Mark nodded, breathing a sigh of relief as the old man turned his back. The message had been a spur of the moment thing, and the wording impromptu, but he wanted to get a message to them if they remembered him. Telling them he wished he knew he had sisters would remind them that none of them knew they were related when they'd met before, and adding that he was looking forward to meeting them for the first time tomorrow was something he was rather pleased with. A hidden message saying don't admit that we've already met. In the event that one or both of them didn't remember him then the whole message would seem quite sweet.

Mark smiled, his stomach still doing flip-flops, but nowhere near as bad as it was a few minutes ago.

"Mister Whitney?"

Mark turned, hearing a woman's voice from beside the car. "Hi?"

"I'm Raven, your driver for today, sir." Raven turned out to be a short-haired dirty-blonde woman in her mid to late twenties, dressed
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