True to her suggestions, Myra knocked, waited for a few seconds and then slowly opened the door to see a flushed Maddy straightening her clothing and looking a little flushed. Mark and Myra exchanged a knowing look, and then suggested the three of them go back upstairs. Maddy didn't say much, but followed them up the stairs, with both Mark and Myra noticing her obvious reluctance.

"I'm off to my room to get changed," Maddy said as soon as they closed the hatch. Mark and Myra managed to keep a straight face until she was out of sight, but the second she was gone they broke into broad grins.

"Who knew both my sisters were raging perverts," Mark muttered, earning a punch on the arm from Myra.

"From the guy who's fucked both of us and is banging his secretary too."

Mark grinned. "I like to keep busy."

Their last afternoon on the Island passed very quickly, between the vario
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