As the staff were all wandering out the door, chatting over the revelations they'd just been hit with, Mark looked at Mister Yousef. "You kept that brief."

"I'm a big fan of letting people do the work they're employed to do," The old man smiled. "You nearly gave me a heart-attack when you stepped forward there. Nicely done."

Mark shrugged. "No biggie. So can we head back to the house now?"

"The boat got away?"

Mark nodded. "No problems."

"Good. I'll see you at lunch," George replied, turning to leave. "Brian, let's go."

"Work calls," The Security chief said, nodding at Mark on his way past.

"Brian," Mark said, grabbing his hand. "Thanks for this. All of it."

"No problem, sir, and if you don't mind me saying, Henry was a bastard. I'm glad he's... off the Island."

It was two hours and forty minutes later when Connor finally appeared. A nervous Mark gree
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