The Hybrid

The Hybrid

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Runa, an eighteen year old girl, finds herself running for her life after finding out she is a hybrid. Something to eradicate. Ciaran, a ruthless alpha, softens for this female because he has a secret too. Wanted to be killed by all, will they survive what happens next?

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isabel Ah Wong
2023-02-15 00:04:06
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cathy knoblauch
I really enjoyed this book. It read that there is to be another book and I can hardly wait. This story is well worth the read.Well done author!!
2022-07-21 14:45:38
33 Chapters
Prologue "Keep running, Kyia! It's right behind us!" Remie yelled through their mind link. Kyia pushed her big brown paws faster. They still had another ten miles to run before they reached their pack's border. Remie and Kyia had been on their way back from their mini vacation, after visiting her original pack to see her family when they had caught the scent of a vampire. As the wind shifted, it's stench of death and decay grew stronger as it ran faster, drawing closer to them. The fur at the nape of her neck prickled as she felt cold, dead fingers brush the tips of each hair. She pushed her paws harder into the undergrowth of the forest, though it did little good in aiding her escape from it's grasp. The vampire locked it's claws around her tail and she howled in pain as it nearly ripped her tail off, jerking her to an abrupt stop. She was then thrown into the trunk of a large tree and collapsed under the pain of four broken ribs, one of
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Chapter 1: The Blood Moon
18 Years Later        Runa ran her hands through her long red hair as the female who gave birth to her eighteen years ago continued to go on and on about how the moon goddess has turned her back towards her. Kyia was not only verbally abusive to her but physically as well, despite everything Runa has tried to do to make her happy. This woman has never been a motherly figure to her and still, she remained just as cruel as always. Runa could not understand why.        "She would not waste her time upon creating a mate for you! You were unwanted, an abomination! You will never know the love of a mate. The moon goddess has not smiled upon you, little Runa." Kyia spat at her, the sting of her words hit Runa hard but she did not let it show, she has heard these words her whole life yet she still has no explanation as to why.         "You just wait. I do have a mate and when I find him..." She let the words go and just gave up trying to convince the woman.
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Chapter 2: The Birth Of A Monster
Runa's eyes were closed but she could smell something that was absolutely putrid. She wrinkled her nose against the assault before raising her hand to rub the sleep away from her eyes. She sat up and realized she was in her own bed at her mother's. Opening her eyes immediately, remembering pieces of what had happened the night before until she had blacked out. She looked down at her clothes and held back a scream that threatened to break the silence. She was covered in blood, from head to toe. From the smell she could tell it was human. Her hair was matted, her once white blouse now crimson. She threw the comforter off her body to run to the bathroom with the full length mirror. When her eyes feasted on her reflection she finally let out the blood curtailing scream that had welled up, no longer strangling her vocal cords. She had blood smeared across her face over the backs of her hands, and down her chest and legs. She had a little dirt under her nails too. What the hell h
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Chapter 3: On The Run
"There's nowhere for you to hide, Runa! You will be found and you will be put to death for what you did!" Runa heard Alpha Mike's voice in her head before she blocked him out. Tears stung her eyes as she ran through the now dead town she used to work in. She did, however, stop by the diner she worked at and took the money from the register before continuing north. She could now hear the pack behind her howling in their pursuit of her. As she entered another alpha's territory, her pack slowed and stopped at the boundary's edge. "If I don't kill you, another alpha will!" Alpha Mike growled as he came to the front and stared at her. Her wolf whimpered at him before she turned and started running again. She was sure he would have contacted the alpha of this land only he did not need to. The wolves on patrol found her and paused at the sight of her. She was at the Northeastern corner of their territory when two wolves jumped on her back. She howled as one sank his t
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Chapter 4: Captured
         Runa successfully passed through another pack without being discovered. Her paws felt like they were going to fall off. She was not sure of where she was but she did notice snow on the ground, she must be closer to her destination by now. Six hours of non-stop running, she decided to rest for a minute. She found a half frozen stream and saturated her burning throat.         She needed to figure out where she was. She stuck her nose to the wind trying to find the closest human town and then a map. Turning her head she scented something East. Shifting her feet in the light snowfall, she began to run. She caught some small game before she arrived in another small town.          Quickly, she shifted and dressed herself. The sun was beginning to cast shadows everywhere as it fell behind the tree tops. Pulling her hoodie over her head and stuffing her hands in her pockets, she slowly made her way through the town in search of a motel. She really did not w
