The Imperfect Angel

The Imperfect Angel

By:  Er_Rash  Completed
Language: English
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Casie is a teenage girl with dreams, ambition, and desire. like every other teenage girl, her life revolves around school, studies, crushes? and partying. But one day something happens...something really bad.. which has changed her life 360 degrees. Casie being an optimist takes things gracefully but every time she figures out something about her new life. Every time she discovers new facts regarding ANGELINA-her new home. Also, she gets the reality check when she discovers her real POWER and a SECRET.

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23 Chapters
Hey Lovely Readers,This is my first fantasy story, my own imagination of creating a new fantasy world of a unique kindThis is my original work and if I happen to come acr
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1.The Ball
Friday 5PM Casie's POV  "Finally the day has arrived I was waiting for. It's our annual school ball day. Although, It's a bit weird to land alone in a ball instead of a date still I ain't gonna lose on my cha
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2. Am I dead?
 Where Am I?? My head banged like a hell. I woke up in the gold gown which I had worn for the ball. I inspected myself and didn't find any scratch or blood on my body. I remember I met with a terrible accident. How can I be fine like nothing has happened and where is my snooty ??I soon realized that this is not the place where I accident happened. I took a short glance around me. This is a beautifully decorated room with a wide mirror, a lacy cream-colored bed sheet on a huge king-size bed, a table on the side wi
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3. Angelina Rules
I came out of my room. There was a huge vertical gallery with rooms on one side. There were floor-length flower vases kept beside each room with fresh flowers. The tiles were of glossy white color shining like crystal where you can see your face. After 2 minutes of walk, we came to a staircase. The staircase was covered with chocolatey brown carpet to maintain balance while walking up and down the stairs. Amy faced towards me and said "Down the staircase is the common hall. This is known as a common assembly room. You will find all angels assemble here for celebrations on events, group chats, discussion of common issues.
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4. The Training
I went out of the booth room and then made my way up through upstairs. I really hope I get the wings quickly so I do not have to climb these stairs anymore. I can just fly and reach the room. Damn these wings will make me lazy. Anyways I will not gain weight now. That's a good thing. I giggled.I came to the big gallery. "Great! How will I remember my room? This gallery contains around 100 rooms." I wondered
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5. Dark Angel
 "Sam may I know your room number please? so that I would be present on sharp time there," I asked shyly.Sam: "My room is next to yours. Right side""What? And in the morning you made me walk all the way to the hallway." I asked angrily
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6. 1st test
The next day I get up to music similar to the "Blinding Lights" tune. "what the hell is this. An alarm? So annoying". I stayed a little longer and then realized that the tune will not stop till I get up. As soon as I got up the music stops. I made my bed and then sat. Usually this time at home I browse my Instagram and have my morning coffee. Now I don't have a cell phone, social media, coffee, and food. Damn, I miss food. Yes, I am a big-time foodie.I don't want to get late and didn't want Sam to comment again on me being cl
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7. The consequences
Casie: "Wow that was some trip."Sam: "Congrats on completing your 1st task successfully."Is he actually praising me? Wow. I thought
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8. Love & Jealousy
After getting changed into dry clothes, I rushed towards Sam's room. I knocked on his room.  "Please come in" I went inside his room.
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9. The Dance Practice
"This pizza parlor looks so different from the usual ones. The people are dressed so differently. The pizza. Omg, It looks so yummy. The topping is perfect olives, little jalapenos, and pepper" that's what I like. Wait why that guy has ordered a pizza with pineapple topping? It's ridiculous. Who does that? Where is this music noise coming from? Is there any pub around and who play blinding lights at this hour? The voice grows louder and louder" I got annoyed and got up from my seat in the pizza parlor. I went outside and saw a boy who was playing loud music in the car. When he turned around I saw his face. It's Sam. "Why are you playing music so loud? I have to leave my pizza. The music is so annoying".
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