"Let's do it," Connor said. "I'll take the feet, you take the upper body and I'll go in front. Take your time, alright."

Mark nodded and moved to the corpse, wrapped into a neat cylinder with the rugs and trash bags. On Connors signal they lifted the body and Mark grunted as they carried it up the steps and into the bar.

It felt really bizarre to be carrying a wrapped up body in broad daylight through a place he'd come to love, but with short steps, Connor and Mark made their way through the main house, took the right onto the path past the kitchens, and then a few minutes later onto the beach.

Captain Wales was waiting for them with the gangplank ready and engines running, his crew sent to the clubhouse like everyone else.

They carried Henry's body along the pier, feeling exposed in the open, but Connor kept feeding Mark advice to keep him calm and all too soon they were placing the body out of sight in the lounge of the catamara
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