The Hybrid- Supernatural Love Series: Book 1

The Hybrid- Supernatural Love Series: Book 1

By:  Abigail Rose  Completed
Language: English
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The only way I can save the werewolf race is by mating with a man...but he's not the man I'm in love with...

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43 Chapters
Chapter 1- Thea
**Thea**“Get up!” shock tore through my body as the freezing cold water assaulted my skin. I gasped and struggled to move away from the source of the water. I sat back on my hands panting and trying to steady my heart beat. I looked up through my bedraggled hair at Gurtar. She loomed over, with her now empty bucket dripping on the straw covered floor that was my bed. She looked at me with pure hatred “If you make me come and get your lazy arse one more time, I will take you out of the kitchen and make you open your legs for the punters instead!”. She threw the bucket on the floor beside me and turned on her heel towards the inn’s back door.I was furious with myself, why did I keep oversleeping? I knew her comment about forcing me into prostitution wasn’t an idle threat. A few people, patrons of the inn mostly, had pointed out what good money I could make her if she allowed it. H
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Chapter 2- Jarin
**Jarin**Had I not been waiting, I would have appreciated the beauty in this meeting place. We had been told by our informant to wait in the ancient forest by the oldest oak tree. It was late summer, and there were already signs of autumn decay. A wet earthy smell permeated the air and I took a great lungful of it in an attempt to calm my nerves. The informant had been a lone wolf who we believed to be mostly trustworthy. But you could never tell with lone wolves as they always had their own agenda.I paced the glade impatiently, gripping my sword so tightly I was sure my fingers were going to go numb. Realizing this wouldn't be any good if I actually had to use the sword, I loosened my grip. Where was this fucking seer? The lone wolf who had arranged the meeting said she would be here before sundown, but the sky was already bleeding from pink to dusky blue. Seers were accurate in their prophecies, but that didn&rs
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Chapter 3- Atlas
**Atlas**I woke up groggily. It was instinctive for me to wake up early, as it wasn’t unusual for me to undertake work at this time. I remembered I wasn’t alone. Urgh. Why had I let her stay? It was always worse getting rid of them when I let them stay.I unceremoniously removed the girls’ arm from my chest. This action woke her, and she made a dissatisfied moan. What was her name again? Lana? Anna? I couldn’t remember. She’d been average in bed, but nothing special. She certainly hadn’t been worth the lack of sleep. I decided I wouldn’t want to repeat the experience. “You should go, I have work to do” I said. She rose up on her elbow pulling the sheet around her chest. “But it's so early, the first bell hasn't even been rung” she pouted at me “come back to bed&rdqu
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Chapter 4- Atlas
**Atlas**My mother, Agnes, had always been a little different. She had been well liked when she lived amongst the pack, although everyone had thought her ideas were quirky. I remember as a small child she had taken me into the human villages. No one else did this. She told me it was important to respect and understand everyone and everything in our world.The pack had indulged her odd behaviour and strange ideas on how the pack should operate. But the last theory she’d expressed before leaving had caused problems. The other pack members had started to shun her, and my position as Beta was being questioned because she was my mother. Because of this, five years ago she decided to leave the pack and become a lone wolf.There is a difference between a lone wolf and a rouge. Rouge’s are often thrown out of packs for being disloyal or breaking pack rules. Lone wolfs are a lot rarer be
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Chapter 5- Thea
**Thea**I winced as I gently pulled my dress back over my head. I had been cleaning the wounds as best I could with fresh water from the well for the past two days. But I was worried about infection. Especially since I couldn’t see where I was washing.  I replayed the scene in my mind. Gurtar bursting through the kitchen door. The man still screaming and calling me every name under the sun. She had taken me by my hair and dragged me outside. After being thrown on the ground, she grabbed a horse bridle and began whipping my back. The pain had been indescribable. My screams had attracted some of the villagers to come and watch. None of them had intervened. I had been shocked when Tess, who had never once come to my defence, had interrupted Gurtar’s violence. Of course, she said it was on the pretence of not wanting Gurtar to cause injury to her arm from the re
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Chapter 6- Atlas