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Chapter 5: Escape Part 1
Runa watched as the Alpha left. She could not help but stare at the rippling muscles in his back with each stride he took away from her. Those eyes of his were terrifying but beautiful as well, she could willingly lose herself in the depths of those dark eyes. She found herself wanting to uncover the secrets hidden deep within them. She shook herself out of her daze quickly. She needed to figure out how she was going to get out of this place. She had no clue as to where she was or how she would manage to get free. Her eyes drifted over the cell she was in and found little to help her escape. Suddenly the door opened and another male walked in with a tray of food. He slid the tray through a very small door at the bottom of the cell bars, with a sympathetic look distorting his features. His body was tense as if he was scared, clearly not having seen a hybrid or their strengths. He stood and just watched her, waiting for her to grab the tray from the floor. Runa just stare
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Chapter 5: Escape Part 2
Runa opened her eyes at the sound of metal twisting and sliding along another piece of metal, as the dead bolt attached to the outside of the room door was unlocked. She saw Zachery carrying another tray of food with him with a shy smile on his lips. She stretched her arms over her head, arching her back and bringing her knees up to her chest then stretching them as far out as they would go before standing and smiling at him through the bars. This is it! She thought as he came closer to her cell. She stepped up to the bars to look into his eyes.         "Lunch time already or you just couldn't wait to see me?" She laughed, he ran his hand through his hair nervously with a chuckle to match.         "Yeah. It's lunch time. Did you fall asleep from boredom?" He said as he knelt down to the small door to push the tray through and grab the other sitting there empty.         "Yeah I did actually. Can you sit with me for a while? The walls won't
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Chapter 6: The Unexpected
         The copper taste of blood filled her mouth and her inner wolf howled, she released her hold. His look was just as puzzled as her's as the sweet red wine of her veins flowed over his tongue and down his throat. Ciaran had never tasted anything so savory. His heart ached suddenly, staring at this red wolf. She had looked down but was now raising her gaze to his, her own heart skipped a few beats. The air around them seemed to thicken and it became harder for them both to breath while their eyes stayed locked on each other's.         "What kind of trick are you playing? What was in that food?" Runa growled at him and widened her stance to lunge at him if he twitched a muscle.         "It's not a trick from me I assure you!" His voice was softer, kinder with a pleading twinge to it.         "Liar!" She growled before leaping forward, aiming for his jugular.         He jumped out of her way at the last minute and t
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Chapter 7: Ciaran's Flashback
They had been spending each night in the same meadow as always just outside the pack's border since her father found him barely alive when he was thirteen. Five years had passed since then and their age is not the only thing that changed, their relationship grew into something else, something more intimate, something filled with passion and devotion. She had kept his secret from everyone, including her father, the Alpha. She was the only person he trusted enough not to say anything and who accepted him for who he was, dark side and all. "Oh come on, Ciaran. Let's just run away together." She said as they sat to stare at the setting sun. "You know your father would hunt us down to the ends of the earth and have my head on a spike, Rebecca." He replied, running his hand through his hair. "So we'll keep running!" She suggested, enthusiastically. "And what's going to happen when you find your mate? You'll leave me the sam
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Chapter 8: Common Interests Part 1
"It happened under my first blood moon after my first shift. I was eighteen." Ciaran said, turning his gaze away from his cup to meet Runa's eyes. "How can you remember what happened? I can't remember anything from that night." Runa asked curiously. "I've known I was a hybrid since I was a child. Before my parents were taken from me. My mother was a werewolf, my father a vampire. They were mates and we lived running from all packs and covens. So I had my bloodlust under control, but the blood moon's magical pull." His voice trailed off, Runa stretched her hand to rest on his arm comfortingly. "I killed my best friend. We were practically sisters. Her mother raised me from birth. I found her body mutilated where we stopped to watch the blood moon rise." She spoke slowly and quietly as she held his stare. "I'm sorry." His voice was kind. "Yeah. Me too." She whispered back. "How did you get this
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