The Humiliated Omega

The Humiliated Omega

By:  Rebecca Bruce   Completed
Language: English
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Blurb Amaya Ariana Jordan , a beta's daughter, is demoted to an omega after being blamed for a rogue attack on her pack. She is now the lowest ranking member of the pack and is subjected to bullying and abuse from the other wolves. Amaya must find a way to survive in this new world, but she also must find a way to clear her name and prove her innocence. Along the way, she will learn about the true meaning of strength, courage, and love.

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84 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1AMAYA'S VIEWHey, you're going to get kicked, I'll punch you, and I'll slap you.I was startled awake by the intense pain from the pack members' beating. Despite my already-present awakening, they continued to beat me until I started to see black dots. Once more, I felt dazed. despite the fact that I was already awake and until I started seeing black dots. I was feeling hazy once more.My body's wounds were immediately stinging when I abruptly opened my eyes. When I opened it, a set of green eyes were peering into my silvery eyes as if they were searching for something. I immediately recognized those pairs of eyes as belonging to Beta Enzo when I saw him carrying a pail.You query how you get here.Actually, I was in one of my home's more basic rooms.Surely the pack members provided transportation for me to get to the pack residence, but where are they now?My issue is not with it.I sprung to my feet quickly, expecting to take another round of beatings, as Alpha Clifford's
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2AMAYA'S VIEWAfter I had stopped by the lake, I turned into my human form, knelt down, and began sobbing as I stared at my reflection in the water. I had endured bullying for ten years, endured pain and insults for ten years, been misunderstood for ten years, and worked to survive for ten years.After receiving multiple beatings from the pack, not just from them but also from becoming a training tool for the pack fighters, I question why I'm still alive. the sensation of being loathed, ignored, and being held captive or in bondage.Leave the area. I've given it some thought, but I was unable to leave. I'll go rogue if I leave this place, I mean.I yelled, "Urgh! Never."I cried, yelled, screamed, and shouted. I rose up and wore my nearly torn clothing, which was soiled but who cares, since there were no more tears.I didn't realize I had already arrived at the pack home until I started thinking about the painful prior occurrence as I was moving. As I entered the house, I made the
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Chapter 3
Chapter. 3AMAYA'S VIEWI dropped their bags as we entered the classroom and proceeded to the far end of the room because that is where I was instructed to always sit.I sat down and pulled out a notebook, disregarding the looks from my classmates. The instructor entered and started class. Before leaving to prepare for Bianca's homecoming party, I had two more classes.It began to rain as I was leaving, and I lacked the funds to hail a cab or an umbrella. I got soaked in the rain and walked home. Unfortunately, I ended up getting a cold. When I realized I had to get ready for Bianca, the younger sister of Alpha Clifford, to attend her high school reunion, I jerked up, ignoring the anguish I was experiencing at the time, and ran toward the crowded house. I began preparing for the celebration that will take place tonight.After I finished cleaning, I assisted the decorators by washing and disinfecting the wine bottles and cups.Because music could be heard everywhere, the party had already
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4BIANCA'S VIEWFinally, after so many years, I'm back at home. So many years spent fleeing and hiding from the sorrow and rage caused by the passing of my parents. I was sent away by my brother because he wanted me to be far from this location, but I'm back now.I smiled to myself and muttered, "Can't wait to meet my mate.""My mate, please.illona, my wolf, responded, "Yes, yes, yes."I visited my friends' home.They initially panicked when they realized who I was, but they eventually accepted me for who I am. When we entered, there were several individuals there who were conversing, laughing, and drinking. This party, however, is not a traditional homecoming celebration.Due to the loud music, Kiana exclaimed, "Let's go party." CLIFFORD VIEWI questioned Enzo, "Where is my sister?""Over there," he shouted, raising his voice.My lips started to smile as I moved closer to her and her pals to welcome them. She immediately ran to jump on me when she saw me there, but I caught her bef
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5AMAYA'S VIEWI didn't feel well this morning when I woke up; I had an odd sensation in my stomach. I brushed it off and headed to the restroom.I prayed in my head, "Oh moon goddess, make this day trouble-free for me." I then clapped hands together.I carried my little school bag after getting dressed. It was handed to me by a pack member who was going to throw it away but kind of forgot that there was an omega who could utilize the rubbish, so I had no choice but to take it.I made breakfast and left the pack house to go to school. When I got to school, there were quite a few pupils there; some were reading, while others were talking to one another. At times, I regretted we hadn't gone to the picnic and I wished I had turned down the chance to convince the Alpha. I wished I could socialize with my male friends, go to clubs, and sneak out of the house with my friends as everyone else does. However, in the future I will understand that it is not possible because I don't know
