh) disgusting..." The third prince mumbled and went to clean himself.

to be continue....

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