The Heir's Secret Obsession

The Heir's Secret Obsession

By:  M.Z. Mauve  Completed
Language: English
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After moving to Italy to leave her troubled past, Mykaela pursues a modeling career while living with Miles, her best friend. All seems well and routine until unforeseen circumstances ruin her career plans and force her back to New York. Miles Falco, an artist enjoying the Italian countryside, must choose between the simple life he loves and being successor to a clan of influential businessmen contending for power in all of Italy. Can he escape his predetermined fate? A life of deceit, chaos, and deadly encounters with the mafia? Will they survive the odds that threaten their future together? ◆ PG-16 ◆ credits cover image: cottonbro [] cover design: mzmauve

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84 Chapters
1 | Rejected
Copyright © 2020 by M.Z. MauveAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a book review.- Author's Notes -Scenes, characters, dialogues and events in this story are all invented. This story contains mature themes, profanity, violence, and sexual content not intended for young readers. Unauthorized reproduction of any part of this story or plagiarism of any kind is prohibited by the law. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE PHOTOS INCLUDED IN THIS BOOK. FULL CREDITS TO THE OWNERS. P.S. Thank you for giving this a read! This is a rewrite of my first crime/romance/vampire story now written in 1st person POV here on Goodnovel. Sit tight and enjoy! (๑ ❛._.❛ ๑)❤ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PREVIEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .◇ KEL ◇It took me a while, but I finally figured it out. I let out a sigh, white mists coming out of my nose and mouth, the dimness ampli
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2 | Blood
◇ KEL ◇His phone wasn't on loudspeaker, but I could hear enough. His dad just had this deep and clear-cut, usually authoritative voice. I grabbed my satchel and pretended not to listen in before unbuckling my seat belt. Ignoring Miles and his glances took some acting skills; I just didn't want him to think I was eavesdropping.He reclined in the driver seat, frowning, his attention currently held by an unexpected phone call from his parents. Mr. Falco asked another question over the phone as Miles parked in front of the house."Sì, Pappa." Miles pulled the car keys out of the ignition before I stepped out of the passenger seat. "Erm...sì. Aspetti, forse verrò," Miles said, his obvious reticence thinning his voice. With his cellphone pressed onto his ear, he muttered more Italian phrases and stepped out of his car, hurriedly and with a mild frown I got used to seeing every time he talked to his parents.Consistent and quite curiosity-piquing, but definitely none of my beeswax.Miles
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3 | Priorities
◇ KEL ◇ "Dessert? Bought pudding and chocolate cake." Miles glanced at me."Thanks. Maybe later," I replied as I stood still. I gripped my phone, secretly anxious for a call or a text from an unregistered number. Jill's quick phone call surprised me as much as it was informative. I had to keep it short and casual, or else Miles would think I was having another panic attack.Part of me just didn't want Miles to notice anything unusual. I glanced around the spacious basement. Paint-smeared cans, scrapped lifesize canvasses, and soiled, overused rags littered the floor of the studio, and most of them were just days-old trash waiting to get stuffed into large garbage bags.It was the only room in the house where my artistic friend didn't observe cleanliness and order to an impressive degree. It was also the only room where I was least welcomed in. Miles loved working on his art in total solitude, quiet and undisturbed. White lights lit the basement but not too brightly. He probably l
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5 | Family
◇ KEL ◇ Another photo shoot consumed my entire day. It was a local eyewear brand, and my agent said they paid well. Quarter past five, I took the bus and a cab to head back to Miles' ho
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6 | Reunion
◇ KEL ◇My  mother's tone was not in distress, d
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8 | Issues
◇ KEL ◇The late dinner with Miles and his family had been fine and pleasant, but something in my chest just didn't feel right after overhearing his entire family talking to him about me.Every now and then I also thought of my father being stuck in Intensive Care again. Was he doing better? Unlikely, but I still hoped and prayed. Was there any chance he would recover from this long and depressing
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9 | Patronage
◆  MILES ◆"Good run?" Ricchar glanced to the labyrinth. "Is Mykaela in her room? Cloe will be back tomorrow. She can keep them entertained until Sunday."Sunday? Oh. Right. It was my birthday this Sunday─actually the main reason I, Kel, and my parents were all here on this boring, weekend family vacation."Since all you plan to do is sulk after every little thing your Mamma Eleana says." My cousin Ricchar chuckled when I didn't say squat."I don't sulk." I poured myself a glass of wine. I'd already drunk two glasses during dinner, but my half-hour jog barely got rid of the muscle tension I was trying to alleviate. My back still ached as much as my legs, no thanks to the long drive."I get it, though
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10 | Bambino's In Love
◇ KEL ◇ It took me a while, but, finally! I figured it out. I let out a sigh, white mists coming out of my nose and mouth.The dimness only amplified my dark imagination. My skin just hated the bitingly cold horror-movie ambience of this place. "Miles?" I wrapped my arms around myself. I peered around the grass-covered space. To my utter confusion and horror, the paths diverged into more mazes. "Shit." This thing didn't end! Did anyone see me walking into this labyrinth? Anyone from the Falcos' security staff? Or one of the maids could've seen me. Moonlight was sparse in this side of the lot. Shadowed hedges towered over me by at least four feet. How did I even end up trapped in this creepy old maze? Ugh. I was just trying to find him. Perhaps Miles and his older cousin were hanging out somewhere in this impressive garden. This backyard could be the size of an entire football field, if I wasn't overcalculating. "Miles?" I called out. An old sweater covered half of my poor excu
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