**Atlas**Doran’s dark brown wolf came into view. I watched him go behind a nearby tree and emerge in human form. We were around a mile away from the village where my mother said the man was staying. This way we could walk in as humans and not cause too much suspicion. As we joined the main road, we began to discuss the conversation I’d had with my mother.“Surely we haven’t already found a hybrid after a single day of looking? We were expecting this to take months, maybe longer” I shrugged in his direction. “Maybe they are more common than we were led to believe.” Doran shook his head. “I don’t understand Atlas, I thought all of the supernatural species hated each other. That can’t be the case for all of us if we are producing children”. I agreed with him. I was as surprised as he was. “Well, it must take place mustn’t it? Otherwise we wo
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Chapter 7- Jarin
**Jarin**What if she's not my mate. It’s a question I'd asked myself again and again over the last few days. I was 26, and I had not found her yet. I felt it was very unlikely this hybrid would be my mate. What if I instated her as Luna, and I then discovered my true mate? I didn't want to think about it. At this point my own happiness had to come second to the survival of our community. A mind link came through from Atlas “Alpha, I’ve got some news” “Please come to my chambers as soon as possible”. I felt him accept my request. While I waited for him to arrive, I went to my drinks cabinet and poured myself and Atlas a glass of mead. I needed something strong and sweet to calm me. I looked at myself in the mirror hanging by the cabinet. I kept my blonde hair short, and allowed some stubble to form on my chin. I had brown eyes, that were pretty ordinary. I
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Chapter 8- Atlas
**Atlas**I hated horses. Not only did they smell, they were also a lot slower than me in my wolf form. We didn’t keep many of them, as they were hardly ever used. However, on rare occasions when we needed to stay human, they were the best option for travel. My wolf wasn’t happy that I wasn’t letting him out, but I didn’t have a choice. I clumsily saddled the black stallion. He almost appeared to be looking at me with the same apprehension I felt. I checked the packs, enough food for two people for a couple of days, supplies for the horse and some blankets. I sighed at the sword inside its sheath on my hip. If I wasn’t able to shift, it would be my only protection for the duration of my journey. I wasn’t a bad swordsman- it was a skill we practiced despite being able to deliver more damage in our wolf form. However, I still hoped there would not be a need to use it. I took a breath and reminded myself why
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Chapter 9- Jarin
**Jarin**I walked out of the castle gates followed by Asher and Doran. The rest of the pack would stay and protect the castle, in case it was a trap to draw me out and attack. We stood at the edge of the trees and removed our clothes, stuffing them into the packs that Asher and Doran would carry in their mouths after we shifted. If we were going to talk with the vampires, we needed to be in our human form. Once we were ready, I nodded in Asher and Doran’s direction to signal them to shift.  The familiar pain surged through my body. It was strange. It hurt every time we shifted, but the pain almost became like an old friend. It was reassuring. Asher and Doran collected the packs, and I started running in the direction of the Eastern Outpost. This was the closest place to where our territories met. Some years ago, it was further away, and the werewolves occupied more land. However, with our
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Chapter 10- Atlas
**Atlas**I stood up to look out of the small parlour window. It looked out onto the market place of the village. I reflected again what a dingy place it really was. All of the buildings looked like they were in various states of disrepair. Everyone that roamed the streets look miserable. The only people that looked like they might have money were clearly traders. If she really was a hybrid, it would be the last place I would think she would be.I heard footsteps approaching so I turned and watched the door open. Gurtar came in followed by…my breath hitched. The girl had dark curly auburn hair that was messily pulled back. She was dressed in literal rags, and her face was dirty and pale. She was clearly underweight and looked fragile. Despite this, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. A strange feeling stirred within me. I had never felt like this before. My wolf made a desperate cry insi
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