"So what did she say?"

"She got a fright, so I told her to sit down and we talked for a bit. Then she told me that she'd made a bet with some friends that she would have sex with you, and she had to follow through with it. Well, I didn' t know if you'd hooked up with Jasmine, so I tell her that she can't and that she should just tell her friends that she did."

"So Sarah turned up and you stopped her coming in?" Mark asked.

"Yeah. Bear in mind that at this point, you're the only person I've ever met before, I know you're my brother, but I'm all horny and attracted to you, right? I'm tired and I'm not exactly thinking straight, plus this slut has just shown up and I'm feeling jealous. Pretty much an emotional mess, right?"

"Okay. So what happened with Sarah?"

"She wouldn't leave, even tried to get back into the suite, so I gave her two choices. She could be fired if she kept trying to get inside, or she could leave and I'd te
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