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Chapter 6
Chapter. 6AMAYA'S VIEWI was running home when I had the thought, "Oh, I am so dead."When I got home, I was incredibly afraid because I could feel Clifford's Alpha energy radiating from a distance and I knew my death day had finally arrived.I broke down the door, but I was so scared I curled up in a corner.I thought I gave you a heads-up.I heard him shout at me, "I warned you to stay away from her, didn't I?He yelled at me, "I swear on the tombs of my parents that I'm going to kill you if anything happens to my sister," threatening to kill me if she was hurt.I then witnessed a guard carrying me into the dungeon after he had finished and left.As soon as I got there, I saw Clifford waving a whip with sharp ends, and as the guard threw me inside the dungeons, I felt sick to my stomach.The snap of the whip pulled me back from wherever I had been, argh!"Ahhhhh!!!!I screamed "Sh*t!" as soon as the whip contacted my skin.He whipped me until, judging by the fact that he seemed to lose uncons
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7CLLIFORD'S POVI had no idea that you had to go through something like that. I was absolutely uninformed of it. It has been said by Violet.She responded, "It's okay, I've been dealing with it, and that's why I must protect Bianca at all costs," and she meant every word. I've previously stated that. My internal struggle with Audrey has been going on for quite some time at this point."I want to make a lasting impression on you." Audrey said that he had eventually been successful after plucking the final string.She was shocked and caught off guard by the smooth voice."What the flipping heck was that?" She enquired about it. Due to the fact that our gorgeous gentleman, Audrey, is now offering help to her, I am unable to react to her at this time."Hello, my name is Audrey, and I am his wolf," the wolf introduced himself by saying. As he mentioned before.You stupid moron! I just let out a chuckle."Oh, howdy, to you there." She did it in a manner that suggested she was embar
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8UNKNOWN POVI ran after Clifford as soon as he left the hospital; I had no idea where he was heading, so I simply followed him. He needs the assistance of another individual, and I will gladly step forward to fill that role. It is impossible for him to express how much he adores his sister. During the period that we were still seeing one other, he would talk about his sister, and based on some of the things he said, I occasionally got the impression that he had feelings for her.I came to a halt in the middle of standing there fascinated. He... He pursued her in that direction. He went out of his way to bring her some solace. Oh, I really need to stop being such an idiot. I hid myself behind a tree and observed them as they wrestled with one another, kissed, and played. I couldn't help but feel a twinge of resentment since I knew Clifford would never allow me to interact with his wolf. He went through the transformation into his wolf form and then led her on a run.The image
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9AMAYA'S POV ** "How will I go about getting these wounds treated?" I struggled to conclude the situation. Everyone steers clear of me like the plague because they don't want anything to do with me or my reputation. I was completely incapable of shedding even a single tear. The above statement is based on the assumption that I will still be crying at that moment.My injured and sprained ankle felt much better when I had a revitalizing cold bath on it in my bathroom, which I was able to carry myself into. Ouch! It is unpleasant to experience. The discomfort brought on by the low temperature was more than I could handle at that point. As I was getting ready to leave the room, I suddenly realized that my vision was going cloudy for no apparent reason. This occurred as I was getting closer to the door. I lost consciousness before you even had a chance to respond to what had happened.When I realized that I was standing in the most magnificent spot that I had ever seen, I was tak
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 AMAYA'S POV It seems almost inconceivable that my parents are enduring such a dreadful environment in their daily lives. After a short period, I became aware that I was hearing the voices of everalf different people repeating the same few lines over and over again. This realization came about after I had been listening for a little while. "The deaths of those individuals were directly attributable to the actions that you chose to take." "The deaths of both of my parents are directly attributable to your actions," she said. "If you hadn't been born, then my other brothers and sisters would still be alive and doing well today." Your actions are the reason why your parents are no longer with us. You are to blame. "You were the one who was ultimately responsible for the death of every one of them." You are considered to be a jinx, according to an old proverb. "Unfortunately, you have to go through these times," the speaker said. "Slit your own throat," the man said.
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