Mark waved farewell to Raven once the flight crew had loaded the bags onto the small private Jet, and he turned towards the small lounge in the Executive Privilege Airlines building. He looked up at the sign. "EPA? Someone's got a sense of humour."

He opened the door into a brightly llit reception area.

"Mister Whitney?" An old black man with wrinkles on his wrinkles asked from behind the receptionist desk.


"Can I see your passport please?"

"Oh, yeah. Sure." Mark handed it over to the man who gave it a cursory glance and handed it back.

"If you'd like to go into the lounge, sir, your aircraft will be ready in ten minutes."

Mark nodded and entered the lounge, seeing a woman rising to her feet. Shoulder-length blonde hair framed a pretty face with a pointy chin and eyes that missed nothing. A charcoal gray business suit covered a body that Mark could see was in great shape. For
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